Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Color Me Happy

When we first moved into THE SUMMER HOUSE, turquoise was my COLOR of CHOICE...

 Turquoise in the indoor/outdoor colorful rug I bought for our cute dining room...

and turquoise in the pillows...

...a little turquoise on the mantel...

a little more in the pillow

 and in the jar of shells and etc. connected with the SEA...the beautiful turquoise SEA.

....a pretty, soft turquoise throw for the vintage wicker loveseat...

a few more turquoise pillows for
charm..... :>)
OOO, and two brand new lamps...
Pier 1
Clear marine glass with TURQUOISE shades
and may I say right here and now, I am sooo in love.

They are sooo pretty and makes my bedroom feel like.....HOLLYWOOD...:)
(all I need is a long, fluffy BOA to wear with my nightgown)

and see the Robin's Egg Blue bed table...???

I bought it years ago in a thrift store.

it stayed beneath my bed for awhile, with it's original,
dark brown dress....
and I kept thinking I would paint it....just never did.

I gave it to Stacy, #one daughter, when we were packing to move.

She bought chalk paint, painted it and gave it back to me.....
she hasn't put wax on it yet...
she thought I might want it distressed and THEN do the wax....

as I'm not really big on distressed  pieces,
(that's just me, ya know)
when she gets home from her SEA CRUISE,
we'll decide which wax is best for this pretty piece.

It's going to be sooo pretty on my bed...

O, and did you notice the flirty little pillow here...?
NEW !!! :)

But that little table has more going for it than being PRETTY...

YES, MA'M....
a great little table for breakfast of

Fruit Loops Cereal...

a half of a baked apple from yesterday's breakfast...

Dunkin Donut Coffee
in a pretty little
musical note mug....

and Orange Juice in a vintage glass.....

(I know you noticed there's no MILK on my cereal...

didn't want it to become soggy during this photo shoot...

just as soon as I snapped the last picture, I poured that mik
and "got with it.")

 What could be better than breakfast in bed with a few
of your new catalogs and the latest issue of a very favorite magazine,

How fun is THIS....!!??!!

xoxo  bj
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JANUARY 10, 2014

We love you so very, very much.

We are having her birthday dinner tonight and I will take photos of that pretty girl...
will share tomorrow. 


  1. Everything looks great. Love the lamps heck I love all of your creations. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. Loving your new look. Love that shade of blue as accents. I know you are so enjoying your move. Good for you. Have fun making it homey.

  3. So cute! You are quite the designer and that little table is darling. I just don't know about those fruit loops, though. LOL

  4. Everything looks terrific and I love that shade of turquoise makes the rooms pop. Great bed tray. Sounds like you are really enjoying your Summer House.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. It all looks beautiful! That's my favorite color.

  6. I love those colorful touches, my fav colour

  7. bj- I just love the turquoise you have in your house and that little bed table just beats all. She did a great job on it and I, too, am not all that crazy about heavily distressed pieces. Your bedroom looks beautiful..and the house just keeps getting better and better. xo Diana

  8. Everything looks beautiful! I love the touches of turquoise. And I must say, if I haven't already, that I'm very envious of all the bookshelves!

  9. I love the colors of blue and your things look beautiful. Love the music mug, so cute.

  10. Wow! What a 'feel good' place! a mini-vacation from ice-snow country:) I have a thing for turquoise right now as well, I think its color holds the echo of the sea. Thank-you for sharing!

  11. I am loving this color, actually all the brightness in your home! The tray is so have a precious daughter to do that for you!


  12. That's a very soothing color for the bedroom BJ, looks great-enjoy:@)

  13. Very fun! Love all the turquoise, my 2nd fave color after red, I have a little bed table too and I really should use it more. Happy New Year to you - Dawn @ We Call It

  14. I'm loving the color you choose.. you've added just the right amount of it without going overboard.

    I also dont distress what I paint, cause I know in a few months around here, it'll distress itself lol lol

    enjoy every moment in your beautiful new home.

  15. BJ
    I love all of the bright colours!
    I think I need to get more into my home,
    as a Winter pick me up.

  16. Beautiful, will you come decorate my home!

  17. Love all the colors that you chose, BJ!! I am a color person and it looks great!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!


  18. Love your pops of turquoise BJ. That bed table is just perfect!

  19. Love the little bed table!
    I'm glad to hear someone else say that they're not that big on the distressed look!

  20. Love the turquoise! I have that in my living room as well. The table is fab! How sweet of your daughter to do that for you! Love the photos...wonderful! Happy VTT!

  21. All I can say is Wow! Your bedroom is so beautiful and what a darling daughter to paint the tray for you! I don't know if I could ever leave that room, it looks so sunny and serene:>)

  22. Your bedroom is beautiful to me. I love the colors, and I'm *almost* positive that I *almost* bought that same pillow because I'm putting pops of that color around this place these days. I love it.

    The tray is my favorite part. I want one. Wanted one before reading this, and want it more now.
    I think that might kinda be coveting, but not technically. Coveting would mean that I want YOURS. I technically want one one just like it.

    I'm granting myself absolution on the technicality.

  23. Your turquoise looks fantastic. And, your bed looks so pretty.

  24. I love your new decor! And I especially like your hubby's MC coat rack in your bedroom - looks great there! I have touches of this color in my bathroom, but now you make me want to bring in some more!! Just perfect!

  25. Oh're so gifted! I love your new home!! Decorated so beautiful!

    Enjoy that breakfast in bed!! smile...


  26. A perfect color well used. Have you had breakfast in bed? It would probably be fun if it was on this pretty table, but that never appealed to me.

  27. Really FUN bj ...
    Your bedroom looks so lovely and love the pretty bed tray. The accent colors are so perfect for you.
    I think I have one of those trays but nobody has offered to bring me breakfast in bed, maybe because it is under the bed ... haha... no, don't really know where it is.

    You seem to be enjoying decorating you new home and you are doing a great job. So fresh and new with the introduction of your new color. Just keep sharing, maybe I will get inspired. Just kinda stuck with how to decorate the mantel right now. Glad to see warmer weather.
    Audrey Z.

  28. BJ your place is just adorable. Love the turquoise touches. It looks like a model home. Do you really live in it? :) What a nice thing for your daughter to do for you. Breakfast in bed - it doesn't get any better than that!

  29. All your pretty touches look so inviting, BJ...just lovely.

    I just realized the inspiration for your love of turquoise right now...look out the window!!! It is that GORGEOUS turquoise pool that you can see from most of your windows!!! I adore that color & it makes me miss our FL pool. Heck, I'm missing LIVING IN FLORIDA right now!! LOL

  30. Oh that is such a pretty color. The lampshades and the breakfast table are terrific.

  31. BJ...your post title - "Color Me Happy" is perfect for this post. And yes, Hollywood comes to mind now that you mention it. Everything is so bright and cheerful!!!

  32. I love all the turquoise touches. I love the table, and I need to try my hand with the chalk paint. I don't worry too much about the painting, it is using the wax that keeps me from starting! Happy VTT!

  33. Hi BJ,
    I just love your Turquoise touches in your wonderful new home, looks like you are warm and cozy. Thank you so much for Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend.
    Miz Helen

  34. Hi bj,
    You know I love the new pops of turquoise! Everything looks so warm and inviting! I love the tray table. Perfect for breakfast in bed and just looking pretty! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  35. It is all gorgeous! I love how you have decorated the place!

  36. I see you have decorated the new place as only YOU can!! Love it ALL!!

  37. BJ,
    I adore your turquoise all over your Happy Home, dear friend!!!
    I do a "tad" bit of distressing...but I LOVE "crackle" finish with white on white!!!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the turquoise tray!!!


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