Saturday, November 21, 2015

Neat vs Clutter

Hi, everybody...
hope the weekend is going good for you.

I am getting a jump-start on our Thanksgiving luncheon
by baking 2 Pumpkin with Baileys Irish Creme pies....(O HONEY)
recipe HERE

The above photo from Betty Crocker...

A GIANT Apple's baked in a large 13x9 pan....
(hope this recipe is good....making it on Sunday)

Coconut Creme Pies
already have Strawberry Bread (sweet and delish)
and a Pumpkin Loaf.
We will have fruit and whipped cream for these and......I can hardly wait. 

This beautiful, clean and UN-CLUTTERED kitchen counter belongs
to our friend, Tessa.

She love neat, uncluttered counter tops
and her kitchen looks so clean and neat.

I tend to get TOO MUCH on mine.

I've decided that I have so many things I'm in love with and can hardly bear to put them away behind closed doors.

See the pretty measuring spoons on the backsplash...

.........a sweet friend gave those to me last Christmas... so pretty

 I collect way too much....


( i love the reflection in the black granite...)

HEY...maybe that's why my counters look cluttered...
it looks like I've got twice what I really have there...

 Yep....I simply MUST clear some of this away....
maybe tomorrow....

Sometimes, my counter gets even MORE cluttered...
and I get sooo messy when I cook....
I don't wanna talk about the NO FAIL FUDGE that.....
(i hope LV doesn't see this 'cause she is SO SURE that I NEVER
have TrainWrecks in the kitchen )  LOL



  1. I want the rabbit lamp! I kept of few of my Christmas treasures out this year and displayed in my sewing space so I could look at them. I always have trouble putting it all away. I love your kitchen!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh!, won't you puleeze share your recipe for the pumpkin pie with Baileys? The last few years I've not indulged because hubby doesn't care for pumpkin. Not happening this season, no sireè!

  3. I always say that I do not have enough counter space and Harvey counters with "You would if you put some "stuff" away." I of course ignore this and work around what room I have.

    God bless.

  4. Hi BJ,

    Your black countertops are really pretty! I make the BIGGEST mess when I cook, sigh. I tend to have a lot of things on my surfaces, too; let's not call them clutter -- let's call them treasures instead. :) All your pies for Thanksgiving sound delicious! We're looking forward to the big day here, as well.

    Happy Turkey Day to you!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. At least your clutter is pretty - mine is cluttered with a mess that I need to sort and clean up. :/
    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. My counters look just like yours! Amd oh mercy!!.....i love coconut pie!!! Those spoons are are so cute!! I do love your kitchen...i collect so much stuff too....and just hate to put any away

  7. Your counters look so pretty. Mine often get too much on them, then I have to go a declutter. Our smaller house has fewer cabinets...AND I have too much stuff too! I don't know about your computer problem. Wish I could help. :-) sheila


  8. I love your "stuff" and hope you never, ever change, bj! I never did tire of seeng your's always been just beautiful and cozy and interesting. All of us have our different styles. You copy someone, I copy you! LOL

  9. Well I have a cute set of measuring spoons like yours and a cute cookie jar but the rest of the counter is pretty practical here in Greece. And here in Greece Thursday will just be another day on the calendar for us so enjoy your family and friends and savor that feast you are preparing, Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo

  10. Dearest bj; Oh, I LOVE your BEAUTIFUL counter, so nicely decorated♡♡♡ Such gorgeous western style and never seen these pretty measuring spoons♪
    Thank you SO much for your visit, and happy to visit your delightful blog, Dear friend.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  11. Hi BJ, even though you have a lot on your counter, they look neat and pretty. Mine looks the opposite. It can never stay neat and pretty. Lol! Love your cute measuring spoons. Have a blessed Sunday!

  12. Ok, bj, I definitely need to declutter and polish! Looks wonderful. :-))

  13. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away

  14. I enjoy visits to your home and your kitchen. I have too much stuff but love it make me smile bj!

  15. Tee, hee, heeeeeeee.... This is a great post. Showing both sides of the "how-I-want-my-counters-to-look" thing.

    and I'm very sure, that there are more bloggers, who want them, like yours. than want them "empty" like mine.

    again though, I cringe when I see my photos of my kitchen, because the colors look sooooo AWFUL. well, they aren't exactly what even I want (long story). but they don't look quite so bad, in real life. -grin-

    Decorate as make us happy!!! geee if we can't do that, in our homes, where can we, hu?

    Kitchen hugs!

  16. YES! Please!!! Bailey's Irish Cream Pumpkin Pie recipe!!!!

    My daughter in law always has to have me make her a Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving.

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, I'd love to surprise her, with a New-And-Different-Take on the usual Pumpkin Pie!!! :-))))))

    Bailey's Irish Cream hugs!

  17. Sounds like your kitchen will be busy with all that baking - love the idea of the BIG apple tart!
    I don't have a lot of counter space but added a good size portable island where I can do so much prep work - and store a lot of items in the drawers and on the lower shelf.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving bj.
    Hugs - Mary

  18. BJ, I love neat and tidy...but I have to say I love your counters. They seem cozy and homey to me and I love that. Hey that big pie idea is awesome. I know what ever you cook you do it with love . Blessings for a beautiful day. xoxo,Susie

  19. BJ your granite countertops like patent leather shoes reflect up!!!! Cute post. Since I am a Virgo and true to my sign clutter isn't for me. I actually will remove something when I introduce something different into home décor. I have a closet I rotate from and much if it doesn't come out in 6 months is donated. But a messy countertop with ingredients scattered around from a home cooked or baked meal isn't clutter to me.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  20. I have already baked some gingerbread cookies that I give to my kids when they come Thanksgiving. I will bake my pies Wednesday. Your pies sound delicious. My counters look like yours. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. That apple pie really looks good. I too, have too much on my counters ... not as pretty and neat looking as yours though. Maybe I will clean them off before I get busy with Christmas fixings. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. I love your "clutter" but I would call it inspiration. That apple pie looks delicious...nom nom...

  23. Yep, my Mom made no fail fudge for years. It has never succeeded for me once.
    I picked up on the apple pie in a pan many years ago from a wonderful lady at our church.
    Lately I've been using seasonal cookie cutters for the top crust and overlaying them. (leaves, acorns etc.) When I'm really energetic I sprinkle brown sugar on the bottom of the acorns and white sugar on the tops.

  24. I'm such a messy baker and cook. It cracks me up when I take photos for Mennonite Girls Can Cook of the food I'm posting a recipe for. Everything looks so neat and tidy but if you could pan out the shot you'd see a great mess!! My counters are pretty full, too...

  25. I love every item on your counter, and you have it arranged beautifully. I would not call it clutter, I call it art. Oh, and those sweet measuring spoons are to die for! Looking good...

    1. Hi, Bonnie..I hope you come back and see my don't list a blogg and you are a NO REPLY emailer.. so I have no other way of getting a thank you to you.
      I appreciate the visit and the kind words.

  26. Just call it fudge sauce and pour it over ice cream. Lemons to lemonade?

  27. I like your clutter and have some of my own clutter! I love me some decorating!

  28. I love all the clutter!! It's beautiful!

  29. BJ, I'm like you -- I collect way too much and I love it (or I wouldn't collect it) so I have to see it! I'm lucky to get neat. But I keep trying! Good job!

  30. Our kitchen is small, so our counter tops stay pretty cluttered. I don't like clutter. LOL But - I work a lot of evenings and don't really cook like I used to, so when we got this house I thought a small kitchen would be fine - as I'd rather have move living space. But - the issue with a small kitchen is storage. You need the storage space even if you don't need the cooking space - so a bigger kitchen would be good. I really should go through my cabinets and move what is rarely used to the shed. :-)

  31. Yes, I am a cluttery counter kinda gal! Even when I try to get it un-cluttered, it doesn't look too clear! Have a blessed day dear friend, I bet your fudge was still yummy:) HUGS!

  32. I hate my own clutter but I LIKE yours. :)

  33. It is not clutter, it is all treasures, wonderful fun treasures, that sure do not want to be stuck in a cupboard. I love the lamp on the counter, so cute. I am going to copy you. I just love your decorating.

  34. i hope you and yours have a wonderful, blessed, laughter-filled thanksgiving, bj.

  35. Your counters are gorgeous! And I love that bunny lamp!!! Right now my counters have the Christmas decor on them!!!! I LOVE IT!!!


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