Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Little Green Apples....

I've had a love affair with apples forever...

especially little GREEN apples...


 I really wish I could say this is MY little green apple tree...
it belongs to a place here in Lubbock, not too far from our house.

I made the cutest fall wreath with faux green apples a few years ago..

(since we've moved, I've not located this wreath...did I donate it to a thrift store..?... probably)

Nooo, wait,
I remember taking the apples off and storing them and the wreath in a box.... now....

other favorite ways to use little green apples....

 ..a giant apple pie at Thanksgiving...

...and how delicious with cranberries and walnuts in a favorite recipe

My sweet blogging friend, VEE, that is CEO
told me about this most delicious treat
that I could hardly wait to make.
 ♥ ♥ ♥
Then she challenged me to do a post about
HER TREAT when I made it....
linking back to her blog...
and she would do a post on
HER TREAT, but link MY blog.

When I got up this morning, hungry as the proverbial  BEAR,
I knew I wanted to make HER treat.

She said,
peel an apple and slice some butter in a fry pan, add apple slices, sprinkle with sugar and some cinnamon add a small bit of water and simmer down until the apples are soft. Toast a piece of bread, place cheese slice (I use cheddar or American, but others are a possibility) on the toast, top with simmered apples and place in broiler until the cheese has melted. Mine is almost smells so good! This is an old Weight Watchers recipe from the 1960

I ran straight to my fridge and had only one little bitty green apple...

I love trying to peel my apple all in one continuous 
long peel...
it's just FUN...
I go to sleep most nights watching reruns of 
and he often peels an apple like this while sitting on that 
gorgeous front porch of his....with Opie and Aunt Bee right there, too. 

I did this peeled apple  last year...
VEE, you might remember this photo..#3.,
as one I used in your NOTE CARD PARTY..... 

and this one the very morning that I made Vee's Treat.

Every time I use Cinnamon,
I remember the time I almost used the CAYENNE PEPPER...

they look so much alike, I keep them separated in the cabinet. sliced apple...
a little buttah...
a little sugah...
a little cinnamon... 
a bit of water..

ummm, the syrup it's making is going to be sooo delicious...

I made a pair of these toasted,
sweet treats because I've always loved apples and cheese together..
throw in butter, sugar and cinnamon and I am on
CLOUD 9, baby.

That peeling looks a tiny bit like a very rustic ROSE...

I have no earthly idea how my apples are SUPPOSED to look...

but I surely know how GOOOD they taste.

I used X-Sharp Cheddar Cheese
but as VEE says, most any cheese is going to be great.

What a fun challenge this was, Vee...
thanks for thinking of it.

Please don't forget to go to VEE'S BLOG
and see how she makes her apple cheese treat..
and would you kindly tell her bj said "Hey" ?

She threatened to sneak around my place to see if MY post
was better than HER post...and I just saw a shadow flit by my
bedroom door....
" behave yourself now.."


  1. Yours looks delicious too! What a good recipe. I like your green cutlery and single apple peal!

  2. I love green apples too, and the color is one of my favorites. Have a great day!

  3. Granny Smith are my favorite too. Love the simple recipe and smaller amount of dessert. I gain 5 pounds every time I stop in here. LOL.

  4. Oh the colors! That green just pops! Well I lost this challenge fair and to lick my wounds and take better notes. The Word says that just as iron sharpens iron, we sharpen one another. I felt sharpened by this challenge, my friend, and I thank you for the fun. It would not have been possible without your being willing. Oh and I learned another thing...I am not going to cook off so much of that juice...yours looks so yummy!

  5. Ha Ha... you girls are too funny. What a fun challenge and you both have convinced me to give this recipe a try. It looks delicious and easy too.
    I can totally relate to making one long apple peel. I aim for that goal every time I peel an apple :D.

  6. I just came from Vee's and I have to say you did the recipe proud. I just wish we could all get together and enjoy this treat over some Dunkin Donuts coffee. Imagine the fun we could all have sharing recipes, chatting and eating!

  7. Oh my goodness my mouth is drooling ! All those apples and that chicken salad..yummy! I understand about moving and can't find things..I tell myself it's got to be here somewhere or I donated it!
    Have a great day,Bj !

  8. The combo of apples and cheese is soooo good! I could lick my computer screen right now and I have got to make this one morning for breakfast! I get on a tear cleaning, purging, donating, then realize I needed something I chucked. Oh well.

  9. Oh BJ.....beautiful...delicious....and amazing! It's mahvelous!!! and so are YOU!!!!

  10. This post looks every bit as delicious as Vee's. Now I need to try making this! Maybe for breakfast today ... we will see. Lunch, for sure! I love the gorgeous touches of green in your photos.

    It's never been a particular goal of mine to keep an apple peel in one continuous strip (though I always enjoy watching Andy Griffith do so) -- but my mother, on the other hand, always sought to do this. Even when she was succumbing to the many difficulties of Parkinson's disease, she would often state proudly, "I peeled the apple."

    Such a fun and interesting post. And delicious, too. I predict confidently that a lot of people are going to be creating and eating Vee's Treat during the next few days!

  11. Looks tasty BJ. I bet it tastes like apple pie.

    God bless.

  12. Oh my, that looks so good. Gonna have to try this one for sure. I also love Andy and Aunt Bea-one of my favorite shows ever. Love how you left the pretty peel on the plate.

  13. Looks yum. I heard on the news that this year is a bumper crop for apples, at least here in Michigan! I'm a honey crisp girl, and a Granny fan! How I love cooking with them!

  14. Hi BJ, I'm visiting from Vee's and she's right, you are delightful. I must try this great dessert breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your photos are so beautiful and full of lovely color. My husband always peels an apple like you and you are right it looks like a rose. Have a great day. ♥

  15. Man oh man, Vee's treat DOES look good!

  16. Girl, you could SWEETEN the Apple Businesses' coffers double, if they ever got hold of this one post! Ain't no food blogger anywhere that can make your readers realize they want just THAT, as this particular moment. Wow.

    Such great photos, and the commentary---that's as real as it gets, and tantalizing, too.

    I know there are Galas in the fridge, and I always keep that pack of Kraft Extra Sharp . . .

    stay cool,


  17. It was fun seeing the two of you and your competition!

  18. have me drooling!!

    Anything apples...the more tart they are, the better.
    And...hope you find your wreath soon. It'd be perfect this time of year.

  19. Oh that was fun! Vee should be careful when duelling with a Texan!!! You have both made this look and sound delicious. Hope to see some more challenges in the future!

  20. Interesting combination. Looks delicious!


  21. This is a fun duel between you and Vee! I'd say you came out equal. Looks easy and delicious.

  22. The green apples look so nice! I have my eyes on that apple pie ♥

  23. I enjoyed your challenge with Vee! And you both make it looks positively yummy! (Now I want a piece of that Thanksgiving pie!)

  24. What a fun challenge with Vee. You two gals aced the Apple toast! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Ha! You and Vee are killin my de-fluffing goals! Love the added green in your post bj!

  26. Lovely post. Says Fall to me! Come over and link this one and all your Fall posts at the
    Fabulous Fall Party. A new linky every week till Oct. 30. Come join the party.
    Starts tomorrow Sept. 1!

  27. The apples on the toast looks delicious. I have one apple tree, not sure what kind they are but the other day I made some applesauce with some and it was good. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. Oh, I want to try that and I will use my favorite cheese, Harvarti. You ought to try it. Yum.

  29. BJ,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! We had an apple tree in our back yard when i was growing up and my parent's always said that were banana apples. They were yellow and red and made the best pies!! Thanks for bring back some wonderful memories!!

  30. And now I'm hungry. Your photos exude flavor. And a nice touch with the peel on the plate.

  31. Yummy does that ever look good. I've been to see Vee's too. : )
    I love granny smith apples.

  32. Very Yummy. Happy apple season is upon us.


  33. OH FOR THE LOVE!!!! I am gonna have to do this. Always looking for a new sweet tastes that doesnt blow my diet. I must pick up a green apple or two from the market on my way home today. Right off the tree would be better though. I remember picking small green sour apple off the neighbors tree. Made him really mad and gave me a belly ache!

  34. That looks and sounds amazingly yummy! Joel grew up on his family's apple orchard in Central Washington and at some point after we were married the state Apple Commission ran a contest seeking a person who would best personify "Granny Smith" - his mom, then in her late 70's was attractive with white hair and I thought would make the perfect Granny Smith - the last name even was her's. You should have seen the look of horror when I told her I had entered her photo into the contest -- doubt if she slept a wink until she learned she had NOT been chosen the "Granny Smith". . .oh well, it was the thought that counted, right?

  35. What a delightfully easy recipe and looks so good! That Vee is an awesome gal!

  36. We do so enjoy Apples... unfortunately, these days we are more limited to "apple sauce"...
    Have a pleasant evening, dear Lady...

  37. What a fun challenge Vee cooked up, bj! The toast with ooey gooey apples looks like a wonderful treat! I'm going to go visit Vee right now.....

  38. That's Daisy's favorite apple, I'm more gala or honey-crisp

  39. Cheddar and Granny Smoth, now that is a perfect combo...looks great! Pam @ Everyday Living

  40. LOL, hope you find the box, with the apples, for the wreath! I do that a lot too bj. Pretty, pretty post and one more word, YUM! The little green apple sure made you a fine breakfast!

  41. We all made a bet that you would use a flower in your photos...well, that green apple peeling will just have to count! Or the wreath! heehee! This looks incredible. We all want some now. Maybe I'll make it next! What fun this has been! Sweet hugs, Diane

  42. Love Vee. Love this recipe. And remember: It was Ain't Bee!!!! Haha!

    I'm definitely going to do this. I'm doing low carb again but I think I can skip the bread.

    Thanks to both of you lovely ladies!!! :-D


  43. How'd ya like them apples???? lol All looks yummy :)

  44. The little apple peel rose is just the right decoration for a delicious treat. I want some!

  45. What fun you girls had!!! Yes, I am going to have make this for our breakfast soon!

  46. Yup, this was fun and your apple pie toast looks very much like Vee's. I thought for sure there would be a dollop of whip cream on top of yours but you stuck to the recipe, what a trouper.
    I hope I never mix the cayenne pepper with my cinnamon, what a disaster that would be!

  47. Mum mum I love Granny Smith's apples. I always use them to make my Apple Butter. I am really craving some home made apples butter.
    That recipe looks so very GOOD. I am going to make that for Breakfast tomorrow.

    Have a great Labor Day.....


  48. You both did a wonderful job! I love Granny Smith Apples--so crisp and tangy. This is a fun recipe!


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