Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Valentine Tulips...

These are my Valentine's Day Tulips
that I got on Feb. 14th....


 You might remember that I added faux pink tulips to the vase until the REAL THING was ready to bloom.

This morning...Thurs. 18th, I thought I'd add a little more water and carefully
removed the pretty, silk, faux pink tulips...
and when I tried to remove the rest of them....
they had suddenly become REAL....
overnight ! ! !
and I was too sleepy this morning to know they had bloomed.

Why...they just take my breath away.
...never BEEN so in love

♫ ...come tiptoe thru the tulips with me..♪♪

"When I asked for all things so that I might enjoy life, I was given life, so that I might enjoy all things".

They were so pretty to look at while we ate breakfast...
sweet little tidbits of Cherry and Apple Strudel Bites...
straight from the super market bakery.

 ...sorry for so many pictures of the tulips...
sometimes I don't know when to stop...

That cherry one....on your left....
looks like it's sticking it's red tongue out, right at me ! I just ate it.

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  1. Tulips are such a wonderful flower. It's amazing that they keep growing even after you cut the stems! Those bites look yummy, too!

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  3. Love ...Love ...Love Tulips !!!! So pretty & pink !!!!

  4. Your tulips are blooming beautifully. Really amazing that you placed them in a glass with water. Those look bites do look yummy.

  5. I love tulips and yours are beautiful,Bj! Love all the photo's. Yes, that little Cherry strudel does or did before you "ate" it, looks like it's sticking it's tongue out at you.

  6. pretty! I know Im going to end up buying some.. and its going to be all your fault! LOL! (thank you!) and while Im at it.. those mini studels may find their way into my cart to!
    happy Day!

  7. Tulips are so lovely, especially your pink ones!

  8. Oh how I love tulips:) Those are such a pretty pink! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  9. Your tulips are beautiful BJ. They add so much colour.

    God bless.

  10. I just bought more tulips yesterday. They make me smile, especially at this time of year! Yours are spectacular! And so is your collection of treats! Sigh!

  11. Bj, I loved seeing the that says spring around these parts. Now you will get to enjoy them over and over. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  12. I put tulips right up there with the roses for lovely flowers on Valentines day.

  13. You did a great pinkie today. The tulips are gorgeous. I am enjoying my roses and other flowers since summer has been here the last few weeks.

  14. Gorgeous flowers! And baked goods are a close second...two favorite things!

  15. Beautiful tulips and delicious looking baked goods.. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. What pretty tulips. I can see why you took many pictures-they are beautiful!

  17. Your home BJ is such a happy and cheerful treat for the eyes. Love your Tulips, last night I picked up a couple of Purple Tulip bunches from Trader Joe's as I am waiting for my forced Purple bulbs to greet me with bloom. I like you adore Tulips and find myself giddy in their beauty.
    Happy Friday sassy friend!

  18. Oh gorgeous. Call me dumb (I guess we're really not sisters) but I didn't realize you could force tulips this way. Is it too late to try? I'd love some beautiful tulips.
    Can you do any spring bulb? Sorry for all the questions. But I figure if someone has a green house they are pretty smart!
    Have a good weekend. Enjoy your beautiful tulips!

    1. SMART....!!??!! afraid we are still learning....

  19. Such gorgeous tulips and your photos of them are gorgeous too! And I do love pink so much....!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  20. Beautiful, and perfect with all yummy goodies.

  21. I love that color! So pretty :) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  22. Your comment about the pastry sticking out it's tongue just made me laugh out DID look like it was doing that!! Your tulips are wonderful....they deserved to be featured in several photos!!

    Hope you have a great weekend and a HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!!! L, Dana

  23. Love the pretty pink tulips! And I also have a fondness for those little grocery store strudels! :) Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda

  24. Tulips are like the perfect flower to me. So lovely!

  25. BJ,
    Can one ever really have too many photos of pink tulips?
    I think not!
    Yours are gorgeous!

  26. Love, love your "pink pops!"
    Aren't tulips just the best cheer . . .
    I like them better inside the house than seeing them outside . . .
    (Maybe because I have to wait forever to see them outside!)
    Happy I can pick up a fresh bunch each week at the market . . .

  27. No such thing as too many tulip photos!

  28. BJ, I knew you would have a way to make Valentine's delicious and pretty, too. Your tulips are beautiful.

    Happy Pink Saturday. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this week as "the one that caught my eye".♥

  29. I love, love, love, that pink. Love it!


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