Thursday, July 16, 2015

♥ Lovey Dovey

Altho this fence around part of the addition we are now living in is nice...
it wasn't the fence that caught my eye.

...aren't they the cutest couple EVER...

 They are not paying one bit of attention to me.....

Times like this is when I wish I had a really great camera...
my little Canon Point and Shoot tries really really hard to do a good job for me,
and most of the time, the photos come out pretty good.

They FINALLY noticed me...
"Hi, guys....or...
are you LOVEY &  DOVEY...?"
 X0X0, bj
 Good Fences Thurs.


  1. Great photo's, Bj ! I love when the doves come to visit my yard and walk around eating seed the other birds have dropped from the feeder. I love the cooing sound they make!
    Have a lovey dovey day!

  2. Watchful eye Lovey and Dovey had . . .
    I agree . . . I liked the fence but the cute pair even more!

  3. I lovey- dovey Doves also. We have a pair that visit daily! We also enjoy watching them! You got great shots as always!


  4. Your camera is doing a fine job. Sweet couple just like you and Mr. Sweet.

  5. Good Morning, BJ! Sweet captures of Lovey and Dovey! Great fence shots, enjoy your day!

  6. How sweet. I always think they sound like owls. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  7. Awwwww, I think we do 'mahhhhhhhhvelously' with our little point and shoot Canon's!!!! ,-) Just look at your sweet wee little love birds here!

    And ya' know, once in a while, when we get a really cooooooool photo to come out, it is so much of an accomplishment. And so much fun. I can still remember a couple of mine. :-)

    Hey, those guys with their fancy-doodle cameras, which ALWAYS give 'em 'ammmmazing' shots, can't get as much fun out of them, as we do, out of our random really cooooooool photos.

    Tessa sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... ,-)

  8. Mmmmmm, NOT implying that your every-day photos, are not amazing! They are! You could do food photo shots for magazines!!!!!!

    I am talking about a couple of amazing Boukah or whatever it is called shots, I got. Clear up close and fuzzy far away. And a spectacular capture of a rose with rime ice on it. THAT kind of a WOW-look-at-that shot. :-)

    Rambling and digging my hole even deeper.... Eeeek... -grin-

    Going bye-bye now. ,-)


  9. That is a cute couple. We have a dove family that hang out in our yard. It's so cute to hear the Daddy call to the young birds each evening. He calls and the Momma goes back and forth between him and the young birds to coax them into the corner of the fence where they huddle for the night. They work together like a family. And I just watch and admire. LOL I'm a weirdo.

  10. i think these came out well! the eurasian collared-doves are pretty birds. :)

  11. We have them around here now and then. I do not like to hear them. Sound sad and lonely. These two are you and Mr. Sweet discussing the new building.

  12. Sometimes it's what is on the fence or behind the fence that makes it photo worthy. There's nothing wrong with your photos. I shot for years with a Canon PowerShot. And now after a few years with a "good" camera, I'm tempted to go back to a little pocket-sized camera. The older I get the lighter the load I want to carry!

  13. Love to hear the coo of mourning doves...these two look as if they've had an argument.

    You captured them very well!

  14. I have lots of doves around my house. They are fun to watch. You captured your doves beautifully. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Looks like you have living statues on your fence! How fun!

  16. the images are's more about the moment and having something to remember it by!!!

  17. How fun! Little LubDubs!

  18. So sweet. Luvy Dovey's! Have a great day bj.

  19. Love them together, perfect post to sit on, and a Point and Shoot is so handy when it is wet, hold it under your jacket, or when fine, easy to have in a pocket. Although I mostly use my DSLR, the Canon Ixus is still charged and ready to go.

  20. Hi BJ Love this fence post and the Lovey Dovey's are so sweet. We have a couple that come to our fence each day and live in the tree of our neighbor. You captured great pics!!
    Have a great

  21. bj,

    LOL...I think we are on the same mindsets, today!!

  22. Great shots bj ... we love our doves too ... only we have so many, I can't keep them fed. I counted thirteen in one of the feeders one day. They do eat the tiny droppings left by the other birds and that is good.
    Stay cool ,,, we are really hot here today. First day without a cool breeze ... a breeze, but not cool ... maybe it is the humidity.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  23. At my home... we have (and for many years) Mocking birds... they are "aggressive" and keep the other birds from my yard...
    some of the males have a great and extensive "collection" of bird songs that they often do in many combinations....
    (a few years back was in the city (Charlotte"... and they were erecting Towers for power lines.. (using a rivet gun)... and the Mockingbird there had mimicked that "Sound" perfectly... that gave us a good laugh.... just goes to show that we are (for a large part) a "product" of our environment...
    .... have a pleasant day dear Lady...

  24. BJ, It is sweet to see birds together. I have seen our cardinal give food to his sweetheart.LOL. Good pictures. xoxo,Susie

  25. Oh so sweet on that stone fence too.

  26. So sweet but I am still trying to recover from reading your previous post.
    Oh BJ, it was/is so serious.
    Anyway, you closed comments to that posts so, back to the pigeons. Great catch with your very effective point & shoot. :)

  27. Your camera did a great job. Love this lovely, dovely couple.

  28. Your camera did a great job. Love this lovely, dovely couple.

  29. Nothing wrong with your camera. You shots are great

  30. We have morning doves nesting in the rather large evergreen next door. They greet us every morning with their call.

    Right now the robins and I are having a bit of a war. I am trying to keep them from eating all our cherries and they are defiantly attacking.

    God Bless.

  31. These are wonderful photos of the doves and the fencing. I enjoyed them.


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