Friday, January 24, 2014

My Quilt of Many Colors

A replay of a favorite post....

Plezzzzzzzz let me say that
I am NOT a quilt maker in ANY sense of the word.
I don't even PRETEND that I know the first thing about
making QUILTS.
I don't even know how to sew and that's a fact !

I can sew a fairly straight line.....
but THAT IS IT...!!!

My mom was the BEST quilt maker, ever.
And, do you think I took the TIME back then, to
I must have been crazy....

I was bound and determined to make at LEAST,
a simple
and learned, in the process, that
plays an AWESOME role in the construction of a
SIMPLE QUILT and how it looks in the end.

COLOR and PATTERN of the fabric can make a simple quilt look FABULOUS
or a little on the dowdy-looking side.

I was looking for a CUTE fabric.
SOMEthing that would take my
to another level....

If the fabric is awesome...
and cute..
and softly bright...
you can end up with a pretty cute quilt that you can be proud of....

and I have to say,
THIS one is my favorite of all the ones I've made.
....nothing fancy...
no design, really....
straight sewing, ALL THE WAY....
but I love it.

...I didn't want just the 'run of the mill'
no sir....I WANTED CUTENESS... 

"Your house is on fire and your children will burn...."

I had to have some kind of KILLER fabric..
a light, airy, FUN fabric.

Sooo, I bought a few yards of HER fabric,
found some in the thrift bin at the fabric store.
Used a little of other fabrics I already had
and started
lots and lots of SQUARES.

I also learned that the BACK of a quilt is just almost
as pretty as the front.

All squares and puffy looking and....
sooo fluffy-cloud SOFT....just full of yummyness.....ummmmm

Now, you REAL QUILT MAKERS out there..

please don't look too closely.

It was HARD...HARD, I TELL YOU....
to get all those little tiny squares
all lined up with each other.

You know, this has a light weight batting and yet it is so warm.
Mr. Sweet just loves sleeping under it..warm but not heavy.
Some 9 PATCH quilts have a SOLID square in the middle of each nine.
Some quilts are made with the SAME center color...
while others have a variety of solid colors.

I am so haphazard, I had about 5 million nine patches sewn together before
realizing that I might have liked a solid color in the middle.

Oh, well...I MIGHT (and I might NOT) make another someday
and I'll try to remember that solid square.

and don't think, in all my
Quilt Love,
that I forgot to have something  YUMMY to serve you.

You know I YOU MORE THAN THAT...!!


I love 'em so much, I wanna marry 'em...!!

So pretty served on my mother's vintage little plate.


  1. Good morning! I am a brand new quilter...not new to sewing, but definitely to quilting. And let me tell you just cutting out all those squares is mighty impressive! I hate the cutting part. And putting them all together...straight! Another huge chore. I think your quilt is VERY good, VERY impressive, VERY VERY cute and comfy looking. Great job! Soo you could definitely do another if you enjoyed the process. lol I love that plate to btw (and those donuts) I have a few of them too. Enjoy your week-end!

  2. I can sew but I certainly cannot - I repeat CANNOT make quilts. I have no patience whatsoever, nor can I sew straight or cut perfect shapes. Nope. Leaving that to those who do, can and love it. Not Mom made quilts too - like yourself, do you think I slowed down long enough to watch and learn? Nope.

    Anyway I adore Deb Mumm and love your quilt - hope you continue to make them, too. well done.

    Stay warm this weekend. Hugs.

  3. You achieved what you wanted, and that quilt is very, very cute! Someday I'm going to do the same thing and leave it out where I can see it all the time.

  4. Cuteness you wanted, and it is cute beyond words! Great job on your patchwork quilt! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend

  5. bj hello! Love your beautiful quilt. Here from my new blog.

  6. I love it. I just started last year quilting and I know I am not great, but it is good enough for me.

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. I have never attempted to quilt and I will just stick to my crocheting and embroidering. Love the vintage plate with the powered sugar donuts on it. Have a blessed day, I plan to stay indoors the temperature is not going to get above the freezing mark here it is cold. Madeline

  8. I think it's very pretty Bj, and just like YOU wanted it, that is all that counts! And Hubby loves it too!

  9. It looks great to me. And I'm not much of a quilter - or seamstress, either. I can make due when I need to, but that's about it.

  10. Bj, Your quilt is awesome and I bet you can do anything that you set your mind to do. I learned to quilt with my mother, but I don't because I don't have enough hours in the day. I love your pictures of your quilt they were awesome. I am taking time to do reading of my friends and your post was enjoyable. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  11. Hi BJness! Oh, honey, your quilt is just darling. Now one would ever believe you didn't know how to quilt. I love it and like you, i love the sweet fun fabrics you've used. My mother was a quilter and she loved to do the 9 day patch. Now you're singing my song with those powdered donuts. I buy them and hide them in the kitchen so Mr. Precious won't know I have them and then I can eat them all.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I still consider myself a beginner in quilting, but I have found that I prefer the simple designs, like a 9 patch. There is so much you can do with color and pattern and since I am less intimidated by the simple patterns I feel more confident trying to make one myself. My quilts are far from perfect and mostly straight lines, but I love them to death when they are finished, and my girls love the ones I made for them :>) I think your quilt is fabulous BJ!

  13. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet friend. Girl, I cannot sew. Ugh! I am so bad that needles run and hide if they see me coming. I think you did a great job. I bet your mother was smiling.♥

  14. Perfect bj ... Love the colorful prints ... Not only is your "LOVE" quilt beautiful, but looks so warm and cozy with this cold weather we are having. You may not be a quilter, but you did a great job on those little blocks. I love quilts and have a good collection, but sorry that none that my Mother or Grandmother made. I designed, and handquilted one that I am really proud of, but no desire to ever make another one.
    Hope your weather was not too bad.
    Blessings and stay warm.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasues

  15. I feel the same way about wishing that I had watched what my mother was doing more closely, including the quilt making. I have some of the fabric I see in your quilt and that makes me smile. You did a lovely job on that quilt and they are wonderful when they are light and warm.

  16. BJ, your quilt of many colours is ADORABLE!! You've given me some hope with regards to some day making one of my own, as I, too, do not sew, although I wish I could! I'd love to learn and think it would be fun to design and create my own clothes. Your pretty quilt is so cheery, and together with the sugar donuts, they have me smiling away....:-D


  17. I love it!! I'm no quilt maker so I got to look closely. What I saw was cuteness after cuteness, just like you wanted. I love the fabric choices and the colors. I wish I had the talent to even try a quilt, but I don't. When they come up with a way to decoupage one, I'll give it a whirl.

    And now, I want a sugar doughnut. Or donut. I don't care how you spell it. I want one.

  18. I love your quilt, bj. It is beautiful. Some of those fabrics are OLD fabrics. I recognize a couple of them from the 50's/60s. You did a wonderful job. AND I love that plate that belonged to your Mom. xo Diana

  19. I love your quilt! This is something on my bucket list of things I want to do before I'm too old. Haha! I have mentioned it to a couple of friends recently that I'm going to dust off my sewing machine and Make Something. Whether I'll actually get a quilt made remains to be seen, but I hope to at least make some pillow covers. And maybe a valance or two for my kitchen. I used to sew, but haven't for years. I'm not that good, but like you, can sew a straight line! Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Great replay! Can't imagine I missed this post! Love your quilt! You did an amazing job!


  21. My Mama was a quilter too! I love them SO much:) Your quilt is PERFECT to me! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  22. You definitely hit the mark -- you made such a HAPPY quilt with the charming patterns and colors. Perfect accent paired with all the pretty flowers!


  23. I've made quite a few mini-quilts, but never a really big one! It's on my to-do list "someday." But I'll have someone else quilt it. I just like the piecing part, LOL. Your quilt is adorable and the Debbie Mumm fabric is perfect for you! Great job! Love that vintage plate you showed at the bottom of your post too. Such a pretty pattern!

  24. I love colorful quilts and we use them here in Florida, too! You chose such cheery fabric! Happy weekend my friend!

  25. Wow, that looks like a lot of work, bJ, but it looks so beautiful. Great job!. Christine


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