Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Here I go again...

Every now and then,
it seems I have to ACT like I am crafty....
when actually, there's not a crafty bone in this olden body.

But, my mama was sooo crafty that I think I am BOUND to have a little bit of it, too.
She was a fabulous QUILT MAKER...
You can barely see that beauty hanging back there behind this
huge bouquet of flowers...
trust is beautiful

She could make quilts that ended up being

She made all her quilt tops and had a church group do the quilting..

Mom made this beautiful
quilt for our daughter, STACY.

Mom stored it in a box beneath the bed, planning to give it to Stac when she married...

Mother had heart trouble and died before Stacy and Jent married.

At her wedding shower, I presented Stacy with her quilt.
Needless to say, not a dry eye in the house...

and just writing about it has me squalling so hard, I can't see my screen....but that's how it is when someone is loved so much.....

 I've made a few quilts and most of mine are SIMPLE..
simple 9 Patch, which actually is one of my favorite quilt patterns.
The one above is my fave of the ones I've made.

 I learned that when you are doing a simple pattern,
your choice of fabrics come into play...

fabrics can make or break a quilt, I think

 For THIS quilt, I knew I wanted
DEBBIE MUMM fabrics as hers are so bright, cheerful and FUN old fashioned comfort

I made the above one for Stacy's birthday one year...
I love the pattern but not crazy about how all the purple came about..

I want to make her another....
a FUN quilt that will make her smile every time she looks at it..
I've always loved quilts...
and even have used them on my dining table...

Using a quilt and some vintage dishes really gives you

....and I just bought some more cuteness
to make another quilt...

...haven't decided on size of squares and etc but am thinking 6"......

adding lots of white....


noun: whimsy; noun: whimsey
playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.

"the quilt is of many colors and fun fabrics"


...and I laughed out loud when I found these adorable, colorful OWLS...


  1. Quilts are such treasures. Wonderful that you have that wedding ring quilt. My grandmother made/gave me several that I will cherish always!

  2. Beautiful quilts. I have a few passed down. I have made one myself all by hand. You can search "quilt of memories" on my blog.
    I love how the quilts adorn the table. Just makes it warm and cozy.

  3. Your momma's quilts are gorgeous . . .
    and yours are beautiful as well . . .
    And the new whimsical quilt sounds like you!
    I love your colors and patterns.
    And look forward to its grand shining!

  4. Showing . . .
    Shining sounds good too!

  5. Oh yes, these are all gorgeous! There's nothing like quilt to create a warm, homey atmosphere. You did your mama proud, bj :)

  6. Your mama's quilts are beautiful, and so are yours. It's so much fun to play with fabrics - the choosing is one of the best parts!

  7. I'm anxiously awaiting this new quilt. You have a great ability to put happy fabrics together. Get busy!!!! Sally

  8. Hello bj, I am sorry this comment is so late. We are visiting our son and his family about a 6 hour drive from our home and he is moving into a new home with our help. There has been no time for my computer. It is a lovely and I am taking pictures.
    Happy Blue Monday.
    Love, Jeanne

  9. I forgot to tell you how beautiful the quilt is and how wonderful that your mom made it for Stacy. Giving it to her at her shower makes this a very special gift.

    Falling asleep after moving for 3 days for our son. Have a wonderful week.
    Love, Jeanne

  10. You claim to not be crafty but how impressed I am you are a quilter. Lovely photo essay, lovely quilts.

  11. You are beyond crafty--you are an artist with fabric and so was your Mom. Handmade quilts handed down through the family are amazing heirlooms. Your Mom's wedding ring quilt gifted to your daughter is beautiful. I've never made a quilt, but my grandma was an avid quilter. I have a wedding ring quilt that I believe may have been made for her and my grandpa's wedding. It is very old, and very delicate. I also have a baby crib quilt that she made for me when I was a baby.

    I enjoyed seeing the beautiful quilts and fabrics here today.

  12. I used to be really into quilting...but haven't made one in quit awhile. I love your mother's beautiful creations and yours too. I too have been known to use a quilt on my dining room table. Love the coziness! :)

  13. Loved the idea of a quilt on the table! I have far too many quilts (that I treasure of my mother's) and not enough places to use them!

  14. It's gonna be BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I hope my quilts which are homey machine sewn denim ones will be remembered fondly and I think they are all so durable they will still be in use long after I am gone. Funny, your post just got me to thinking about the things we will be leaving behind..... for our loved ones to remember us by.....

  15. Fabulous quilts, all of them,

    The emotion in the room when you presented the wedding ring quilt must have been overwhelming, so beautiful.

  16. Do you do your own actual quilting or do you send it out to be done commercially? That's the part that's a real chore, I hear from quilters. I'm not at all crafty myself.

  17. How fortunate you are to have your mother's beautiful quilts, and how fortunate that she had one for Stacey! I LOVE your Debbie Mum quilt. I do simple quilts because I know I would never finish a more complex one, but I have to tell you,I love those simple quilts just as much as if they were fancy schmancy, and my kids and their spouses love them so much they grab one first thing when they come over to visit to snuggle up with. I am currently working on a special request quilt for my son in law in the Air Force. He wants one long enough to cover his 6' 4" frame without his feet hanging out. Lol. I can't wait to see your next quilt. It isn't how many pieces that matter, or how complex it is, it's the love you put into it :)

  18. Beautiful! Love all of that vibrant color!

  19. Great post as always! I love the collection you've chosen. Your photo's are great! I'm working on a Fall quilt. Maybe I'll take a pic or two I need to post!
    Come over and link up. #4 is here:
    #5 will post in a few hours. (late Wed. afternoon)
    Happy Fall Sis!

  20. Great post as always! I love the collection you've chosen. Your photo's are great! I'm working on a Fall quilt. Maybe I'll take a pic or two I need to post!
    Come over and link up. #4 is here:
    #5 will post in a few hours. (late Wed. afternoon)
    Happy Fall Sis!

  21. The quilts are just beautiful. The material you bought For the new quilt is very nice. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. What a wonderful tribute to your mom and her talent for quilts. The Wedding Ring one was gorgeous. Of course I think you are quite talented with quilts as well. Loved the Purple One (I thought it looked great) and you have a good eye for picking out fabrics for the quilts. Wish I was "crafty" like that but alas anything sewing related just wasn't my forte.

  23. Love this post! Quilts are absolute treasures, especially if made just for you, or inherited. I have quilts from both my Grandmas and I treasure them. I never learned but it was absolutely common back in my growing up days and with my people and I grew up around beautiful quilts. They all tell a story don't they? love them

  24. Hi bj, I'm back from my long blog break. It's always fun to visit Sweet Nothings and see what's happening here. I can relate to how much you miss your mom 'cause I sure do miss mine. Also, my dear grandmother who was a quilter. I was blessed to get one of her quilts and it's a simple bow-tie quilt that I treasure. It has fabric pieces that were used in some of my outfits that she and my mother made for me way back when. My mother was a good seamstress but never made a quilt. I haven't either and I keep telling myself that I need to give it a try. I'd love to make one as I have a stash of material saved just for that purpose. I enjoyed your colorful photos.

  25. Beautiful collection of quilts and love the fabric you grabbed. Lovely story about your mom


  26. Dear BJ, Well now I have cried too! Brings me some sweet memories. I have two quilts that my great-grandmother made by hand BJ. Oh they are washed out from the original color they were. Nothing fancy at all but it means so much to me. My grandmother would crochet. She was slow with it but she loved it. She made me a king size bedspread once. It actually took her about 3 years to make it as she done it along and along and when she had the extra money to buy thread and have the time. I loved it! It meant so much to me. In 1984 my home burnt and we lost everything with exception of some pictures that was saved (Praise the Lord) and a few other things and of course my bedspread. I will never forget the insurance adjuster telling me I had to put a value on everything that I could think of that was burnt. I remember bursting into tears and saying, "How do you put a value on that?". Enjoyed this post so much. Love your quilt too~ Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  27. Tears falling down reading about your mother's gift to her grand-daughter. But, I don't understand how you think you have no crafty talent when you make such darling quilts? I would be loud and proud if I made those darling quilts!

  28. I love all your quilts. And certainly no need to apologize about basic're right, it's all about the fabrics. I still make my 6 inch square quilts - for my girls and for me...and we love them all. Happy Quilting! :)

  29. I mostly make 9 patch or chair rail quilts. Easy to do and you can use scraps to make them look more like the ones our elders made.

    Have fun making your quilt.

    God bless.

  30. I love seeing all these quilts! I always say someday I will make one.. but somehow.. I havent. but I dream about them! lol!
    have a great day!

  31. My Mama made quilts too! Love the colors you have chosen, it will be a colorful quilt! Have a beautiful Fall day dear B.J. HUGS!

  32. Not a "crafty bone" in your body!!! Are you kidding me?? Your quilts are so beautiful, bj, and so cheery and full of love.

  33. Your Mom's quilts are fabulous and are works of art for sure. I love the quilts you've made. So cute and the fabrics are perfect. Can't wait to see the next one. You are crafty,bj. Enjoy the week and have fun working on your next work of art!

  34. Is that blue china the Johnson Brothers heritage pattern? If so, we just said goodbye to a full set of that at Minisa. I didn't see it in the estate sale things so I know someone in the family got it, which made me happy. And by the way, I just love it when you get crafty! Your quilts are darling. Love Debbie Mumm!

  35. My mother makes quilts,too. (she's 86) Each one is a work of art - she never buys fabric, I don't know how or why she has acquired so much of it. She has a whole closet devoted to fabric! She has made the wedding ring design, too. It's so beautiful. I am sure it will be years before I have the patience to make a quilt, but there is hope for me...yours are beautiful!

  36. Love those new fabrics. And your quilts are beautiful. I think you're not giving yourself enough credit for being crafty.

  37. Somehow this post slipped past my blog reader - and I'm SO glad I found it! What gorgeous quilts. Your mama was an artist. I love the wedding ring quilt whenever I see one and the one your mama made for Stacy is absolutely a work of art. I love the simplicity of the nine-patch - also my favorite. I need to get back to quilting. I have several quilts that need to be finished and put together. You've inspired me, dear friend. We're having very stormy weather - heavy rains and strong winds. This is a good time to have a quilt to snuggle under.


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