Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let me Sling a little MUD......

full of words...
white with black words...
stamped spoons....

I mean....what's NOT to love.

Holy  Guacamole   !!!

This photo is off the web...
I had one but gave it to a friend at Christmas and forgot to take a picture.
How cute to fill it with Guacamole for the next party....

O MY GOSH....i am so in love KNOW jams and jellies taste 10 times better out of such a cute jar...

and while I didn't have STRAWBERRY JAM when I took this photo,
and may I say right is made here in our town and it is DELICIOUS...!!

All the little spoons that come with these sweet pieces are just beautiful...

...this is an adorable SUGAR PACKET HOLDER...

here we have a sweet little footed bowl...
maybe a candy dish...

...don't ya just love that little scalloped spoon...
it is, indeed, THE SWEET LIFE

Though I've bought these pieces for gifts,
I am finding it really HARD to part with this sweet little beauty.

Before signing off, I want you to know about something so delicious, so simple that
a friend's mother made for me one day...

O Honey....

split a donut in half and slather each side with buttah....

place it gently into a warm skillet...
let the donut sit and get brown until you are about crazy to EAT IT...
put it on a cute little plate, grab a cup of coffee or tea...
Ummmmmmmmmmm.....♥ ♥ ♥

and see the black and white cup back there...
the one with musical notes....

I've had this cutie  cup for several years and can't remember where I bought it...

Have a great day....

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  1. BJ,
    Cute, cute, cute!!!
    I'll be googling where to find Mud Pie items in our town, dear friend!!!
    Anything with b u t t e r is better, but I don't believe I've had a donut in that fashion!!!

  2. Good Morning, Texas Girl! Your little serving pieces would make any table--just-work-up breakfast to Tea in The Parlor---simply wonderful, with their beautiful shapes and charming spoons.

    And they'll ALL fit right in with your dashing checks and chic plaids (I'm mentally calling it Pleed, for I've been doing kitchen-work to Dragonfly in Amber for DAYS, and I just float through the Dawn and the spatulas and brushes).

    Hope you're staying well and warm, with your bright-set table and wonderful cooking and such delicious hospitality.


  3. I meant to add up there that I also give thanks for the Dawn, etc., as opposed to those old scullery items and sanitation standards of the Eighteenth Century). Just a window in the kitchen is a marvel and a blessing.


  4. Those are so cute. I actually have the one for salsa and the spoon says "Let's Salsa".

  5. Was ready to comment on the sweetness of your post and the came along the musical mug. As a pianist, I quickly switched loyalty to that photo.

  6. What cute little serving spoons and oh my at the great looking jam. You are making me hungry!!

  7. Love that jam knife! Your Beethoven musical notes mug reminds me of a couple I had many years ago -- one design was the song "Tea for Two" and the other was "You're the Cream in my Coffee."

  8. Those are cute gifts for sure.

  9. You always have such fun posts!!! Cute spoons, for sure!!

  10. Well BJ now you have me curious and I wanna try Santa Rosa Plum jelly. After I leave my comment I am googling it. Sweet silver embossed knife and cutlery. I wonder if that could be a sugar scoop to take sugar out of a canister and put it in a bowl. But of course that's just a guess because I do not know the measurement, Love that music mug.

  11. gosh I had to join you after I read that title for todays post.. I wondered what on earth you were going to do with it, then the post was so delightful I fell in love with all those spoons too... I have never seen any like them over here in the UK, but maybe I might think of looking... never know... so I will be back again, after reading your other posts, all the best, J

  12. Sure do love those little jars, spoons and sayings . . .
    Where did you purchase . . .
    Great gifts, for me too!

  13. I love how you love words -- not only on your dishes and cups but on your spoons, too! These are just charming, BJ!

  14. Oh i love those precious spoons and have wondered where to buy them!

  15. Each are so cute! Love them all.

  16. BJ, these are definitely CUTE. I'm like you, I buy things I'd want, and give as gifts. I haven't seen these in shops, so will need to visit the web site. '-)
    Hope you are having a great day!

  17. Love all of those printed items - DARLING! I don't think I could give them away at all


  18. LOVE the spoons! I don't know why I never thought of doing that to a doughnut!!!

  19. Hi BJ! I love all of your pretty treasures. Honestly, I think I'd have to go shopping for more gifts because I don't think I'd be able to part with any of them either... :)

    I've never thought about frying a donut in butter before and I think I'd better stay away from that recipe. I'm afraid that I might like them toooooooo much and then I'd want to make them that way all the time... :)

  20. Oh, I love the stamped silverware! Holy Guacamole!! I also got a treat at the end to see that fun musical mug! I'm a mug person and choose one carefully each time I have a cup of tea or coffee. This one has everything I love in a mug, curved out rim, design inside (autograph?), thin, not thick and a design I love! So glad I stopped by!

  21. I like the jam saying written on there

  22. Oh HONEY, SOOOOO much cuteness:) Love the fabric hearts:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  23. These are all so adorable, especially the scallops on the spoons. My sister in law would absolutely adore the musical coffee cup.

  24. What cute serving utensils, bj! I need to look those up. The donut idea sure sounds extra yummy to me!

  25. I love all your little spoons with the saying on them. Great photos. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  26. The spoons and little jam knife are the cutest things ever.Where did you find them? Hope you all have a great weekend.

  27. Hope that you are well...
    more "peaceful" here this evening ... they are no longer coming over...
    ... about to try the other coffee tomorrow ... thank you again , dear Lady

  28. Hi BJ! Oh, how I love those little spoons with the sayings on them and I LOVE me some plum jelly! Yum. You know that music cup is probably supposed to be mine, just sayin'. :) The donut! Wow, I've never even thought to do something like this. All I want to do to a donut is pop it in my mouth! ;) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. What a great post, BJ! Those spoons are so doggone cute to present with a gift like the strawberry jam or to collect.

  30. I love messages in my vignettes and really need to get some cute spoons like you showed. I ordered forks for my son and his wife for their from Betsy of My Salvaged Treasures. She made Mr. and Mrs. forks. I think I need to order a few for myself with fun messages.

  31. Adorable. These are just the cutest. "We are in a jam." Tee hee.

  32. B.J what cute sayings with your jam spoons and other spoon quotes. Love them. That musical cup is awesome. My Granddaughter is musical and that is something that she would love.


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