Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time for Coffee and a Donut



Some of you might remember when MR. SWEET and I
made this cute STORY TABLE.

I got the idea from DONNA at FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS

and we had more fun making a STORY TABLE of our own.

My great-grandfather, JACKSON, had a saloon in CORLY, TEXAS...


and, MR. SWEET'S mother was born in 1906.

This is a little thrifted $5.00 table that we turned into my very favorite piece of furniture.

I think this piece will become a family heirloom  and it will make me proud when
a member of our sweet family is enjoying it in THEIR home.

This fun table is at home in the new house in the master bedroom....

right along with the Black and White Target chairs that I love dearly.

 I thought maybe you'd like to share a cup of DUNKIN DONUTS coffee and

either a Strawberry or Maple donut with me.....
here in my "new" bedroom that is still a long way from being STRAIGHT !!


It's been fun and also
exasperating to find just the 
right spots for all my olden furniture.

We've been here a little over 3 weeks
and I am still moving this to there....
and back again.

I am sure it will just take time and thought and feel
before I get it all just right.  

Mr. Sweet is such a good CHEERLEADER...he encourages me every step of the way.

Looking at and touching my familiar
things helps to get my mind around this new home of ours.

After 40 years in the olden house,
this new one seems so luxurious  to us.

So new and pretty.

We thank the good LORD and our son and his family every day for the gift of living in such a beautiful place.

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit, a cup of that good coffee and a donut or two.
I hope you'll come back soon...

xoxo bj

This is just a little corner of this magnificent, LARGE bedroom....
I am anxious to show you more.....

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  1. stop waving those donuts around! :) i like that table, though.

  2. Love how the room is coming together. So glad you were able to reuse those wonderful bookcases. Sally

  3. I wish it were possible to have a donut and coffee with you. Nothing would please me more. That is a lot of shelves for dust catchers.

  4. What a great room. Love the table. And, I love the bookcases. I love books, and have long thought I would love to have some bookshelves in our bedroom as well. Just haven't found the right ones or spot yet.

  5. BJ
    Now you have created a heirloom table for your children.
    I can see you do a have a beautiful big bedroom!

  6. How creative! I am sure your table you two made will be an heirloom. I like everything in your photos. The bunny pillow caught my eye too. BTW the running of shower on my legs does help with the spasms. Thanks a million.

  7. Oh, I love it, bj. I LOVE your new home and you are so deserving of it. God bless you son/family for honoring you as wonderful parents. You are such a good person and it is great to see that God has honored that. Blessings-xo Diana

    PS. I can't WAIT to see more-loving it so far!

  8. BJ, you had me at donut! I love your decorating - such adorable black and white chairs. And I adore your bunny pillow!

  9. I know you are enjoying your new home and it looks like it is coming together nicely. love that bedroom and I am anxious to seeing the rest when you post them. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  10. Those donuts look so pretty I wondered if they were REAL!!! I have not had a donut in forever! We ARE drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, though!
    I agree - y'all outdid yourselves on that little table. It is SO nice!! Love your bookcases!!! It is coming together!!

  11. That's a magnificent bedroom, BJ. What fun you're having finding places for everything. I love those black and white chairs.

  12. Oh BJ, love the bedroom with your book shelves and little reading area. The table is beautiful and I love your chairs.
    Everything is looking so good.

  13. It is looking fantastic! I love all those shelves! and I love donuts...but Dunkin quit making the coconut one. So frustrating. If I like it, it is the kiss of death!

  14. Oh this is so beautiful! and inviting! You are so gifted!! Love your new home!


  15. A 'sweet' table, B.J.! It looks perfectly at home in your lovely bedroom, very cozy and comforting!


  16. Your bedroom looks bigger than my whole living area BJ-enjoy! Oh, and I'll have a splash of milk and a strawberry donut please:@)

  17. From what I can see your bedroom looks like a wonderful space. I like your table very much, I think it is such a good idea. May I try a maple donut please?

  18. WOW! Your bedroom looks so large. I can just taste that donut now. Yummo! I am having my coffee now while reading your sweet blog. Oh! What a great table. TGIF!!!! xo

  19. Hi Bj, I love the two chairs in your master bedroom. The room is so large, you could just live in it.
    Have a great, God is Good!

  20. Your new bedroom is gorgeous! So much room, and french doors to the outside! The bookshelves, table and chairs look fabulous. Now be honest BJ, you were tweaking and moving things a lot in the old place. It's a huge job, but if anyone can tweak that new place til it's gorgeous it's you!

  21. Those chairs, that table, those donuts! Great decor pieces. I want it all. :)

  22. I love it. And I love those bookshelves. I plan to do a full wall of bookshelves in a room upstairs someday. I want a children's library for the grand kids books, games and toys. Those chairs would go nicely in there, too. I think I'm going to stalk you for decorating ideas.

  23. Looking so good bj ... I do love that little table that you and Mr. Sweet made and such a treasure for the grand kids to want one day. You bedroom is looking lovely and so comfortable ...
    You are so blessed.
    Audrey Z.

  24. Love the chairs and table. New follower here. I'd love it if you shared it on our link party.

  25. I remember the cute, story table and it looks so good right there. It does take awhile to find the right spot for everything. I do love your bookcases right there and your new Target chairs. I can't wait to see more. About those donuts... yes, I sure would love one! xo

  26. The table is so lovely, BJ... and I'm sure will be treasured for years and years :)

  27. Hello Miss glad I found you again! Love that table and it looks like your house is slowly but surely turning into your cozy home!


  28. What a lovely space! Love your bookcases, and the black and white chairs look so good! Beautiful, BJ!!

  29. Love the table and the chairs and the whole space for that matter!! Spectacular!!
    Thanks for stopping by! I did take some time off this week but to decorate for Christmas!! I guess an early grave will be the thing for me....LOL!!


  30. Congrats on your new's already looking warm, cozy and BJ welcoming! I've had such a fear of losing my much of it irreplaceable. Blogger has a BackUp option which I recently took advantage of and plan to backup once a month. Here is the>settings>other>blog tools>'s very quick and easy.

  31. Nice pictures, I love this beautiful table, good job!

  32. I've been looking all over for you. Glad I found your new site.

  33. What a beautiful room!
    And a fun table!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. BJ, everything just looks amazing! I love those chairs and your bookshelves are perfect there.

  35. It looks beautiful! And you can get me to sit down for coffee and donuts anytime!

  36. I'm so sorry to hear about losing your blog. I just rejoined up :) Have a blessed and beautiful week!

  37. Hi bj..just dropped you a note about your blog...
    It all looks lovely and I am especially loving those book shelves. Mine are in my office..but it isn't that far from the bedroom! :) I've always wanted a bedroom with a fireplace and I don't even live in country that cold! What a dreamer I am!
    My home is always in a constant state of change, for the most part. It was an adventure settling into this little home and I love it to pieces. You will love your new home too..which I think you already are! :) I am happy for you bj!

  38. BJ, I am so, sooo glad you popped by, as I had lost the addy of your new blog! I have signed up to get your posts via email again, just like before. Shoulda done that the first time I visited this new place.

    I am pea green with envy over your wall of bookshelves in your bedroom!! I have been wanting to do that for ages but DH keeps digging in his heels. They look lovely & I know you have lots of treasures yet to unpack & fill them up with.
    My parents moved out of their home after 40 years, so Mom could be nearer her sister as she (Mom) battled breast cancer. It was very traumatic for them, as it was a much smaller house. More acreage, but smaller rooms. I feel for you as you work your way to making this new home feel like "HOME". You truly are blessed with such caring & generous kids. Good example of what goes 'round, comes 'round! You did a super job of raising them to be that way.

  39. I absolutely love it, BJ! Love you, too! xoxoxo

  40. Oh, BJ! I was sooo confused. For weeks your blog has been teensy Wendy but I could enlarge it and read it on my iPad. Then I lost ya altogether! But I see you have moved for real. I love, love, love the blue dishes. And the bedroom! And Dunking Doughnuts coffee. Whew! I'm happy to locate you again! This blog world is cozy, but it can turn on us!

  41. Yes I'm sure your family will treasure this table. But wow those chairs!! Target??? We have a target now near us but I have never seen furniture there.


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