Monday, January 11, 2016

1st teeny tiny makeover of the year...

I have fully intended to make a list of things I hope
to get done in this beautiful new year.
I haven't made the list as yet but I will...

The first thing I wanted to do .....
  paint the 2 benches  Mr. Sweet made for our dining table 
when our grands started getting bigger.

In our olden house, I had blue and white in the  dining room with touches of red.
The blue and white benches looked great in there...

Now, in the Summer House, the blue doesn't work....

and....speaking of grands...

We hope this day is one of your very best.

Courtney just finished nursing school and that makes 3 nurses in our family...
daughter, Stacy is a registered nurse
and another "grand by marriage" is also a nurse.

....back to the 2 benches...

They needed to be BLACK in the worst way...
 Does anyone realize how many shades of BLACK are in the paint stores...?
I looked and looked at the blacks...
you would THINK that black is black...but not necessarily so.

I didn't want SHINY...
a Satin finish is always good...
and I wanted a black somewhere in between BLACK and DARK GRAY...

BLACK HERON  looked good on that microscopic  paint sample card.
I was able to get a sample can that is more than enuf for the two bench tops
and it was less than $5.00....YAY

 ...lookin' good dressed in BLACK.
I am so glad to get this tiny project FINALLY done.

The color turned out just like I had wanted...

I use one of the benches in front of one set of French doors that we keep locked...
add a throw, a favorite pillow and a plant so the bench looks pretty while it's waiting to be pulled up to the dining table when needed.

I'm glad to check this off my WANNA GET DONE list that I'll try to compile today...


My ferns are growing so much.

I leave them in the greenhouse until I decide I want a couple in the house...

more about the greenhouse later....

right now, I am about to gather ingredients for....

Banana Bread

Her "bread" pretty
mine won't look like this because, after having 2 cakes STICK
in my bundt pan, I threw it away.

But, I bet it will be good...and I'll sit on this bench and
eat TWO pieces...
one for me and one for YOU...:)


  1. Banana Bread is one of my very favorites, especially with walnuts in the mix. Beautiful job on the bench! And happy birthday to a pretty lady. My daughter is a nurse practitioner.

  2. Love your pretty benches:) My Daughter makes the best banana bread, YUM! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. I love banana bread. Yummy! The benches look great! Happy day my friend.


  4. Your benches are really nice and I like that you painted the tops black. Thanks for sharing your banana bread with us. Enjoy your day.

  5. Hi BJ,

    I'm glad to have you eat my portion of banana bread on your newly renovated bench.

    Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  6. The bench looks good. Enjoy your banana bread and yes eat my slice. Happy Birthday to Courtney. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. I think your black was the perfect choice - it looks fabulous on the benches. Love the pillow with calligraphy - I love anything with the written word!

    I'm thinking of making a poundcake in my tube pan today - fortunately sticking has not been a problem yet!!
    Happy week bj.

  8. BJ, You are the best, baking a cake and eating some for me. :):) I love visiting your blog, you make me laugh lots. Wow, you did a fine job on the benches. It's great that you did both with a sample can. I have bought those. You get way more paint than you realize. The fern looks wonderful. Blessings for a fun new week. xoxo,Susie

  9. You chose the perfect black BJ and I love the script writing cushion too!
    I just feel like a piece of banana bread with my early morning coffee before I head off to work - yum yum thank you!
    It's a great feeling ticking off the projects!

  10. Beautiful benches. Black & white is always a good combination. It is good that you found exactly the right shade!

  11. The benches look great BJ! I am a little jealous of you and that greenhouse right about now. I need to hit Home Depot and see if I can get some green in this house!

  12. BJ,
    Your benches look amazing, dear friend!!!
    I understand those "tiny" projects on a waiting list!!!
    I have a tablecloth that needs hemming. . .
    EnJOY your Pioneer Woman Banana Bread just a sittin' on your lovely bench!!!

  13. Your benches turned out great! They look wonderful. The banana nut bread sounds very tasty. Enjoy and eat a piece for me.


  14. Love those benches and how you have arranged them.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  15. Hi BJ,
    First up Happy Birthday wishes to Courtney, oh my she is a cutie! My Grand Gabby is starting Nursing school and we are tickled Pink and Periwinkle. Your ferns look dainty, graceful and beautiful ... Have a secret to growing them so lush and pretty? Loving the benches the soft Black. I also prefer a softer Matte Black, deep Charcoal is the soft Black I use in our home. Enjoy your home décor refreshments, isn't it amazing how the start of a New Year always inspire changes.

  16. The benches look great and I love the color. I like how you have them placed. I am making of list of TO DO THINGS for 2016. Believe me it's a really long one, but one that will make the house look different.
    Good luck with your list.
    Wishing your beautiful granddaughter a Very Happy Birthday. Have a terrific week.

  17. I have also tossed a bundt away...mine Always stick...then I glue them back with frosting! What a mess...And deb at Mountains Breath has the best luck...she says to grease and flour....well it obviously isn't that simple for us!! The benches look great with their new color! And you have it displayed so pretty - enjoy!!

    1. Patti, you are making progress with the bundt pan!

  18. Love banana bread,one of my favorites,Bj. Your benches turned out really good. I love black..and white. I am still getting ideas for my new home, I may need to borrow some from you..ok?

  19. Happy to see you found the right "black" for your benches.

    My baking never looks as pretty as the pictures, but tastes just as good and yours will too.

    God bless.

  20. A black paint mixed by a paint machine usually will not be as dark as the one's made in a factory. Because the base can they use is white to start with.

  21. Looks so good and classic! I didn't know there were three nurses in the family! Every family needs at least one. And a doctor, and a lawyer, and an accountant, and a mechanic. =D

  22. The bench looks awesome !!!! I always make up a monthly to do list this is how I get things done It is a habit now !!! I love banana bread just made a batch up recently you can check out here ...

  23. Perfect makeover BJ! Fun times as always with lovely photos! Where o where did you acquire your green thumb..just gorgeous!!! Hugs!!

  24. The bench looks great in its lovely location.
    Chuckling about the bundt cake. As time goes by I have realized it tastes just as good from another pan and no one refuses to eat it ;)

  25. The new color on the benches looks great! Happy birthday to your grand. We have birthdays on the 15th, 16th, and 19th for our kids and more in our extended family, too. A busy birthday month!
    Have a wonderful week bj!

  26. Banana bread! Oh yum! I've never tried her recipe but I just may need to now. Love the black benches and it looks perfect in front of your french doors!

  27. This makes me think of a comment that a blogosphere friend wrote to my post about baking a cake in Greece and trying to figure out how to convert butter quantities from 'stick's to that of other countries where butter is sold (as she pointed out about Malaysia and I was experiencing in Greece) in squares and large rectangles that don't come anywhere near being 'a stick' as we think of it in the United States. She finally sent me a link to a butter converter web site!!

  28. I wish you were closer -- you could come over and jump start me and my creativity! The benches look great (and so does the cake!)

  29. Love your benches! And I also love banana bread and I use the bisquick banana bread recipe and divide into a couple of pans. I have tweaked it over the years. It is yummy and super easy! Sheila

  30. Banana bread and a black bench! Both winners BJ :-) xxxooo

  31. Those benches look handy! My grandchildren are getting big and having benches might solve some seating problems. As a retired RN I'm glad to hear you have 3 nurses in your family, bj--we all need good nurses! I always have over ripe bananas in my freezer till I have enough to make banana bread --it is one of our favorites!

  32. I Love how the benches turned out.. they look high end now that the tops are black.

  33. The benches have turned out so pretty. Can't believe Mr. Sweet made those-just beautiful.

  34. The benches look great. And I have some bananas that need to be used before they go brown - but I'm in studio today. Maybe I can make banana bread muffins or something tomorrow? That Pioneer Woman sure knows how to cook.

  35. I volunteer to come and sit on the new black bench for tea and a slice of banana bread! It's so challenging trying to choose any colour for painting for the same reason of all the hues but it looks like you picked a nice black BJ.
    Our oldest daughter is a RN and one of her twins is in her second year of nursing - this is going to come in handy as we get older, isn't it? LOL I'm really hoping someone will consider massage therapy because I will be the test patient every day if need be.

  36. Love your wee project and the bench looks wonderful in the new color! We just finished a wall treatment in our office that we have been wanting to get done as well! We are both off to a good "project start" this new year! Loved the pictures you have posted of your family and you and your hubby counting down the years!! Don't ya hate it when cakes stick to the pan!! Have a great day!

  37. Great job on those darling benches! And you are so right about those paint can really drive one crazy to have to decide on the "right" color...even when it comes to black! Enjoy your week :)

  38. love the benches and can't wait for greenhouse photos! I want one so bad!

  39. Benches look great and wonderful to check it off the " to do" list . . .
    Charming home you create . . .
    Any Banana Bread left over?


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xo bj