Monday, December 9, 2013

A Rustic Christmas Centerpiece

Oh, dear bloggers....
there's so many great parties going on to SHOWCASE your beautiful CHRISTMAS FUN.

Now, it's a stretch for me to come up with something RUSTIC....

but, I have these adorable wire basket, WITH RUST....

I decided to add CHRISTMAS balls of RED and White and
I was totally surprised at how good it looks.

 Rusty wire and WOODEN HANDLES made me wonder...
will these little baskets look good,
dressed for CHRISTMAS..?

 3 little nesting baskets filled with RED AND WHITE...

...who would have thought that little wire baskets with RUST would look so 
cute, filled with......CHRISTMAS !

(excuse me, but that BIRD is turned upside down....bless his little feathered heart)

This little burlap snowman kept trying to jump into all the glass balls so I just
let him have his way.

(SOME people might think I'm loose)

Excuse me while I  FALL IN LOVE !

I'm not sure if these CHRISTMAS BALLS  are vintage or not.

I found them in a thrift store a few years ago....
I don't care if they are new or olden.....I think they are beautiful.

No matter how you decorate...
how 'bout adding just a touch of  RUSTIC...??

It's a lot of fun and
hey, that's a special part of CHRISTMAS....

These little baskets look pretty cute up on top of our thrifted hutch, filled with WHITE IRONSTONE .

I moved the large wooden dice and added the little "packages" bought last year at BIG LOTS beside the baskets.

Coming soon...

I am looking forward to seeing YOUR tree, too. 

  Blessings, love, hugs,

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  1. the burlap snowman is quite charming. :)

  2. Your baskets look so cute all filled with Christmas fun, BJ!

  3. BJ, thanks so much for linking up! Love your 'touch of rustic'! It's perfect :)

  4. The pretty wrapped boxes look much nicer than the dice. You never know how things will turn out unless you try. You might be just a tad loose. But that's okay. Would not have you any other way.

  5. Hi Bj, I love this basket so much filled up with the Christmas ornaments and the snowman is adorable. Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  6. BJ, I know you are having a great time decorating your new home. It looks great!

  7. They do look great in the rustic baskets. I've got plenty of rusticity going on here whether I planned it or not!

  8. This is very cute and rustic and well just fun!!! Love the snowman!

  9. Love the basket BJ! How is the weather by you! Hope you are far away from that falling ice. We are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow. xo

  10. I love all your touches of Christmas, you loose woman, you! That basket is darling with the balls and you-know-who in there! I bet it is fun decorating your new home this year.

    I am so disappointed in Bonnie & Clyde. I think Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are a hard act to follow and I think it was a better story all the way around.. I didn't even watch Part 2. xo Diana

  11. Loving the baskets, they look great on your hutch.


  12. Love the burlap snowman. He is adorable. Also like your anniversary photos - Congratulations on such a great marriage.

  13. What a neat idea! I think you passed the rustic test!! :) And all of your festive touches are so cheery. I need to get moving!!


  14. Looks great BJ! Happy Christmas Decorating-enjoy:@)

  15. I do say, I love your burlap snowman! I bet you're having so much fun decorating your new home! Enjoy!

  16. You new home is looking mighty festive!

  17. Everything looks so festive. I just love your knack for decorating. I started to watch Bonnie and Clyde but finally turned it off and went to bed I had seen the movie when it first came out so I knew how this one would end and it did not measure up . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. I really love the basket. It looks a little rustic and a little industrial. Perfect! I love how the snowman is made out of a ball of twine! So clever. XOXO Great job!!!

  19. bj ... now you are talking my "kind of trash" er ... RUSTIC ... LOVE the baskets and the way you stacked them. Very pleasing and interesting. You are just having so much fun with decorating and I love it and so happy for you and Mr. Sweet. Your new home will be lovely.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  20. BJ,
    Love, love, love your rustic baksets filled with red and white ornaments!
    The little bird has flipped with excitement, too!!! (wink! wink!)
    A charming Snowman keeps this centerpiece going right through the Holidays into the New Year!

  21. Oh!! This is just too cute, BJ! Love that burlap snowman mixed in with the pretty ornaments. Stacking the baskets is genius --adds height and interest -- Well Done!! Merry Christmas, Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )


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