Sunday, November 29, 2015

I LUV Pottery Barn

....oh, I can't afford most of their products
but I've done really well on some of their awesome sales.

I LOVE their catalogs because of all the inspiration you can get from them.

I think the books, stacked willy-nilly in this faux fireplace
are sooo striking. 
I loooove the  whimsy of it...and you don't see this in homes very often.
I love "something different.."
And, I love the turquoise with the black and white...

I love my own Turquoise and Black and White...

...and WHO SAYS that leather, especially this soft caramel color,
can't look warm and pretty and chic and comfy, all rolled into one. ??
I think the rug in the upper photo softens the leather,
 especially if there's wooden floors.

I happen to love the caramel color ....
I fell  in love with the ones we have when I first saw them
and, after 12 or 15 years, we still love them to pieces.....
and, they still look amazingly good.
I do clean them regularly with Leather Cleaner and Polish wipes.

I have sooo drooled over  this large cabinet in the PB catalog for several years.
I just love every thing about it.....

                                                                              ....except the price. 
I kept thinking that I could find a chest and try to make it look like this one, but no such luck....YET

The COPYCATTER comes out in me every time I look thru a catalog....
especially POTTERY BARN

 Most of you know how much I LOVE coping POTTERY BARN
with thrifted items...or things around my house.

LEFT:  POTTERY BARN woven wine bottles...$99 to $279.00
RIGHT:  SWEET NOTHING'S ....thrifted  DEMIJOHNS for $2.00 to $6.00
and MR. SWEET dug up the olden, thick dark green glass bottle.

When I saw this pretty lady in their past catalog,
I knew I had to COPY...
and here is my version on your right...

When I saw these amazing candlesticks
in their catalog,

and found these BRASS CANDLE HOLDERS.......
at a thrift shop, of course. 

MY Brass thrift store candle sticks, spray painted SATIN black...$4.00 AND $3.00....
quite a difference in price  for almost the same things.

Pottery Barn's beautiful wreath on the left with lots of RED
mine has more WHITE as that's what I had on hand.
Mine is SOOO much cheaper and no matter what colors you have,
they will look gorgeous on a DIY wreath for this Christmas.


  1. You did great copying those BJ! I luv Pottery Barn too.

  2. We share that love for Pottery Barn, BJ, and I, too, study their catalogs and try to use a few of their decorating ideas. The same when I go into their stores, I love looking at the table settings. You really have done a great job redoing some of your own pieces in that wonderful PB style and saving tons of money. Nothing beats one of their sales, you just have to be patient and look out for sales!!

    Jane x

  3. Oh- yeah- LOVE that Pottery Barn! You are definitely the knock off queen for all things Pottery Barn. I know how you feel about buying something you love and still loving it many years later. I do the same thing. Have things that I love as much today as the day I bought them YEARS ago.
    Hate to say it -but I think your wreath tops the PB one! xo Diana

  4. BJ, I love a good copycat! You find some awesome thrifty items, and you know just how to use the. I look to PB for inspiration too. I like to stop in their stores and see how they have set their tables. Always walk out with new inspiration.

  5. Wow- bj - good for you, darlin - your knock-offs look AMAZING for pennies on the dollar! Impressive!

  6. BJ Pottery Barn gives much inspiration and I think you are doing an excellent job buying for pennies on the dollar and making a look alike out of them that mimics the look and feel of PB. Bravo BJ.

  7. I think your candlesticks look better

  8. So BJ how are you coming along with those copies of currency--you're awfully good--HAHA.
    Seriously, your creations rank right up there with the catalog items. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Pottery Barn catalog for ideas is the best!
    And your copies . . . PERFECT!

  10. I love getting inspired and coping like that, saves money and you get so much enjoyment out of it too. Love the cabinet!

  11. Pottery barn is a great place for decorating ideas, for sure. My daughter and I spent a lot of time in the one at the discount mall in San Marcos TX last Friday, and I finally found a lamp shade I was looking for.

  12. I love that leather, too. I love leather with kids because it cleans up so easily when they spill. However - my furniture, turned out to be bonded leather and it is now cracking and peeling and needing replaced. Is your leather like that? It's lasted 12 or 14 years? Can you send me a link to some good leather? Or is it even affordable? I would love something that would last until I die because I really don't like buying furniture.Of course - we have no clue how long that will be - do we? LOL

  13. Lovin your PB copycats. Especially the candlesticks-yours look much better. PB is the best -for ideas, not so much the prices. Great ideas!

  14. Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn ... be still my heart, Pottery Barn!!!!! ;) Really enjoyed your PB copycats. You GO girl!

  15. you have so much fun!!!

    and that is what's the most important thing!!!!!

  16. ooops, more. you are still a little girl.... making her 'dream home' look like she wants. like having a scrap book, which is "her home." and filling the pages with pictures of what she wants in each room. :-)))))

    just one of the things, which keep you so peppy and young and happy and fun to visit.


  17. I love that store too. I've even thought of hiding in the store so I could look around to my hearts content with no one to bother me:)
    NOOOOOOO I wouldn't do it but gosh, what a fun time that would be.

    I love both the wreaths , yours looks just as pretty in white as their does with more red.... you did GOOD~!

  18. What an eye you have for all these pretties! Your knack for emulation results in MY KIND of pretty---I can admire the PB, but I cringe at the prices---and yours are SO much better.

    In your case, a COPY Cat is a KEWL Cat!


  19. Hi BJ,

    Oh you know, I do love turquoise. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  20. I like your candlesticks better! Also I love that mantel full of books. Too cool!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  21. Excellent savings on your copy cat pieces. I am sure with your eye you will soon find a chest to copy cat.

    God bless.

  22. Oh yes, I would love all that stuff but first I need a bigger house, LOL!

  23. Oh what fun to come and visit. My first time here and I'm coming from Mosaic Monday. I really enjoyed the way you create your own versions of what you see in the more costly catalogues. You inspire us!

    Wishing you a beautiful day and a wonderful Christmas season ahead.

  24. Yes bj ... you are really good at copy-cating ... but you are so talented with your decorating, you put the others to shame. Your decor is warm and inviting, when some of the others are pretty 'cold' looking.
    Enjoy the season.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. You're so fun, bj, and your versions are perfect and I soooo love the price! Keep on being a copy cat!

  26. Hi bj, I agree, I love Pottery Barn too and love to take on the challenge like you did and come up with your own version. Love your decor!! You are so very talented. Black and white with Turquoise is a favorite of mine too. You are an inspiration Texas friend!!
    Happy December! xo

  27. Bj your copies are truly amazing!!! Wow!!!

  28. I always love the copycat posts!

  29. Ohh. My My. What great copy cats! I'm with you. Love, Love. Love. Pottery Barn. Great post. I really enjoyed it.

  30. Definitely one of my danger spots! Love Pottery Barn! And good for copycatting!

  31. Does your hubby realize how much money you saved him? LOL


  32. You are so good at this copy cats. Yours are terrific. Great photos. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  33. Goodness but you are good at copy cat items from Pottery Barn. The only thing I've ever purchased from them was a very nice mirror butterfly and yes, it was expensive. Since then I found 3 more at Bowring and got all of them for what I paid for the PB one. :-) I have aqua in my Christmas decor too, such a warm colour.

  34. I think your head with the jewelry looks better than theirs. You've done a great job of copying everything.

  35. Thank you so much for visiting me and saying hello! Your copycats are great - they look just as good as or better than the original and for a lot less $. My kind of decorating! Thanks again, Dru

  36. So glad for you to drop in and leave a little calling card at LAWN TEA!! We SO enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast, even with all the delays and shall-wes and should we go aheads as the guys worked to get the power going. You know, some time in the night they must have, for in the morning Caro called down a cheery "My Disposal's WORKING!" and never have I been so glad to hear about garbage, for it meant that my sector must be up and running again. Delighted to get the Keurig and Bose back to rights without that enormous hose of orange extension cord across the sink.

    Butter Ritz 2 cans pineapple sugar flour mild Cheddar:

    The pineapple casserole is toooo simple.

    Melt a stick of butter or oleo in a medium skillet. Crush one sleeve of RITZ, still in the package, and pour into the butter, stirring it all in well (I use a flat wooden paddle, to keep scraping the bottom for five minutes or so, til the crumbs all smell nutty and toasty. If you're making all this the night before, or freezing it ahead, cool the crumbs on a plate now, put them in a little zip-loc and set aside for later)

    Take two tall cans of "tidbits" I think they're called---the regular chunks are a little big for me. Pour all the juice out of one and drink it or discard (I poured it into a pitcher of Crystal Light Lemon Tea and it was lovely PUNCH).

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    If you're gonna freeze it for a later dinner, wrap casserole in Saran, lay the little bag of cooled crumbs on top, wrap with another layer, and freeze. All in one place and ready.

    This was Miss Paula's recipe, I think, and we've been having it at Chris' January Birthday Brunch for years.

    I hope all your Christmas Preparation is going well---how I wish Lubbock was closer to San Antonio---you and my SIS would just love each other---she's a Mississippi-born TEXAN (got there as soon as she could) all the way.


  37. I love me a Pottery Barn catalog. And most of the time, I think there's no way I'd spend that kind of money, even if I had it. Just look at what you can do, for a fraction of the price. AND your keeping stuff outta the landfills. Love it.

  38. I love PB, too, and your knock-offs are the best! I'm always inspired by their catalog but don't stop long enough to copy. I only think of it! Thanks for inspiring me to get busy and copy!!!

  39. I've never been to a Pottery Barn or the other one. I cannot think of the name.


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