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Cozy at Christmas Holiday Blog Tour

 Hi, everyone...
 Here we are...
right in the middle of 
♥ ♥ ♥

is hosting this fun
link party 
and we hope you will visit all the
blogs joining in on the holiday fun...

  My turn happened to fall on
DEC. 7TH...
If you would join me in a prayer
for that infamous day in history,
I would so appreciate it. 

MY  Holiday post is about
and a few of my

 I bought 2 little flocked and lighted trees this year
and I am so so happy with them...

(I have since added my favorite Christmas pillow...)
I will tweak EVERYthing between now and Christmas over and over...

I just LOVE these trees...

No ornaments needed or wanted on these precious trees... 

They remind me of a forest of pine trees, covered in fresh fallen snow...
just perfect for the
Christmas Season.

and....a perfect price...

Two 3.5 foot flocked and lighted, in a small urn, for $30.00..


BIG LOTS... very favorite
Jingle Bell Wreath...with a warm and friendly WELCOME sign attached...
I found this at a local
 ♪♫ GOODWILL ♪♪♫
store last year and I just wondered and wondered why anyone
wouldn't want to keep it... 

 If next year I decide to copy POTTERY BARN,
I can remove the WELCOME sign and spray all those little
bells silver...
for this year, I am loving the red and white....
and THE PRICE ! 

This Santa was given  to me last year by a very good friend...

and THIS one is my all-time favorite Santa in the history of EVER.

I've had him so long, I can't remember just where I bought him.

He is sooo serious...
and loved...

I've always loved POTTERY BARN'S classic
Their large one is $199.00
which is TOTALLY out of our budget.

I made my own large one...
and one for my girl, Stacy...
using thrifted Christmas balls.
O..and some I did purchase at Hobby Lobby's 50% off sale.

PB used more reds than I had...

maybe I can find more reds after Christmas on sale.

I love the traditional Christmas decorations...
like my mama always used.

Every Christmas when I walk thru my house with all the Christmas lights glowing,
with the reds and greens and whites and golds..
with Santas everywhere...
it transports me right back into my mom's living room.
It's such a good feeling.

My little snow people are some of my favorite things...
I've used them for the last 2 years on our mantel
and am using them again.

 I looked hi and lo for a vintage Santa boot and finally
found one last year...

This is Miss Sassy Britches and I found her in a box of assorted junk
at a garage sale...
I cleaned her up...
added a couple of vintage pins and she got so sassy, I could hardly live with her.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

I love these little snow people dressed in my choice of colors....

Carol at Art and Sand
sent this adorable JOY stocking and red ticking bag
to me last Christmas...
it is one of my favorite things....
"Thanks again, Carol" xoxo

Isn't this fruit and cheese board just amazing.......

it's from Stone Gable Blog

I am going to try making one for Stacy's Christmas party.

wish me luck because all my friends know I am not talented ...but surely....
SURELY I can do this......

I'll tell you how it turned out...

It is called

Here's the much smaller one I made for Stacy's party...
Everyone sure enjoyed it...who doesn't love fruit and cheese.?
I THINK someone snitched some of the goodies before I took this photo..
♥ ♥ ♥
The fun party of this one is that I used a ceramic cheese board... 
for Stacy to keep..

I hope you have the time to visit others on this amazing


  1. BJ, in all my days I have never seen a happier, cozier, more welcoming Christmas home! Everything you have done is absolutely precious! You make me smile every time I come visit, and I just love you to pieces! Wishing you and your darling family the most wonderful Christmas ever!!! xoxoxo, Andrea

  2. BJ, I always get so caught up in enjoying the subjects of your blog posts that I forget to compliment you on your artistic talent in creating them. It inspires me to step mine up a little. Time will tell.

  3. Beautiful Christmas decorations, BJ and your cheese board tree turned out great! Very festive!

  4. So much fun! The music, the reindeer skating through, your cheerful colors all work to create a joyful atmosphere. Love those flocked entire world looks like that this morning.

  5. Spectacular BJ! Oh I love it all! Everything is a feast for the eyes! You are just magical my darling! Merry Christmas indeed!

  6. Betty Jean, I'm a born and raised Dallas girl, too. Are you still here? I've never lived anywhere else. Your home is lovely and I love your snow people. So cute and it's fun to collect things like that. Thanks for sharing at Cozy at Christmas.

  7. There is so much to love here, I can't even begin! But I'll try! First, fabulous photos of everything. I like your version of the PBS wreath a little better -- you can see a bit more of the greenery. And I also like your Goodwill find better, too! That red sets off those bells! I love your Santa collection. I collect them too and I am always amazed at the wonderful diversity of such a classic figure! My snowpeople don't come out till after Christmas so it's fun to see yours.

    And most of all, the smiles -- I loved the smiles it brought to me this early morning. Thank you and Merry merry!

  8. I sure love coming here to visit early in the day. It sets the tone for the whole day for me. I am smiling as I leave your blog with all its cheerful wonderful Christmas spirit. Okay- that white santa has WON MY HEART! I have always had all the traditional red & green Christmas but the last couple of years I have ended up with a BLUE Christmas theme. While I love it--I do miss my red and green. xo Diana

  9. So very pretty and such a smart lady. I love the trees without ornaments and your wreath is much better than pottery barn because the red isn't overdone. Beautiful, enjoyed your tour.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  10. Hi bj, what a treat to visit you and your Christmas home. I love your Santa's and Snowpeople. Love your snowy trees and without the ornaments is perfect. Your wreath is prettier then PB and love your jingle bell wreath find. The red and white is beautiful. PB's got nothing on your takes of these treasures. Your mantel is beautiful with the black and white checks and sweet Santa's. Miss Sassy Britches is a show stopper. I love her in all white. WOW what a treasure!
    Love how your "O Christmas tree"" turned out! Adding the cheese board was a great touch.
    Such a fun visit here this morning and my first stop of the day. You have really put me in the Christmas spirit.

    Thanks for sharing. Sure enjoyed your tour. Merry Christmas!! xo

  11. I just knew that your home tour would put a big smile on my face this morning, bj!! You always have such a fun, whimsical, cheery way of decorating. Your mantle looks perfect and your thrifted finds are the best. I think your wreath is prettier than Pottery Barn's and they should be taking a good look at hiring you!!! Your cheese and fruit tree is adorable and perc ct on the plate for your girl. Thanks for sharing your happy holiday home with us.
    p.s. Your girls in your previous post are just darling! xo

  12. What a precious stop on our tour. Your home is just too adorable. I love your collections of Santas and Snowpeople. I love all of your frugal finds and Pottery Barn look a likes. Amazing.

  13. I love your unique decorations and thrifty prices! Love the black and white with touches of red! Merry Christmas!

  14. Oh my . . .
    So many pretties!
    That Santa is as charming as can be . . ,
    I think he flirted with me just a bit . . .
    And your wreath . . I liked it better than the PB . . .

  15. BJ, I love all your wonderful decorations. Oh I know we can make wreaths cheaper than the stores. LOL. I bought one on sale at H_L and have used it for years...this year I can not find it...yikes. I love the fruit and cheese plate. I am going to make one of those for my daughter's Christmas gathering. So cute. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  16. BJ thank you so very much for the reminding us of the significance of this day. I absolutely adore your home. What a fabulous collection of treasures. That tree in the urn was a fabulous find!

  17. Oh bj, I knew your home would be so cozy and festive and it really is. I love the red plaids and black and silver. Your copycat jingle bell wreath and the PB copycat wreath are stunning. (Love that you thrifted the stuff). ALso love your little snow people and flocked trees. Everything looks amazing!

  18. Oh I just cant get enough of your lovelys. I have a small collection of old Santas. I pick them up at thrift stores here and there when I see one. This year I didnt but but a couple of them out. Loved your tour. Now excuse me while I run off to Big Lots!

  19. Oh 🎅 What a Most Wonderful time of the year !!! ☃ I just love your Winter ❄️ Wonderland !!! Merry 🌲 Christmas!!!!

  20. Hi BJ!
    First, I want to thank you for observing the anniversary of Pearl Harbor! I do remember all those lost on that fateful day and the ones that continued to serve. All of my uncles served in WWII and, thankfully, they all came home.

    Now, that older Santa is absolutely beautiful!! I so love Santas! Your snow people are darling too and I love all the great treasures you've found. The wreath of red & white bells is perfect! I hope you don't paint them ~ :) The trees are so beautiful and I decor needed. I think I should make a run to Big Lots!

    Thanks for sharing my friend! Looks very festive and Christmasy at your house ~


  21. Everything looks so festive and lovely, BJ. I love it all. I have a small tree in our foyer, also from Big Lots. It isn't flocked, but I have been on the hunt for some flocked picks to add to it.

    Your cheese board looks great, and I love the idea of placing it on a board she could keep.

  22. How wonderful everything looks. I love Miss Sassy Britches. And your jingle bell wreath - I think it's perfect in red and white. I enjoyed your tour! Merry Christmas, BJ!

  23. BJ I love all your Christmas decorations. I really enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. BJ I am just loving all of your Christmas and especially that wonderful SANTA! I love SANTA! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Hi BJ!

    Love love all your pretty decorations! especially those snowpeople!! Where did you find them? Your fruit and cheese board came out awesome! xo

  26. Hi BJ!

    Love love all your pretty decorations! especially those snowpeople!! Where did you find them? Your fruit and cheese board came out awesome! xo

    1. Dear pink roses and are a NO REPLY emailer and no blog so I hope you come back and read this...I thank you for your darling comment...I bought the snow people at Hobby Lobby several yrs ago...that fruit and cheese board was so easy and made a big statement at the party. :) Thanks again for stopping by...please let me have an email address so I can say thanks for your visits...xoxo

  27. Oh BJ, I love all your decorations. Your snowmen are to die for and I just love them. I used to do just a snowman tree, but I only do two now, to much work for this old gal.

    Your cheese and fruit tree looks wonderful.

    Happy Holiday and I will be posting my Christmas decorations this week.


  28. I am a bargain hunter too, so I just love your knock offs and great deals!! The price for the flocked trees is amazing!! I need to get to Big Lots!

  29. You can just feel the warmth and love and care you put into every, single thing you do! Your home is just amazing and so beautiful...oh, it just makes me want to look at the pictures again and again. You are such a dear blessing to this blogging community! Sending you much love and gratitude, sweet friend. :)

  30. BJ, your home is always warm, welcoming, and cozy. Like you, I love the traditional colors of Christmas. Of course your little snowpeople and Santas that are dress in our favorite black and white thrill me. Wonderful tour. Thanks and happy holidays, sweet friend!

  31. I love everything! And those trees are amazing! Love the big Santa too! Holiday hugs!

  32. BJ I love your flocked snow and your soulful spirited Santa's. Your Christmas tour confirms my belief that your home welcomes your guests and makes them feel welcome. Lovely tour, lovely Christmas décor.

  33. Everything is so "cute" and I think you can tell by my post that I prefer cute at Christmas.

    All of your santas, the snowmen and those bells are adorable.

    When I came to the little stocking and bag I did a double take and then remembered them. Thanks for the shout out and thank you for connecting me with Katie because I enjoyed participating in the blog tour so much.

    Happy Christmas

  34. Pottery Barn is getting away with murder

  35. BJ, I love your house in every season. I love the beauty and the sweet lessons you share.

    My husband and I are beginning to think of retirement...well he is looking at it 5 years from now. I'd love it if you'd regularly share money saving ideas because you are so good at it!!

  36. bj, it's all just so much fun! I love the red, white, and pops of black. So you, my cute friend! The two trees are perfect. Your gift from Carol is certainly precious and your fruit and cheese tree turned out fabulous!!

  37. BJ, love, love, love! The pillow and the jingle bell wreath are my favorites! And, I adore the pops of black here and there! So pretty! Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  38. Such a DELIGHTFUL tour of your precious home, BJ!! I love, love, love all your plaids combined with your classic black & white. Just perfect and sooooo YOU! I hope you never paint that red & white bell wreath. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself & your pretty home with us.

  39. OMG on the pottery barn price. Ack. Love that frosted tree and all the stuff here is just so darn cute. About to pop in the shower, came by to tell you that I reopened my blog. I'll be back during the weekend because I'd like to click on those links you added. Happy Christmas, my friend. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  40. I so enjoyed your Christmas tour and all of the pretty decorations!
    Merry Christmas,

  41. I love your flocked trees too! I got one this year at Walmart, don't the lights just glow on them?! I have loved seeing how you decorate for so many years, it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit ;) Someone must have donated that jingle bell wreath by accident, I can't imagine getting rid of it. I love all your black and white and red, and the joyful, pretty way you make every season so beautiful. :)


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