Monday, December 30, 2013

If ever you....

want to make WAFFLES and you find you are OUT OF MILK,

and you are lucky enuf to have a very small amount of
in your fridge....

give it a try.

O my Goodness...

they are delicious. 

I've told you about those AMAZING PANCAKES in my last post
and that I seldom use SYRUP on pancakes or waffles....

I will admit,

was used in preparing these amazing waffles....!!

The only thing I did was use EGGNOG in place of milk


added a capful of VANILLA..

 Why.....I do believe my SNOWMAN is smiling at this great breakfast....

I was smiling, too.....

but, I was smiling BIGGER when, on an overnight trip and staying in a motel
with a breakfast buffet,
my waffle came out of the waffle maker in

ain't life grand !!

xoxo, bj

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  1. we had waffles for supper tonight and I like jelly on mine too!!!!! I will remember to use the egg nog next year,

  2. LOVE the Texas shaped waffle BJ! No doubt the egg nog tastes great too! Ok, after much deliberation... I voted for Clooney... Well, maybe it didn't take THAT much time:@)

  3. Please adopt guy isn't is Kevin Bacon....but I still love Patrick Swayze

  4. I love the Texas shaped waffle. I know using egg nog instead of milk made the waffles great. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  5. Oh what a good reminder. I've got enough egg nog to take a bath in. I don't particularly like the stuff and John shouldn't have more than his share. Yup. I'll be making some pancakes or something with it.

  6. Looks yummy. Love the Texas shaped one!

  7. A Texas waffle....I love it!! Are you enjoying your new kitchen?

  8. Haha, cute waffle! and I do believe using eggnog could be one of those happy accidents that becomes a huge trend. It sure sounds like a great substitution to me!

  9. Life is indeed grand and those waffles look really good!

  10. Happy Birthday my sweet friend..and many more to come..Hugs and love from my mountain to yours..Gloria

  11. I'm alive! :) I missed ...your ..birthday!!!?? I'm so sorry. I seldom go on facebook and...WAFFLES?! They look fantastic. Everything you cook always makes me think I need to have some of whatever it is!
    So...I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Our was. A tinge of sadness..but that will be with us for a very long time. Otherwise..we were altogether except for three of my children... We laughed a lot and that was so wonderful to hear. Happy New Year, bj, if I don't get back over here. May 2014 be a good and happy year for all of us.
    Much love to you..

  12. I love your poll...I went down....down...down the list and finally found HIM! What a "hotly"! What fun! your waffles...and the one of Texas is adorable....C-U-T-E!!

    Happy New Year!!


  13. Yep! I'm here and just in the perfect time for once in my life.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you! (I thought your birthday greeting should go with your calendar...)

    And I'm lovin' the idea of eggnog in a waffle.
    And yes... I do love the Texas sized and shaped ones. It's fun. I love fun. That's why I like you so much.

  14. A Texas shaped waffle, who else but you could come up with that:) Have a blessed and Happy New Year dear BJ, BIG HUGS from chilly Georgia!

  15. Love that idea! Egg nog waffles! Too too cute to have Texas shaped ones. Perfect! I voted for Cloobey. Then I changed to my original choice, Connery. My REAL heart throb is Antonio Banderras! Lol... Happy New Year!

  16. Normally, when I'm out of milk, I'm also out of egg nog - since, we only buy that once a year. But, I will keep that in mind in case the egg nog is left after my son in law leaves. He's really the only one who drinks it, so if he's not here, I might as well use it in a batch of waffles.
    And that Texas shaped waffle is pretty cute.

  17. I ♥♥♥ waffles. And, there you go making me hungry again. Love you, BJ.

  18. Why, BJ...I have an entire bottle of eggnog in the refrigerator!!! Guess what I'll be making tomorrow for a special New Year's Day treat for DH? THANKS for the tip!

    We've been using Smuckers Sugar Free Maple syrup for years...didn't even know that IHOP made one. I'll look for it next trip to the grocery store. I'm not going out for a few days though...winter storms warnings here with bitter cold & LOTS of snow coming again. *sigh*

    LOVE your TX shaped waffle!! I wonder if they make an Ohio one???

  19. Love your Texas shaped waffle! Last December we stayed at a Hampton Inn at Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Maryland and guess what -- their waffles were shaped like Texas too! Go figure! But our son-in-law loved them because he is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan! Happy New Year! Suzy from PA

  20. bj ... Your waffle looks so good. Red plum jelly would be my favorite too.
    Glad you had a nice weekend get-away. Hope your birthday was wonderful.
    Happy New Year.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


  21. Yum, yum, that waffle sure looks good! You do serve up the best breakfasts!

    It was a tossup between Connery and Clooney since my guy isn't on the list, but I went with the younger one. :)

    Happy Birthday to you!! and Happy New Year!!

  22. I love the Texas waffle and Egg nog sounds really yummy! Happy Birthday! :-) Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." I hope you will be able to join us again this week.


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