Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A bit of Nesting and a bit of Random

Do we ever stop NESTING...??
I think not.

Seems I am forever moving things around...
taking away...
putting out something new....

When Mr. Sweet can't find me, he hollers,
"Where are you, bj......decorating ?"

When I was getting all the RED going on in the bedroom,

I decided I wanted to move the armoire from the living room into the bedroom.

 We had used it in the living room when we first moved to the Summer House..
as a bookcase.....

since it is part of my bedroom set,
I thought I'd enjoy having it in the bedroom....

Not to mention I needed his spot in the living room for
THE SOFA....:)

and I am using it for a ....

"Decorator Closet"

I know...
very much a, "WELL.....I never !" 

but I love it...
SOOOO easy to get to stored candle holders....
faux summer plants...
just all kinds of goodies in there.

The cabinet doesn't house the TV any longer...

Of COURSE, when we moved the cabinet into the bedroom,
other things had to be moved...
 ...namely my ENGLISH CHEST...

I am really liking the chest below

Mr. Sweet built this MACKENZIE*CHILDS knock-off shelf several years ago and I still love it sooo much.

Below is a photo of a photo of the shelf in the Mackenzie*Childs catalog...
I fell head over heels IN LOVE the first time I saw it...

Yes, ma'am.....

So, Mr. Sweet got the measurements out of the catalog, bought the lumber and made me this beautiful shelf for
 me. it is,


hanging in the entry of our old house....

The shelf will always be my very favorite piece of furniture...
Mr. Sweet outdid himself on it and I am very proud.
(I realize that reflection in the middle mirror looks a lot like SANTA CLAUSE...
but it's really moi in my red and white robe, taking pictures...) mama's paint brushes in a little thrifted cup...
The photo is of our 50th anniversary.

...a little ceramic bottle, made in France...(thrifted)

I put things here...
and things there...
and just had a whole day of FUN.....

purses and caps hanging from a cute COAT RACK
I found several years ago on the clearance table in a store that I can't remember the name of.....

Sometimes, it's just plain fun to re-decorate a room by just
moving things around, here and there.
Love, bj


  1. Wow you sound just like me. I am forever changing things. But that way life is not boring.

  2. You have to be one of the Champion Change-Things-Around-People!!! -grin-

    Which is wonderful, because you enjoy doing it so much.

    Now me, I don't get that urge very often. Have it now, for our (unused) Front Room, though. Gotta' move stuff and make way for my sewing machine table!!!!! -clapppping hands-

    See, I need a specific reason, to get in the moving-stuff-around mood. But he got us some of those move-stuff-easily things. This is a soon project. :-)

    Ding-dang formal front rooms! We built this house nearly a half century ago. House plans had the ding-dang formal front rooms. S-t-u-p-i-d! Never got used.

    Anyway, that ding-dang room will have sitting furniture and my sewing machine. Be USED finally. -grinnnnn-


  3. BJ, I like finding things when I want them...which is rare , because I have to dig thru stuff. So having that armoire handy is a blessing. I absolutely love the shelf your sweet man made for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. i LOVE YOUR RED bedroom, mine has a lot of red also. Your Mr. Sweet sure did a terrific job on your shelf and it looks wonderful. I am always moving things around too.
    Have a great weekend. Finally we are having some cooler weather, thank you God. I love it!

  5. have lots of fun stuff worthy of moving around. It's nice to get a fresh look at your tried and true pieces. Mr. Sweet really did a fine job on that shelf!

  6. Have fun moving things around and decorating bj. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. My favorite kind of decorating day---moving things around here and there! I really love that shelf and I remember when the hubby made it for you ---and it looks as amazing today as it did then. Love it--love you! xo Diana

  8. You must be plumb tuckered out BJ, but in a good way :) Yes, this time of year gets me changing things up and dreaming up new ways to cozy up the house. I do just love that MC knockoff shelf and the red and black bedding. Your home is getting its winter finery on and I love seeing it!

  9. Well, It's been quite a day here, and I have you to thank for most of it!! Chris asked me to lunch, and we had a long leisurely lunch in a booth, just us two, and then went shopping for a light fixture for the new kitchen.

    But all the rest---was mostly spent checking in and enjoying and going to visit the commenters and admiring so many lovely blogs I'd not seen before. Thank you SO much for the lovely day---we're about to have a ham sandwich (last slices from the one we had at Halloween supper) and pineapple salads (slices straight from the can, with a little clop of Duke's and some sharp cheese shreds).

    I SO love all your decorating---I see every so often that a blogger/decorator has "shopped the house" and think that that's ONE modern bit of new-speak that speaks for itself, and is quite apropos to the subject. That is one show-stopper shelf!
    and you have such a talented Mr. Sweet, as well.

    With the label "FRANCE" on the little bottle, I was hoping it was eau de France from the Seine. Never been there, but it sounds lovely.

    Thank you for such a fabulous, frabjous day!


  10. BJ ya know what? The day we stop nesting will be our last day on planet Earth. I love your style and your shares. All I can say to that shelf Mr. Sweet rocked is WOW, now that is chic fantastic!

  11. It must be the nesting season -- I'm in the mood to nest myself, but mainly just cleaning and clearing things out to make room for the Christmas explosion at the end of November! Take care, Sally

  12. I must be a bit weird. I never seem to move things around very much. My furniture has been in the same location forever. Perhaps it is time to buy new furniture.... Even my new chair went where the old one was.

    God bless.

  13. I put as many things on wheels as I possibly can because our furniture likes to fly around from room to room. It always happens when I'm home alone so no one ever believes me when I say they decided to move themselves. ;--o

  14. I love nesting! are blessed to have Mr Sweets! He did a fantastic job. It was really fun to read your blog post.

  15. You take such joy in nesting!!! I always like seeing all your pretty things! I would think it would be boring to NOT move things around and change things up! That's what we DO!!!
    Mr. Sweets is a man among men! No wonder you have kept him all these years!!

  16. BJ my have such a happy heart and an eye for colorful decor! Your personality shines through! I love coming here and leaving happy!!! Just so darling!!! Hugs!

  17. I love rearranging! Hope you had a great time! Love the shelf your husband made more than the 1,000 dollar one!

  18. Good morning bj, I was just reading some the posts I put on blue Monday when I was in France ahead. Still catching up. I adore the Mackenzie child's shelf Mr Sweet built. Awesome job. I like his nobs better. Your bedroom looks charming. i too am always redecorating little things in our home.

    Our daughter Christina and I are off to shop and lunch together. I am loving our time in FL.

    I am wondering if the band that Deeds is in won state. Smile.

    Love you bunches my sister friend.

  19. Oops forgive the typos. Rushing to go have some fun.

  20. How fun to rearrange stuff for a new look. I love the shelf Mr. Sweet made for you.He did a great job. Have a fun week!

  21. I love, love, love that top pictures. Soooooooo pretty! And I love Mr. Sweet's building skills. That man is a blessing! You'd better keep him!

  22. Nesting is fun. I'll be so glad when this carpenter is finished with my bathroom so I can have the house back to myself and resume some nesting and also a whole lotta purging I finally got started on. Soon, very soon, it will be time to decorate for Christmas...can you believe it? Where did this year go?

  23. I find myself constantly tweaking, bj! I don't know what it is about us, but it sure makes it fun.
    Your MC knock off shelf is one of my favorite pieces, too. What a sweet gift that was from Mr Sweet. Keep on rearranging, girlfriend!

  24. You've got great style. I know that I've said that before, but I really mean it.

  25. Nesting and re-arranging that is what we like to do! Love the shelf, BJ! Happy Thursday! Pam @

  26. I think its a perfect storage spot. I have un orthodox storing here in this little apartment. Have to make use of every inch.
    Love the shelf. You have a 'handy' guy.
    Have a wonderful Friday.

  27. Your cabinet makes the perfect storage for your decorating items. Looks great and still loving that shelf Mr. Sweet made for you. He is a keeper.

  28. i love this post because i love decorating and i love seeing what other peeps do, inside their homes. i have a similar cabinet and my hubs helped me turn it into a scrapbooking cabinet, which i don't use nearly as much as i should. i think using it for storage is a great idea, having stuff like that close at hand is wonderful!!!

    i saw santa but i was not going to say a word, i was happy you did!!!!

  29. Puttering around the house, as you've done, is such a satisfying activity. I love decorating and taking the time to make my home pretty. Great job of repurposing your armoire. Ours no longer holds a television, either. The bottom houses our printer and the top has linens. Works well for us! I remember when Mr. Sweet made your shelf - it is a real beauty!


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