Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring's A'Comin', ya'll

Sometimes, I go over to my olden, ORIGINAL blog of 7 years
and take a look at some of my favorite posts thru the years.

THIS one is a SPECIAL one so
here ya go....again...
A sight like THIS is very delightful on my breakfast table...
...... very SPECIAL

......extra bright and cheery way to start my day.

...  Super market flowers can bring sunshine into your day in a twinkle of an eye.....

...they were just marching across the breakfast table like a little
musical band...
♫♪♪..walking in the sunshine....sing a little sunshine song....♪♫♫

On this fine morning, breakfast is

It never fails that I get mine waaaay too full to be able to roll it.

Half the time, a lot of goodness falls into my plate so I always have to have a FORK....:)

Love love love having a little fresh fruit with meals....

We live only a few blocks from Rosa's Tortilla Factory so we can run get warm, fresh out of the cooker flour tortillas. Sometimes, we get a half dozen, with honey and butter and just PIG OUT.
O, we bad !

ON THIS MORNING, we had scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, green onion tops, extra sharp cheddar cheese and really fresh flour tortilla.

I LOVE Louisiana Hot Sauce on just about any and every thing.

We both like POTATOES in our breakfast burrito.....and chopped Anaheim peppers really takes it over the top.
Mr. Sweet sometimes likes sausage in his...
meeee, too. Do you put anything extra special in YOUR burritos ? Tell me about it.

All these little tiny flowers......from one larger bunch...
As they begin to lose leaves and such, I like breaking them up into smaller bunches. me another way to show off my little collection of tiny ironstone pitchers.

You know, I used to find
these little cute white
pitchers a lot....all of a
sudden, tho, it seems
like they have vanished off the face of the earth.
This just in over the news wire...
 CAS has left a new comment on your post "SPECIAL THINGS....just for you":

Oh yum, BJ, that sounds so good! Silly me, living in AZ, never thinks about burritos for breakfast -- well, I'm certainly thinkin' bout it now!
Your little white pitchers are so lovely. As for them disappearing, I'd check with Kim at Savvy Southern Style, she's been buying up white ironstone like a crazy!
Have a great day!

ARE you buying up all the white pitchers, KIM ?....are ya, hu ? 

Having my favorite coffee, DUNKIN DONUTS, always makes me smile and sigh....
...just seems I can face the day on a little happier note, having a good meal
and COFFEE in the morningtime.

I know a lot of you don't have time in the mornings for a breakfast that you love.....
getting kids off to school and you off to work doesn't leave much time.

Hope you get to enjoy a delicious, just-what-you-want kind of breakfast
on your weekend mornings......♥♥♥

MAKE it a priority to enjoy at least one thing each morning
for breakfast...

a great yogurt... 

a bakery doughnut... 

anything that you just's such a great way to start your day.
And, you SO deserve it. 

Maybe just mix a few berries you love, put them in a plastic container
and eat them on the way to work.... 

Some people don't like to use their dishes that are special...
like this little blue and white berry bowl from England.
Afraid they might break it, I guess....
I figure I'd rather risk breaking it and ENJOY USING IT than never use it.
Mom taught me as a child to USE and ENJOY the things you have...
otherwise, they just sit and gather dust and bring no one happiness.
Erma Bombeck urged us to use our SPECIAL take the time to DO our SPECIAL things....she learned this after being told she didn't have long to live.
She wrote some really great things.....

This is just a part of her
Erma Bombeck
“… I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.
I would have talked less and listened more.
I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.
I would have eaten the popcorn in the ‘good’ living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace. …
I would have sat on the lawn with my kids, even if it meant grass stains.”
* * * * *
ONE of my favorites by her....♥♥

"I haven't trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I've never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex."
Haaaahahahaaahahhaaa...don't you just LOVE that ! !

YA'LL........have a SASSY DAY.


  1. BJ, what a bright and wonderful post on this beautiful Saturday morning! Love your post for our first day is March. Your white pitchers and those glorious flowers are just brilliant, love white pitchers! Happen to love every detail of your post today and must mention that I love your header and sides too! What a happy way to sit here and have coffee, thank you for the smile!

  2. Such fun you are, BJ! And I agree with Erma about everything. Your pictures are wonderful; your words of cheer are even brighter. Thank you for starting March off right!

  3. BJ, this post is a perfect way to start the day. Loving the springtime yellow! I think I'm going to go scramble an egg. '-)

  4. I love super market flowers too! We have breakfast burritos on weekends a lot. We love jalapeno peppers in ours and lots of hot sauce! :)

  5. Another great post. Love the yellow flowers. Your breakfast burritos look delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. BJ, what a great post for the first of March! I need to get to the store to get some flowers. I looked on Thurs. but didn't like anything they had then. LOVE your little pitchers! I bet Kim IS buying up all the ironstone;):)We are going to get 9-12 inches of MIRE darn snow Monday. I am NOT looking forward to it at all. How is your new place???? I am STILL trying to get things where I want them here. We just YESTERDAY had settlement on the old house.....FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Great post BJ - I could eat a burrito right now they sound so good. Yum Yum - I will make one for me tomorrow morning. I just love Breakfast and good coffee.
    Your Daisy's are so pretty and look so special in your little white pitchers. Stop at a Restaurant Supply Store - I am sure they have many as they use them on their Room Service Trays. don't know what the cost is but maybe they will have some second hand items at the store. Or watch for a restaurant going out of business and selling their dishes. Just a thought.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Love all the white pitchers and Erma Bombeck,,just love her too!

  9. The white pitchers with the yellow flowers are beautiful. Erma Bombeck knew what she was talking about. A very wise lady.

  10. Very refreshing post bj ... I always look forward to having breakfast with you. Love breakfast burritos with bacon, eggs and potatoes. Erma is so funny and wise too. Ironstone is a favorite of mine too and have a good collection, but still love adding to it.
    Hugs, and have a beautiful day.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Your sweet yellow flowers are a delightful way to welcome in the first of March. We even had some mildly warm weather for a change. Your breakfast sounds yummy. I'll be over for breakfast in the morning.

  12. You are just the dearest person I have ever not met, bj! :) Thank you so much for the hug. I'm struggling..I know you understand. I use my good things too...Erma was a wise woman.
    My love to you!

  13. Bj,
    The sweet flowers are so full of Spring and your breakfast sounds so yummy. Have a great start into this new month. Hope we see some Spring soon in the Midwest. Snow Snow Snow all week end. Ughhhh! I want to see some pretty flowers!

  14. Breakfast is my favorite meal, except I do not have all these goodies. If I do have a bigger breakfast than a bowl of cereal, I can go the rest of the day without anything.

  15. What a fun post! I'm having a sassy weekend! heehee! Sweet hugs, Diane

  16. Oh don't you miss Erma Bombeck? She was so brilliantly funny. Lovely post! Yes, we should all treat ourselves every single day - what is life for if not to enjoy?!


  17. LOVE that quote!! ;)
    Your breakfast looks amazing, and I agree...gotta have a yummy breakfast! And your sweet little pitchers with flowers are so pretty. I have a collection of these in my dining room window! :)

  18. And what a perfect way to kick it off Bj style:) So glad you came by for a visit. Love yourpost and your pretty little white pitchers with the flowers are perfect! Happy Spring!


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