Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beginnings of Autumn Decorating

I think we all love decorating 
a mantel...
 a table top...
to welcome the changing seasons.

I am having a hard time finding my Autumn mojo
93 degrees ...
summer flowers in full bloom...

but I HAVE tried to put a few Autumn things out
 inside the Summer House..

...just a few fallish items added to give the IMPRESSION of Autumn...

I try hard to like fauxs in orange...
but they just don't seem natural to me..
if they aren't an unnatural color, it's ok.
While these decos on my vintage scales aren't TOO bright,
I will leave them here until THANKSGIVING...
at that time, my large lighted PUMPKIN will claim this spot.

Now, I'm not knocking other folks that like using BRIGHT orange..
it looks great in others homes....

I think it's wonderful that we all like something different...
makes life a little more fun.
 And, gosh....
if we all liked the same things, we'd never learn any thing NEW.

Actually, turquoise, grays and whites, along with black and whites
are my year'round colors...
it's fun to be able to add seasonal colors to my base colors...
easy decorating...
and I LUV easy.

 Adding a claret red throw brings  me right into Autumn.
and as autumn passes thru and we are into hard cold WINTER,
reds are notorious in bringing warmth into a room.
my soft, corduroy claret red pillows are a favorite of mine.

Most people will think my using the colors
black and white...
deep reds...
throughout Fall and Winter
is downright weird....but, see...
I love those colors.
 you still love me...

so, if YOU love bright oranges,
I'll always love you, too....
and you will see ORANGE throughout the Summer House
during Autumn...

I think Sunflowers are my favorite Fall decoration....
of any color.
In the FOOD department.....

I made biscuits this morning (using a quick mix) and they turned out sooo UGLY...

with butter and APRICOT JAM on them,
not a one went to waste...

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  1. Ugly biscuits can be very TASTY biscuits!

    Loved looking through your "fall" photos on this very hot first day of fall day.

  2. Happy Fall BJ! I love the décor so far... I love this time, you can mingle all sorts of styles and colors!

  3. I am sure those biscuits were yummy. So cares how they good, it's how they taste and I am sure yours were delicious.

    Love your Fall decorations they look really good. I am so ready for Fall. We have been having hot temps and lots of humidity, which we normally do not have.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It's still hard to believe summer is over. Som nice ideas there bj.

  5. Still so hot here too. Hard to get motivated when the temps are still in the 90s. I am not a huge orange fan either, and actually prefer neutrals this time of year. I love white pumpkins.

  6. I'm anxious to add some Fall colors to my decor now too even though it's still hot. And I have a carton of buttermilk in the fridge...time to make biscuits! Hugs!

  7. Looks really pretty bj ... I am not a fan of bright orange either. I really struggled with decorating our mantel this year ... maybe I just needed cooler weather to make me think it was Fall. Hopefully, this week-end with bring rain and cooler weather.
    Nothing wrong with ugly biscuits if they taste good.
    Audrey Z.

  8. I'm not a fan of that artificial looking orange either - and the soft muted colors you mix with turquoise look perfect to me. I just put a few things out. No time to stress it this year! Those biscuits look delightful by the way!

  9. You decorate beautifully for the season Bj. And that recipe? Yum, thank you :)

  10. after spending years weeding out the red in our house, I find it slipping right back in. guess I will be embracing it in late fall, but for now, I am a fan of rusty orange...and I do still luv you!

  11. Those ugly biscuits look like the delicious "drop" biscuits my Me-Me used to make for me. I LOVED them and her. I am not Autumn ready. It's too darn HOT!

  12. Nice drop biscuits BJ. I am not ready for the Fall, I still have so much to accomplish before I even think of decorating at all.

    Come to think of it I doubt I can find my fall decorations as everything is upside down since the flood.

    God bless.

  13. I wouldn't mind an ugly biscuit! Love your decorating starts and additions.

  14. BJ,
    Lovin' all your gorgeous hues of Autumn, dear friend!
    Ugly biscuit? I s there such a thing?
    Your biscuits look divinely delicious!

  15. Your fall decorations are very pretty. I haven't put out one thing for Fall yet, and tomorrow it is officially Fall. It is just hard for me to get in the mood with the temps in the mid 90's during the day here lately. I haven't had our oven on in months, because it heats the house up so much, so your biscuits looked extra delicious to me.

    It is supposed to be only in the 70's next week, so I need to get all of my Fall stuff out and sorted and ready to put up. I'm getting kind of jazzed about it after seeing your pretty Fall things.

  16. Without the additives the biscuits still look better than Clint Howard

  17. Black and white is a huge favorite. I'm not a fan of orange either. Your decor is darling.

  18. Hello BJ, I can not get into the Autumn mood either and we are not having your hot temperatures. I guess I just don't want to say goodbye to summer yet :) Your decorating is delightful and I love the mix of patterns and fabric textures in your pillows. You did make me laugh at your ugly biscuits . . . they may not be the prettiest, but I'll bet they tasted divine. They sure do look tasty :)
    Have a wonderful week!
    Connie :)

  19. We are having high temps here also and you are so right hard to get motivated! Thanks for sharing this neat post!

  20. I am an ORANGE lover and am in the midst of painting several sunflower paintings - which should be more yellow than orange I guess.....but I'm taking artistic license!
    Love your colors of fall.....and of course, I love YOU!!!!

  21. I do love your decorations.
    Happy Autumn

  22. BJ, Even a biscuits that's not perfect taste great all buttered up. I love sunflowers for a fall decorations too. I like your color scheme. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  23. I think your black and white checks look so pretty with those autumn colors on your mantel. I'm not big on orange either, so I get how you feel. I always end up with a little, but I usually try to use little touches of greens, reds and yellows for fall accents.

  24. I don't think your color combo is weird at all -- but maybe it's because I like those colors!

    I seem to be dragging my feet on decorating for fall. I'm not ready to bring out the Halloweenie things yet and real pumpkins will rot inside before the season is over. I have some faux... who knows. I think everything you have shown us is beautiful -- says fall your own way and that's sort of perfect!

  25. Love you decorating ideas. Your biscuits look delicious. I will be putting out by Halloween decorations come October right now I have my sunflowers and some fall leaves out. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  26. the only orange I like bj is on a pumpkin! You're right, it's an unnatural color! Turquoise is my hands down favorite, followed closely by black & white, so I'm with you on that! I have enjoyed seeing unexpected colors in the fall decorating this year, the traditional gold, orange and brown are so ho hum!!

  27. I like all of your bright décor choices! Besides I think a person ought to decorate to please themselves, not others. Your style is uniquely you.
    My Bisquick biscuits never look pretty unless I roll them out, but boy are they ever always delicious!

  28. Happy Fall sweet lady! Now if the weather would cool up a bit and the mosquito's would leave out my way I would be a Happy Fall Camper! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. I'll take one of those biscuits if you don't mind, BJ. And, you certainly put me in the Fallish mood.

  30. Welcome to fall! I have been painting dome of my faux orange pumpkins a soft white. While I like the white, I still love orange pumpkins, and orange pillows, etc for fall. Just me. 😊

  31. You are having some fun with autumn decorations and they look great. I like orange pumpkins; I like white pumpkins; I like so many things. That's my trouble. Talk about eclectic.

  32. bj, it would be a bit difficult to get in the fall mood with those temps. I am not a big lover of orange either. I can handle it for fall and Halloween, but always glad to see it go. :) Love your choice of colors! Oh, and I add touches of aqua to my fall as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  33. You have really spurred me on to decorate for Fall! Thanks for the eye candy. I do have orange in my house - I will have to post some pics soon. I am now a "follower". I would love for you to stop by too. :)

  34. I'm trying to get t he house ready for fall now too. It's a drag that it is still hot and humid. Hoping cooler temps prevail.

    I use softer color of fall too, goes with my décor better


  35. Isn't autumn decorating just the most fun?! I am having a ball getting out my things. I see that you are the pillow fan that I am. :-)


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