Thursday, February 2, 2017

Beignets and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

When our girl, STACY LEIGH, went to New Orleans on a fun trip,

she brought back a box of Beignet mix for me to try.

Well, let me tell you....
these are the BESTEST
little nuggets, EVER !

I am on my 4th box of this treat... 
Our grocery store carries this very brand... 
and I am told you can order this on line.

 It is the lightest dough....and you need a LOT of flour to handle it.

 My beignets are never as uniform as shown on the box...
 Stacy and Jent ate at the famous New Orleans Cafe Du Monde
where these are made and said theirs are perfect.

...most likely they have square cutters that are used.

Powdered Sugar...
MUST be made in Heaven..
so so good on ANYthing

...those red and white cups in the background...

they are vintage FIRE KING and I plan to "take them with me".

A very dear blogging friend, AUDREY of Timeless Treasures blog,
sent them to me several years ago..
"thank you again, Audrey...and I hope you are feeling much better."
Audrey hasn't been feeling well for quite some time
 due to a medication she took.
Please go over to her pretty blog and give her encouragement to get well.
We all need encouragement and prayers, especially when we are ill.

Much love, bj
Feb. Party 
Stacey at POOFING THE PILLOWS is featuring our Summer House home tour
Please go over to her pretty blog and take a look.
Many thanks 
Feb. 3rd
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet son, 

 We love you with all our hearts.


  1. They are my hubby's favorite! Now if I could only figure out how to make them so the rest of us can eat them.

  2. I don't believe I've ever had one! Boy have I been missing out, I sure will be looking for these in the grocery store!
    I'll take sunshine, anytime!

  3. They are so good right after they are made. Yours look lovely. The mugs are great. I'll head over and give Audrey a visit.

  4. They look yummy. Baked or deep fried? I hope the former!

  5. I have often see that mix...I'm wanting to try it now!

  6. Those look absolutely delicious! They make my mouth water,bj. I have never seen that here but I have never looked for it either. I am hankering for some banana bread right now...wish I could make it without sugar-I have tried Stevia but that doesn't taste right to me either.

    How funny you should mention Audrey. I just 'found her the other day and don't even know how. What an experience she has had...poor lady.

    Praying for the two of you, too, bj. xo Diana

  7. My Mom had a set of those mugs, only hers was in a harvest gold colour.

    God bless.

  8. Beignets are awesome!! I have used that mix, too! I've been to Cafe Du Monde several times and I always but a mix and a coffee cup! I think I'll get one down to drink from tomorrow. Sadly, I do NOT have any mix on hand! Now, I'm off to visit your friend!

  9. I had those in New Orleans ~ so good. I wonder if we can order the mix online.

  10. Back in the early 70's, my Grand-Mother had a "Rooster" cup that looked like that...
    Hope the your good Friend got good "test" results... Our best to you and yours are well....

  11. Oh my goodness, beignets are calling my name. What a thoughtful granddaughter you have to gift a box to you. I've never made them, but had them once when we went to New Orleans. I hope your friend is doing better and hope the same at your house. ♥

  12. Those look so good! I'm off to visit Audrey. :)

  13. Fourth box? Wow. Sorry your friend is not feeling well. Headed over to check out her blog.

  14. You had me at the powdered sugar! These look so good!
    How do you keep your little figure with all this sweet eatin?

  15. They sorta remind me of my German Pancakes found here....

  16. They look so delicious! Those old Fire King mugs are adorable, I haven't seen any like them ever. My favorite is the one with the chicken. So cute!

  17. would be lovely if I ordered a box...have heard so much about beignets through my blogging hears that I am curious. I'll look into that! That photo of your son flying through the air is so cool. Happy birthday to him!

    1. years not hears...autocorrect is making me crazy...fixed that three times and it still flew

  18. Oh I love beignets! Hey BJ, just dropped by to say "Hi" after seeing your lovely home tour! Blessings to you and your hubby, sweet friend!

  19. I have never had beignets and wish I could have some now but no sweets for me as you know. Happy Birthday to your son. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Hi BJ,
    I just visited your lovely summer home over at Poofing The Pillows, what a great post! Your Beignets looks awesome, I just love Beignets. I am holding you and Mr. Sweets up in prayer and thinking about you!
    Miz Helen

  21. I just saw your feature over at Stacey. Love love your pretty home bj. Continuing prayers for you and Mr. Sweet. Happy B Day to your son and these Beignets look so yummy. I wish I lived next door I would have been over to enjoy those with you.

  22. I never heard of these. Do I live under a rock? Dough and powder sugar, what couldn't be great about that? Such wonderful place for you to escape with your family. I spied TOILE! You get a ton of light in the place. Hope you enjoy time there for many years to come


  23. I enjoy a nice French beignet every once in awhile, although generally I prefer French pastries instead. And oh my, FIRE KING mugs! I haven't thought of them in years. The Rooster one is perfect for the Year of the Rooster, isn't it? Happy Bday to your son, David -- I hope he continues to be in good health after his medical scare awhile back.

  24. Those look so good bj! My husband and I went to Cafe Du Monde years ago...loved it. Cute coffee cups too, what a sweet gift! Now I have to hop on over and see your Summer House! Have a delightful Birthday celebration with your son!

  25. Those look delicious!! Hope your son has a great birthday!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  26. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet and sugary friend. Those beignets sure look delish!

  27. I just saw your lovely house tour over at Stacey's! Loved it. Oh, how did you know I love these little delicious poofs! I've bought the mix before but mine didn't turn out like yours! You've just got the touch!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Yum! Like you, I think powdered sugar is the best! ;-)
    Keeping you and Mr. Sweet in my prayers.

  29. I think your beignets look fantastic, BJ! Just like Cafe du Monde! I enjoyed your feature on Poofing The Pillows! :)


  30. Its one of the things I HAVE to get when I go to New Orleans--never tried to make them myself. They look so yummy. Ofcourse I always get pralines and gumbo too.

  31. Sweet bj ... Loved seeing your house featured and Poofing The Pillows. Love how the sun comes in. Happy birthday Keith. Hope Mr. Sweet is feeling good and finding answers to his health issue. Glad you are still enjoying the Fire King mugs. They do look pretty in your house. Thanks for sending your friends over to Timeless Treasures with hugs, prayers and well wishes. I am feeling better.
    Love you,
    Audrey Z.

  32. These look so yummy! I hope your husband is feeling better and getting good news. Happy birthday to your son, and guess what? He has the same birthday as my husband! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  33. Hi,
    On cruise left from New Orleans
    I had the first time bought a mix like what you have
    This week will make them
    HPS Laura

  34. Yum ! And happy birthday to your son . Hugs and blessings , Cindy


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