Sunday, December 29, 2013


I watched TITANIC again, for about the 1000th time, over the holidays...

such an awesome movie.

It's like brand new, every time I see it.

 In my opinion,
HOLLYWOOD couldn't have chosen more perfect actors for this movie.

The beautiful lady that played the olden ROSE,
GLORIA STUART, was wonderful in it.

She was a raving beauty in her younger years....
and I thought she was still beautiful at the age of 87, when she made this film.

She was the oldest actor to be nominated for a competitive Oscar for her role in

Gloria died in 2010 at the age of 100.
You can read more about this beauty HERE...

and, of course, the movie ROSE, Kate Winslet, is a beauty in her own way.

When I come back for my 2nd life, I hope to look just like HER. !!
(WELL,  and to have LEONARDO as my boyfriend)

Gosh, how I would have loved going
behind the scenes and watching the filming of this movie...

all that water.....

wet for days, probably....

she was AWESOME....

...and so was he. with their director....
in REAL water...
and very COLD, I'm sure.

Such a tragedy...

and THIS ONE....


 The cruise ship's captain, Francesco Schettino is now being tried  on charges of multiple manslaughter in the wreck and abandoning ship.
also a tragedy...
but sooo  uncalled for.

and all the CRUISE SHIPS that have had trouble in the last few years....

it's enuf to make one think twice before
setting sail...

I've thought twice and would take a beautiful cruise at the drop of a hat. !!
I have to find someone to take it with me...

Mr. Sweet doesn't care for cruising altho  he LOVED our 
If he could go on that one again, he'd go...


I like going to the WARM SPOTS...

the beaches....
the water.....

 The very best vacation I have ever had in my entire life was the
Caribbean  FAMILY Cruise
we all went on several years ago...

let's see....

there were 14 of us and it was
a FABULOUS time,
from start to finish.

Love, bj


  1. HI, BJ, I loved this movie, too. Although I didn't see it as many times as you. :) Gloria Stuart was good in it. I remember thinking how blue her eyes were. I agree with the perfect casting, especially Kate Winslet. I wish Hollywood would get the hint, that we like these kinds of movies.

  2. P.S. I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday. I had one on the 27th myself. After Christmas birthdays are the pitts. My best friends is on the 26th, which is even worse than the 27th. Have a happy day today!

  3. You sure surprised me. Never would I thought you would take Leonadro over Depp. Of course age does affect your thinking. Have a great day.

  4. Oh I enjoyed that movie, but have never wanted to watch it again. Never. Too gut wrenching. And I have a great-great-great aunt who was engaged to John Jacob Astor so the whole Titanic story hit the family hard. LOL. Okay, maybe not so much, but my great-grandfather did help with the rescue and he never wished to talk about it. Can you imagine that task and the bodies lined up in a make-shift morgue in Halifax? So sad.

    Nope, a cruise is not high on my list after reading Susan Branch's book. Say, did you find her 2014 calendar this year? I'm hoping that I may find it at Big Lots again.

  5. Happy Birthday! Loved your post. I own Titanic, still in its film cover. Never got to watch it yet. I know everything about it... My son was very young and saw iy on his first date ever... Came home and bit by bit... He told everything! The music makes me sad... I just don't do... Sad .... Right now. But ten out of ten of my friends agree with you! Hugs!

  6. Titanic is one of the movies I watch over and over again, too. I couldn't imagine anyone else in those roles!

  7. I loved that movie and think it's one the best cinematic pieces of literature I've ever seen. I mean... as an English teacher, I just kept seeing literary elements that were so teachable. (Unfortunately, as I sat in the theater with my best friend and fellow teacher, we were joined in the room by some of our students. Just a leeeeetle bit uncomfortable knowing that they (all boys) were sitting a few rows behind us in the car scene. YIKES.)

    But I digress.

    I loved it and agree about both Roses, especially Olden Rose.

    I had to monkey around to get here, even though I am positive that I followed you back when you started this new one and also put the NEW address on my sideboard. Sigh. Guess I'll have to try it again.

    I've been away.
    Don't want to miss your birthday.
    Hope I'm right that it's TOMORROW.

    In case it isn't ... whispering Happy Birthday today.

    And I love your calendar for the year. Guess what I got from some friends? My very own duck call signed by Hunky McDuckman, Jase Robertson.

    I'm feeling pretty ducky.

  8. Love that movie. I have never taken a cruise and don't believe I would care too, just to many crazy thing I have read about the things that go wrong. Have a blessed day and enjoy tomorrow Happy Birthday one day early. Madeline

  9. I love your new calendar! (and I have to add that I just knew a certain network would come to their senses, didn't you?) I thought Titanic was an awesome movie, too. But, Leo over Johnny? No way!!

    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  10. I have likely already wished your Happy Birthday ... but again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope it is just a wonderful day. Are you going on a cruise? or just wishing?
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Happy Birthday, dear, sweet bj! We did the Alaskan cruise and we both loved it. My beloved's brothers and sister-in-law asked me to go on a cruise to Nassau. Isn't that sweet of them?
    Happy New Year's to you! xo

  12. Happy, happy birthday, my sweet friend. I wish you all your heart desires.

    I love this movie, too.

  13. BJ,
    You enjoy your vacationing on the beach, dear friend!!!
    I, also, loved the soundtrack from this amazing movie!!!


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