Saturday, December 10, 2016

23 and counting...

I just hung 23 Christmas stockings...

I put bells and embellishments on the store-bought stockings...

 and as you are well aware of,
having 23 stockings to hang for Christmas Eve  equals

Our stockings are all different patterns...
different colors...
that have been collected since OUR two children,
were born...

My mother made each of our children a stocking of RED....

This one with Santa is DAVID'S...

This one with the beautiful white Christmas tree is STACY'S.

My mama sewed little gold crosses and etc on ea stocking...

Then, one year, after my adorable mama passed,
Stacy asked if I would make her 4 kids stockings of 
RED velveteen, like her Grandmother made for her and her brother.

I said, " I will try very very hard to do it, Stacy...
but your Grandmother was such a great seamstress...
and I barely know how to turn her vintage Singer sewing machine ON.."
"but, I will try."

I didn't know how to put names on each one like my mom did
 but Stacy had their names
 done at a local shop.

Putting the fur on was a messy job...
it was all over the sewing room...
but it really made the stockings look festive and pretty.

I cut patterns out of a Christmas coloring book and added sequins
and sparkles and lots and lots of love.

Our sweet Deeds....
"are you looking for Santa to come down that chimney.."
If he does, he is going to get the HOT

I ended up making ones to match for STACY and JENT...
and they all turned out pretty nice and I was so surprised.
I lined them just like my mama did...
and I talked to her a lot, asking for guidance on making them....
I do believe she guided my hands because, actually,
I don't really know how to sew....

I have many more stockings to make in the future....
by the time I finished making the 6 stockings,
son's kiddos had stockings their mama had bought ...
beautiful stockings, all matching, with their names on them.
I still would love to make them all one...
I love all our grandchildren so so much and I would
love making them something that they would have to
remember me by.

and at least one more to make or buy
 for another little GREAT-GRAND
that is due sometime in the summertime...
our large family is growing !


  1. BJ ..This is a wonderful post. How heart-warming to know that these stockings will be treasured every Christmas by so many loved-ones. You did a fabulous job on them as every one is so cheerful and personal.! Your family really is growing. I have 12 to hang this year (including one for the cats and our grand-dog). I just embellished two new ones for our latest grands this year. :) Enjoy your Christmas preparations. hugs, Deb

  2. Wow you did a really good job!!! I like how they are all different and each has a story behind them. Keep it going! I know your excited too about the new addition coming in spring. I have a little niece due to arrive in March.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Lovely story, and you did an awesome job on those stockings you made. I think you should take up sewing.

    God bless.

  4. 23? I am SUCH a slacker! I love the story, each sock's uniqueness. Lots of work there but made up with great love. What a gathering you will have! And another to come!

  5. BJ, I love all the pretty stockings. You did a fabulous job. I have four red velvet stocking hanging that were my daughter's first. I made them from an old Christmas dress. I keep them for the memories. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. I could just give you a big old WHUMP! You NEVER give yourself enough credit for what you do! Those are GORGEOUS and the fact that you are a non-sewer and made them look like that is amazing, bj. What a fun thing for your kids/grands to have to 'remember you' by someday. It's amazing that when you get to be this age you start to think like that, isn't it? I am trying to create lots of 'memory fodder' for my grands, too. xo Diana

  7. What a beautiful family tradition! Something for each child/grandchild to treasure!

  8. They are all so beautiful! We are truly blessed my friend. Holiday hugs!

  9. These are some beautiful Christmas Stocking. You are truly blessed. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  10. You never get too old to learn. You always manage to do a super job on anything you do. Wish I had the sense to do all you do on your blog. Stay warm and have a good week.

  11. I'm with Diana ~ we both would give you a big old WHUMP! :) Seriously, the stockings are beautiful and a definite treasure for each of them. You are so blessed!


  12. Well just look what you two started! Twenty-three blessings indeed and beautiful growing doth make the heart swell (in the best possible way). Blessings to you all...

  13. Oh wow. That's a lot of stockings and love. Your Blessed! Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  14. Dear BJ! I know your heart is made of pure gold! This is one of the sweetest things in the know that you put so much love into these, and they are truly beautiful! And, your dear Mama! She was smiling down on you while you worked, carrying on a precious tradition that she started. Your family is so blessed to have you in their lives...and we are so blessed to have you here in blog land. You are a dear encouragement to us all!

  15. Wow! That's a lot of stockings and they're all so beautiful. Enjoy this Christmas season, BJ!...Christine

  16. Bj,
    The stockings are very pretty!! We gave up doing stocking once the boys graduated from High school, they rathered money!! LOL!!Thanks for stopping by!!

  17. Those stockings are so colourful and festive. I'll bet the kids all love them. I wouldn't even attempt to make them.


  18. You did an outstanding job on the stockings. I only have 5 stockings and since I don't have a fireplace I hang them on the door.


  19. Wonderful bj . . .
    Sweet tradition . . .
    Stockings hung by the chimney with care . . . x 23 . . .

  20. What a delightful display, representing the deep & abiding love in your family, BJ!
    I've never had a stocking...growing up with 8 kids in the family, there was barely enough money for 2 or 3 gifts/child, let alone filling stockings.
    However, each of my GRANDCHILDREN have very special stockings hanging at their home. I should try to capture a photo!
    Thanks for sharing all of yours.

  21. What a treasure!!! My Momma made all of our stockings, too! Such a beautiful gift - even better than all the goodies "Santa" stuffs inside!

    Blessings & Merry Christmas to you!!! :) Net

  22. Wowzers! 23 stockings. What blessings indeed, with another one on the way!!

  23. Wow - are you ever blessed! and another on its way - lucky you! Enjoy this holiday season - your home looks so festive with all these stockings!

  24. That's a lot of stockings! All beautiful and what a sweet feeling it must give you to see them all and know the legacy of love they represent!

  25. 23 stockings!! what a wonderful blessing! We have 7, but we haven't got grandchildren yet. Looking forward to that!

  26. "I lined them just like my mama did...
    and I talked to her a lot, asking for guidance on making them....
    I do believe she guided my hands because, actually,
    I don't really know how to sew...."

    I believe in this kind of thing. My Mamam (gram), is not with
    me anymore in the kitchen but yet, she very much is.

    Happy Christmas, those stocking looks fantastic!


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