Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Creating A Cozy Christmas

OOO, how I love CHRISTMAS....
it brings out the little girl in me
and I really have to keep a tight rein on myself
when it comes to decorating.

generally hosts a week long
but due to an injury, she has wisely cancelled it this year.

 Instead, she has chosen to host a
The subject matter can be anything about our Christmas that we'd like to post about
and, with such a busy time of the year, we are allowed
to pull posts from our archives.
WHEW...thank you for that, Katie !! 😍
 First, I would like to say that when I decorate for Christmas, 
it is ALWAYS
the whole Christmas Enchilada.... 

Christmas, to me, is my PAST and PRESENT....

My past Christmases  are all about my
Mama...Daddy...little brother...
real tree that my daddy had to WIRE branches on to fill bald spots...
icicle decorations that my mama would tell my little brother and I,
"Now, hang these ONE at a time on the branches" 
and as soon as she left the room,
of COURSE, we would take handfuls of the shiny, slippery foil icicles
and THROW them at the tree.....😍 so many memories that warm my heart each Christmas.
...and always memories of red...greens...Santas and snowmen.

OK, then....
on with my PRESENT Christmas!  

Mr. Sweet and I retired our 7 foot tree several years ago
when it became too much for us climbing the stairs to the attic
with a 7 foot long box.

 Our 4 ft tree sits on a table that belonged to my mom...
I just added the black and white cloth because....well....I love black and white. 😍

Yes...this tiny tree is loaded with things that mean the world to me...
things you can't buy in a store....

The white paper snowflakes I copied off the net and then cut them out
are a favorite decoration.

I have the cutest collection of CHRISTMAS mugs...
they are all from thrift stores.
When you see a bunch on the shelves at your favorite thrift store,
pick the cutest one in the bunch...
it doesn't take long until your collection will bring smiles every Christmas.

I've been baking cookies and stashing them in our freezer...

I love a great cookie. 

 These little ANGEL dolls were a favorite of Mr. Sweet...
when I would bring them out to put by the tree,
he would say, with a big grin, "ahhh, there's those girls."

  Trees and a whimsical Nativity Scene...
I love the cuteness of this little wooden structure...
The Reason for the Season can be fun and happy as well as 
making us feel PEACE at Christmas and all thru the year.

This is all displayed on THE SHELF THAT BILL BUILT...
♥ ♥ ♥
...a favorite Christmas pillow...

  I love my slim dining room tree that looks just like
a young tree in the forest with a light dusting of snow.... ♥ ♥ ♥
I am pretty much in love with this large Santa..

Dollar General...$30.00
I was impressed...

...his Christmas bag holds all kind fun things.

I love the jingle bells on his brown, no-nonsense bag....

My girl thought he was so cute that she bought one last night.
 ♥  ♥  ♥

 Have fun getting all your CHRISTMAS favorites unpacked
and ready to be displayed in your home and/or on your tree. 

...don't forget to visit these other bloggers...
they have worked so hard to have this 
be especially pretty just for YOU.

Sweet Nothings...that's me...and you are already here 😄



  1. DG always has pretty good holiday decor

  2. Hi BJ what darling decor. I adore the snowman tree.

    I made sure to give you a shout out (with a link) on my blog since you come before me in the hop.

    Have a wonderfully cozy day.

  3. Your home looks so cute and cozy, bj...just like YOU!

  4. Liking your cheer bj . . . all of it . . .
    I am into snowflakes this year too . . .

  5. Oh your home feels like CHRISTMAS:) I can almost smell those cookies. I remember when Mr. Sweet built that shelf, I was jealous of it! I know that you are smiling from ear to ear with all of your favorite things displayed. Have a SWEET day dear B.J. HUGS!

  6. It's all adorable, bj. That Santa is a winner. I think I need to bake up some cookies for the freezer. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing as a part of our Creating a Cozy Christmas Blog Hop. I'm thrilled you are a stop on our tour.

  7. Your Christmas memories & decorations are so lovely! I love your Christmas enthusiasm! I'm the same! It's kinda hard not to go overboard with all the pretties that are out there! :)

    This was such a fun post! God bless You & Merry Christmas! Net

  8. Such BEAUTY!!!I loooove Christmas too!What an inspiring post!Thanks for sharing!

  9. OH BJ...HOW Merry and Bright...just full of good cheer...I simply love your eye for color and whimsy!

  10. BJ, I so enjoyed this Christmas post. All your decorations are adorable. I still have some decorating to do outside but my inside is done. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. I don't do a lot of Christmas decorating anymore but I love looking at other people's! Yours are great!

  12. Love your Christmas decor! All so adorable! And you are right...there are decorations that we have that cannot be bought and have so much meaning! Love all of your black/white touches! Two of my favorite colors! :-) Hugs!

  13. So many cute and cozy Christmas decorations--your bench and pillows are my favorite! Happy to be joining you on the hop and hope you have a blessed Christmas season!

  14. Such a cute home with adorable decorations. Everything seems so fun and inviting. Merry Christmas!

  15. BJ, it's always cozy at your sweet home! Love seeing these special touches at Christmas and reading your memories of Christmas past. I smiled at the icles. Yes, we were instructed to add one at a time, and when Christmas was over, we were instructed to gently take them off one at a time and wrap them on a cardboard sleve so they could be used again and again. My mother wasted nothing!
    Sweet memories, indeed. I know Christmas without your Bill will be emotional, but that's OK, BJ. He is there with you in your heart, looking down with pride and joy. Sending hugs from Austin!

  16. bj- I love this post!! You are so gifted !! Your decorations are gorgeous!!!! I too remember the ice cycles. I would do the same. Throw them on, at least towards the end!!! Ha!
    Tom and I also downsized our tree. The big one was too much for us!!

    Your cookies look amazing!! (I’ll share my address if you’ll send me one !!!! Ha! Ha!


  17. Beautiful little Cozy Christmas post!
    I bet your house smells like Christmas!!!

  18. BJ, it's so happy and cheerful -- full of the Christmas spirit! You do have wonderful collections and know how to show them off to the best! Merry!

  19. bj everything looks so festive and pretty. The large Santa is a beauty. Like the ells on his sac and the goodies it's filled with too.

    I'm a huge cookie girl. I can't help myself. Good thing I exercise.


  20. Putting homemade cookies in the freezer for later... what self-control! Your Christmas decorating really pops with your black and white Buffalo Check. Love it!

  21. What fun to see your beautiful, cheery Christmas decor. So many memories! Happy, sweet memories. (Wonder if your mother, like mine, redecorated the tree after you were finished. ☺️)

  22. Your place looks jolly and cozy! So much fun. I love Christmas, too!

  23. Oh my goodness!
    Your home is exactly what Christmas looks like.
    I enjoyed visiting with you during this lovely Christmas Season!

  24. Your home is beautiful, so lovely for Christmas, BJ! I'm so glad I kept looking and just hit the HOME button to get onto your page. For some reason, the opening page says "This page cannot be found." Still. I'm going to make a note on my blog post about it and to tell folks to go to your home button instead and work backwards to find this post. <3

    I was reading further down, as I am wont to do, and saw about your husband's passing... I'm sorry. <3 So many lovely memories for you all. Love all the family photos! I'm glad you have your Girls to put out for Christmas. :)

    Happy Christmas to you and I am happy to be part of the Creating a Cozy Christmas blog tour with you. p.s. Pinned a ton of photos for you to various boards. <3

    Hugs and blessings to you and your family,
    Barb :)

  25. Such a delightful post, B.J.
    Enjoy your week.

  26. Oh goodness!! you did an amazing job decorating!!! I love EVERYTHING!!!!

  27. It all looks so festive at your home, BJ. I hope you have a wonderful time preparing for the Big Day. xo Deb

  28. Very nice Holiday decorations, dear Lady... Hope you and yours are well..

  29. Very nicely done BJ. I need to get my rear in gear and get decorating.

    God bless.

  30. Love all your decorations! Especially 'The Girls' and Santa!

  31. That sure is a pretty tree, my friend! Love it! Love this whole post and all the bright and festive pictures. I am sitting here laughing out loud remembering being told to put the icicles on "one by one, slowly!"....and when Mom turns away or leaves the room..........madly throwing big globs of tangled icicles on the tree====just like you!! ha ha LOl The older I get , the more I go back in my memories to "the good old days", I treasure those childhood times.

  32. I just loved looking at your beautiful Christmas! That tree is loaded with joy! Have a good Christmas!

  33. You have so many fun and happy Christmas decorations! I love your favorite Christmas pillow and skinny tree lightly dusted with snow. Everything looks so festive!

    I am happy to be hopping with you! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  34. Your home is looking wonderfully festive. The Christmas tree smiles brightly, which is how my husband describes what a Christmas tree should look like. I do admire that pillow....

  35. A beautiful Christmas post …

    All the best Jan


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