Monday, July 31, 2017

Lots of cleaning going on.....

Staying as busy as I can helps so much.

We are about to have the whole interior of the house painted
and I am excited about it.

Taking things off walls...
moving furniture to center of room and covering...
taking a million trillion books out of 2 bookcases...

Not sure when the painters will start...
but I AM sure that I'll spend a week with Stacy at her lake house...
when we come back,
I am going to FALL IN LUV with new creamy white walls.
In the meantime, I've stayed busy cleaning and rearranging my pantrys
(yep...I have 2)

 This is the smaller pantry that pulls out and I sure like it....a LOT

 This is the larger one and I try hard to keep it straight
so I can see what's hiding in the back.
The two lazy susans are great .....

I've used this little wicker holder for years for my small envelopes of mixes, popcorn and etc....

pretty sure it's supposed to hold letters and bills....

...all the baskets are clean and most of them are holding...
Boy, it feels good to get rid of old receipts and all other things 
I will never need.

Our bookshelves are straight and nice now...

of course, when the painting starts, I'll be moving them all out.

I am taking photos of things I want to remember so I can put them back in their place.

I've cleaned the fridge,
freezing what could be frozen ....
the next thing is

Staying as busy as I can has helped my grieving...
I'm trying to think of what to do with the rest of my days
without Mr. Sweet.
I still can't even imagine life without him but I 
KNOW life goes on.

I am so thankful for our large and loving family...

I am thankful for so many things,
just as YOU are...

We are blessed to have a new little baby 
great-grandson, HUDSON

and even blessed that
Mr. Sweet was able to meet the baby boy.

Hope you have a great day.....

 How lucky I am to have had something that made saying goodbye so hard.

Love, bj


  1. BJ staying busy does help. It will be on August 7, five years since my husbands passing. With the help of my children I have managed to get along. I still miss him because we did everything together. I know you are a strong lady and with the help of our heavenly father and your children you will do ok. My prayers are still with you and your children. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Organization is a great way to "move on". I have been thinking of you and praying for you this summer. Keep being busy and enjoy some "family time". xoxoxo

  3. Yes ... I think the same way. I, too, "was so lucky to have had something in my life that made saying goodbye so hard." A baseball pal of mine who passed away last year said of his late wife, " I was so lucky. Yes, I'm sad, but how many can say they married their soul mate?" Yes ... we are lucky. Staying busy will help and you are doing "good" busy! Lovely new walls coming soon! Loved seeing your books and pantry. Wishing you well.....

  4. BJ! Good to see you again. Keeping yourself as busy as you can helps you get over it. It's been a hard time that you've had and I hope you feel a little better than you have done of late. Glad to see you again!

  5. I'm so pleased to know you are already picking up and moving along dear bj - it's hard I'm sure but you are managing it all so well and Mr. Sweet is proud of you I'm certain.
    Hope your re-decorating project goes smoothly - nice you can go away for a change of scenery and leave the messy bits for someone else. Your family is wonderful and welcome to that new baby boy - he doesn't know yet just how fortunate he is!

    Take care my dear, and please continue your blog - I think it will be good for you, and definitely will be for us your readers.
    Hugs - Mary

  6. Thinking of you my friend. It's hard to move on but you are doing a good job keeping busy. Hugs!

  7. Keep busy Girlfriend and when you are ALL finished, come help me:) I know that your heart is full of love for Mr. Sweet and he will stay there until you meet again inside that gate! I love you and pray for you to smile as often as you can, you are an inspiration to us all! Enjoy your sweet family, as I know they are taking really good care of you! Sending HUGS and continued prayers your way!

  8. I'm thinking of you too, BJ. I can't even imagine what it's like to walk in your shoes right now but I can see that you are trying to embrace life. So glad you live there with your family.

  9. BJ, sometimes life just sucks and it's OK to not do anything. Sending love your way today and tomorrow.

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  11. Glad you and your family are doing ok. It will just take time to adjust to not having Mr. Sweet around. But he will live in all of your hearts forever. Staying busy will help and having a loving family is the best. Take care and let us know how you are. We are still praying for all of you.

  12. I'm still thinking of you, and praying for your transition time. It seems you are on the right track ---- time and family. Take care, Sally

  13. I've been thinking of you every day, and I was glad to see your name pop up on my sidebar just now. Keeping busy, Keeping on---Keepin' on Keepin' on---those are our words for taking one day at a time, and we persevere.

    When my children's Dad passed away these many years ago, we had just begun building our first house, so I went on with that, slowly across the Spring and Summer and Fall, and we moved in on Christmas Eve. It just felt righter, somehow, to have a whole fresh holiday for the children that first Christmas. Being in all fresh rooms, whether the same rooms of our lives, all freshened and arranged, or in a whole new house---those are some of the ways that we, especially we women, have coped and persevered and prevailed when the losses were heaviest.

    I love you most for your Sweet Spirit, and second for your Strength. You've been my Hero for a while, now, and I hope you can feel the lift of all these prayers and wishes, from all over the world.


  14. Been thinking of you! Staying busy does help. I know it will feel good to get a bit of a fresh start with new paint and a bit of organization. And a bit of relaxation at the lake sounds good too.

  15. I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I'm so glad that you have your family surrounding you. Your blogger family loves you too and I know so many of us are praying for you as you walk through this very hard season.

  16. I'm so glad to hear from you again, my friend. I pray for you much through these days. Cleaning and sorting and organizing is a good thing. And I hope you have a wonderful time at the lake. Time away is a good thing - especially when your home is being repainted.

  17. Keeping your hands and mind busy helps you to subconsciously process a lot of grief. I have been thinking about you and praying for you. You have a wonderful family and now a dear little great grandson to cuddle. Your projects sound ambitious and will give a fresh look to your home. Be well, BJ.

  18. You are in my prayers, BJ. I wish I could say I've accomplished as much as you since Mike died. I am keeping busy, but not in the cleaning mode.
    And yes, we were lucky to have good husbands.

  19. Sending love from me to you. You're doing great.♥♥♥

  20. Dear BJ, Yes, you had a beautiful love in your life with your Mr. Sweet. Some people never have that. You must know, you were loved so dearly by your husband. Your family and friends love you too. I want to send hugs to you.
    Keeping busy is good. You'll be amazed at the cleaning that takes place during grieving. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  21. Been thinking about you BJ. Prayed for and your precious family . Looks like you are staying very busy . I need your organizational skills at my house . A fresh coat of paint always helps my feelings ❤️ Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  22. WOW...those are some good looking and organized shelves! I learned that trick about taking pics of where to put things back's a good one!. How nice it will be to come home to those freshly painted rooms...and the smell. Do you like the smell or am I the only crazy one? Enjoy your time with your family at the lake! Hugs & prayers!

  23. So glad you have your sweet and large family around you as you endured the hardest goodbye. Glad Bill got to meet your little Hudson before his passing. That is such a blessing. You are getting so organized and it is looking so great. Having the walls painted will make everything feel fresh and new. Enjoy being at the Lakehouse sounds wonderful. Keeping you in my prayers as you continue to grieve.

  24. Sending prayers and hugs for you and your family, BJ. What a blessing to have a new great-grandchild and the joy that he brings!

  25. You have been on my mind so much and I am praying that things get easier for you. Yes, stay busy that is the key. I know you miss Bill like crazy, but you had so many wonderful years with him. He will always be by your side.

    Getting your home all painted fresh and de cluttering will help. Staying out by the Lake house sounds wonderful and all your wonderful family and friends. So glad that Bill got to meet Hudson.

    Take care of yourself sweet lady.


  26. BJ, your last sentence says it all! I'm been thinking about you and praying you have peace. I'm excited you have painters coming and a trip planned--staying busy must be helpful now. Take care of yourself. ♥

  27. I've thought a lot about you BJ and I'm happy to see you on your blog today. We all have our ways of grieving and you have found something that helps. I'm glad that you have a loving and supportive family...the most important support group of all!
    hugs to you Sweet BJ.


  28. That's exactly what I would be doing, "Staying Busy"! Change and cleaning out will do some good. Somehow we are wired to tolerate pain and go on. You got this BJ. It's going to all be OK in time. Cant wait to see what you do with your place.
    love and hugs!

  29. It was heartwarming to see your post today! You amaze me and I know your faith and love of your family and friends has kept you going. Bravo darling...I look forward to seeing a fresh new look for you! Sending warm hugs!

  30. It has to be so hard losing your Mr Sweet and i think you have the right idea of staying busy while you decide what you want to do. You are blessed to have your family and you were blessed with a wonderful husband. Blessings.........

  31. Much love to you! ❤️❤️❤️

  32. I know it must be so hard with out your sweet Mr. Sweet. Sending you hugs.

  33. Trusting in the Lord's promises; keeping busy and burying my nose in a novel when I need a break gets me through the low times.
    Creamy white will be a new direction for you. Can't wait to see what you create and arrange to go with it.
    Have a great time at the lake house. I know how much you enjoy going there.
    Prayers continue for your strength and peace.

  34. Such a brilliant idea to photograph everything so you can remember where it all went! Keeping you in my prayers...

  35. Well look at you . . .
    Busy as a Bee, like always . . .
    And "good for you!"
    I am sure the memories have been flowing
    as you have forged ahead, getting the house ready
    for a full sweep of new paint.
    How does one go on, i am sure, is close to your heart . . .
    Sounds like you are doing just that, carrying on.
    May God Bless You in these next days, weeks . . .
    My caring and prayers.

  36. Dear Jean, you are still in my prayers. I am glad you have such a sweet, loving family. I am sure you will enjoy your time with Stacey, and the new color on the walls! Sending hugs and blessings. xoxox

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  38. BJ - Just wanted you to know that you are loved and in my prayers. Thank you for this update. You are so wise to keep moving and to enjoy your many blessings that you have in your big family. Thinking of you often from South Carolina.

  39. I am continuing my prayers for all of you. Keeping busy does help.

    God bless.

  40. Wishing you the best, dear Lady... Stacey

  41. Keeping busy does seem to be the best thing for most of us. We had a coworker a long time ago had his son die in a tragic accident, and he was back to work almost instantly afterward. It shocked us all, but he said he had to be doing something and be around people.

    I hope you and your family are doing well after such a big loss.

  42. I have been so tied up with reading my review books, then posting those reviews, I haven't had time to visit other blogs.
    I just read where Mr. Sweet has passed away. I am so sorry. I believe you are doing the right thing by staying busy.
    Your house will be beautiful again after all the painting is done. God Bless!

  43. My dear, BJ...I hope you know you are my hero and example of how to try to deal with extreme grief. I want to cry but also cheer that you are being so positive and busy. Everyone does something different to get through grief, but I so want to move forward if this happens to me.

    Your cabinets and cupboards look fantastic. Can't wait to see the freshly painted rooms. Enjoy your time at the lake.

    Jane x

  44. Take one day at a time, bj.

    Hugs - and I am saying lots of prayers for you. ♥

  45. I've been thinking of you lots dearest BJ. This made me smile, the thought of you keeping yourself busy. I am currently in the UK as my Grandmother has recently died. All I can say is I know how busy you will have been. Death brings so much to organise, there is so much to do. Bless you, you will have been flat out, we have been. The fact that you have also organised to have the house painted, the pantry sorted and the fridge cleaned just shows how completely awesome you are. Here's a massive BIG extra Hug from me.

  46. I was worried that you hadn't posted. Selfishly wanted you to...I have no doubt that you will find ways to fill your days. With such a large family, so much creativity, somuch love of life. And I'm sure the grieving will be a part of your days for a long time, but I'm also sure that it will not define you and that you will find joy in the small things in life as you always have! The bits of your place you showed today sure look clean and neat - can you help my mother do the same? (: I worry about her every time I visit and think to myself that I would have to live next door to her to ever help her get a handle on the mess!!

  47. Oh bj, that last line is oh so true, my friend!! You know that I have tears in my eyes as I write this, but I'm so glad that you're staying busy. That is the best way of keeping on going. Enjoy your time at the lake house and then seeing those creamy white walls. Prayers continue for you....xx

  48. Hang in my friend as it will get better. It takes awhile, but as I have said TIME is a blessing.

  49. Those creamy white walls are gonna be terrific! and time at the lake house. and continued prayers for you and yours, dear BJ.

  50. Wow! You really have been busy, BJ. And you have accomplished so much organizing everything from food to books. Looking forward to seeing those freshly painted walls. Time at the Lakehouse sounds perfect...a getaway from the smell of paint and time with family. Many thoughts of you and always a prayer as these are challenging days. I can pretend Mr. Sweet is there puttering on some project or other, though you can not. Much love...

  51. You have been a busy girl, bj. I do the same thing---keep myself busy so I don't have to think. It really helps me...even if it does mean postponing dealing with grief sometimes. I think everybody grieves differently and, for me, that means I stay busy.

    I am so sorry because I know how much you are missing Bill...and yet, you were lucky to have a man that was so loved and loving in your life. Some people never have that experience.

    Much love to you in the upcoming days and weeks. Day by day, my friend, just day by day---xo Diana

  52. Love to you BJ. You're going to be so happy with what you're doing to fix things up when they're done. Still praying for you. Hug, Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  53. Oh you've been in my thoughts! You continue to keep busy and reporting back on the changes. Love hearing from you! Jackie xxx

  54. Sometimes just neatening up the shelves makes a world of difference! And I love those baskets in your pantry, BJ. A really nice look.

    I've been thinking about you a lot and hope each day is a little easier. It will be a long while before they all are but I know you are wrapped in love by so many. What a gift!

  55. Oh, blessings and love to you . . . Everything will look so pretty and spruced up. What a great idea for the letter holder. I love to see how people organize. And good to take pictures so you can remember how things were arranged. Hope you have a restful time at the lake. xo Deborah

  56. I am glad to see that you are staying busy and finding ways to move about daily life without him. I am sure that life is not easy but you will make it with the love of family and friends.

  57. I have kept you in my prayers. Having a loving family for support means so much. That baby is too precious.

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