Saturday, April 28, 2018

The 2018 Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

I've mentioned that we (well, ok.) I live in the
beautiful pool house belonging to our son, DAVID and his wife, KATHY.
When Mr. Sweet and I sold our home of 40 years and moved into
this house now known as THE SUMMER HOUSE 5 years ago,
we had no idea how we would come to love it so.

Of course, the best part is being able to see our son and DIL on a daily basis...
plus lots of grandgirls, great grands and puppies.

An added blessing is our girl and her sweet family lives only 9 miles down the road....

(I so have a tendency  to get off the subject...
which is 


A beautiful fire pit....

...but much prettier with all these sweet feet around it...😍 bowls...
such a magical attraction and soooo much fun.

2 tiny people about to go down the magical slide....

hahhaa...she kept her little foot on the side of the slide
so she wasn't going too fast...

This is an amazing HOT TUB...

but again...I like it best when all these sweeties are in it...

What a delight to have THIS right outside my doors...

I will try to get some NIGHT shots of this pool
because it is FULL of beautiful lights..

When the lights are on...
the 3 waterfalls are in full speed ahead...
the fire bowls on ea side of the rock "mountain" are lit...
three little fountains with lights going...
a big fire in the fire pit...
it is INDEED,
A SIGHT TO BEHOLD. blows my mind that it is ALL by remote control....
I want to share with you the AMAZING
Out Door Kitchen on my next post...

We are so blessed to have this beautiful place....
I thank GOD every single day for the blessings HE sends to all of us.

I hope YOU are having a blessed day.....
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. OMG BJ, I love it all. The mermaids peeking from the waterfalls is so darn adorable. Looks like family fun time. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. It looks beautiful, almost like a resort. You are so lucky to be with family.

  3. Love it and I say it every time I love your children. What a cutie going down the slide. Having all this joy around you warms my heart 💟


  4. So beautiful -- something for everyone to enjoy! And what a great place for family to meet and cool off in the summer.

  5. Wow how beautiful. Love how big the spa tub is too. What a fun and relaxing way to spend those hot Texas days and nights. Enjoy. How nice to have the view of the pool right outside your door. Happy Saturday.

  6. This is an amazing pool and spa! WOW!! Yes I hope you don't sleep walk :) You are so lucky to live so close to some of your children and grands. I love living close to mine, now if we can just swing a pool...

  7. I am not a water person, but I might enjoy this beautiful area. It would give those movie stare's pool a run for their money. Looking forward to seeing the night version. Glad you are doing better.

  8. Absolutely beautiful BJ. I can hardly wait for you to share the night version with us all.

    God bless.

  9. That slide looks really awesome

  10. Wow---, that is full of awesomeness! The slide and waterfalls and all that come with it! It is just beautiful; can't wait to see the "after dark" pictures. It is so sweet your son and DIL invited you two to live in the Summer House. He just be an awesome son: it is wonderful to have your daughter near, too.
    Grandchildren and great-grands? Icing on the cake!!

  11. What a beautiful area and made especially 'sweet' by those who gather there. And I think your pronoun 'we' was correct because I think your dear Mr. Sweet is right there all the time smiling over your shoulder!! xxx J.

  12. Gorgeous! I know you enjoy looking out the window at that pretty pool! It is certainly a wonderful place to gather with loved ones and friends:) Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  13. Beautiful bj . . .
    What a treat to have that pool out your front door . . .
    The Best Grand Pool House Ever!

  14. That is absolutely breathtaking! I would love to have such a nice area outside my door. I am not a water person, but I do love a hot tub and how great this would be. Of course, my husband is an outdoors person that has never had anything really nice and so he doesn't understand the concept of looking good and being cleaned and well maintained.

  15. You have a little piece of heaven right here. Everything looks so nice. your own little resort. Now you need to name it. With a cute sign of course.

  16. B.J. thanks for sharing the photos of the new pool it is just beautiful. Your are one lucky lady to have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law. I will be looking forward to seeing the night photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. So darn pretty. Just like an expensive resort. LOVE the rock slide and fire pits. Are the palm trees real?

  18. It is splendid! Guess that you have no worries about when you’ll see the family. ☺️ ( I still say “we” all the time. )

  19. lovely and yes especially with those special people in your life enjoying it! I need that hot tub right now! :) Happy May to you dear bj!

  20. How wonderful to have this right outside your door and family so close by to enjoy.

    Have a great week dear BJ ~ FlowerLady

  21. What a pretty pool, BJ. You live in a resort!!

  22. Got my swimsuit packed and I'm on my way!! ha ha ha LOl It is a beautiful pool and I love it! My favorite thing is the pretty waterfall! Does it run all the time, or just when the pool is in use? Because the sound of a water fountain/water feature is so so so calming and relaxing and peaceful.....I would enjoy that on at all times! such a pretty pretty pool and a very pretty place to live!

  23. What a view you have! It's so nice you can be right there - part of the fun - and have time with your dear ones in such a beautiful place.

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