Monday, June 15, 2015

Red Lobster Biscuits....O MY GOSH

Do you have a RED LOBSTER restaurant in your town..?
and, do you like to eat there.?
and, do you LUV their

I don't do fish...
but I LUV their fried COCONUT SHRIMP with a passion.
it's their amazingly delicious, mouth-watering BISCUITS with Garlic Butter
that keeps us coming back for more.

When I discovered this mix at the grocery store the other day, I nearly ran red lights, getting home to bake up a skillet full.

♥ ♥ ♥
I knew Mr. Sweet was going to be sooo surprised...
happy when I brought these out of the oven.

REALLY good...
and LOOK....mine look just like the ones on the box of mix...
I am such a semi-homemade girl.

You add your own fresh, grated CHEDDAR CHEESE....
a little water...
and melted butter for the GARLIC BUTTER packet enclosed.
O Honey....

...did you notice the cute, little cast iron sign..?

I ordered it to go on a gate...(duh)
I LOVE how it looks in the dining room...
just another fun little spot to look at.


  1. Oh my! We love Red Lobster... and, their biscuits are divine! I've gotta get some. That sign is adorable... and, I agree! Too cute on that plate stand.. Cute, cute!

  2. Oh my! Really? We do not have a Red Lobster close to us but I will look for the biscuit mix, if you say it is good then I am off to find a box.

  3. I can say I never tried Red Lobster biscuits. I haven't been to a Red Lobster in years. If this can be found in our stores I sure will try them. They look mouth watering good.

  4. We serve the Red Lobster biscuits at most family gatherings as they are awesome! Love your cute sign.

  5. Gonna have to whip some of these biscuits up soon:@)

  6. Love, love eating at red lobster, I will sure look for this when I go to the grocery store!
    Love the sign.

  7. Oh yes, Red Lobster's biscuits are yummy. I have not seen this box mix in the store though. I will look again next shopping trip! Have a happy day!

  8. I have used that biscuit mix too BJ! They are divine! Another fun post with great pictures! Have a wonderful day sweetness!

  9. You are dangerous . . .
    Now I'll have to go buy some of that much.
    I do like a meal at Red Lobster every once in awhile . . .
    Just to get the cheddar Cheesy Buttery rolls s a thrill . . .
    And now . . .
    Home made . . .
    (Love the gate plate!)

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  12. MIX . . . NOT THE WORD MUCH!

  13. those things are totally addictive. :)

  14. Cute sign! And those biscuits look pretty amazing. I haven't had a biscuit for years, but I like them crunchy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside! YUM.

  15. Oh those Red Lobster tv adds!!!! Aren't they amazing??? You'd think you could reach right in the screen, and grab a bite of those deeeeeeeelicious looking items!

    But, is it ever as beeeeeeautiful, in real life?

    Ahhhhh but we know, those adds are done by professionals. Staged and all... :-)


  16. And yes! I'd love a 'close the gate' sign too! Looks so sweet and old fashioned looking.

    Somehow, I associate 'gates-to-be-closed', with a more old fashioned way of life.

    But of course, we have them here! Need to keep pool gate closed. And gate to family next door gate closed, because of their puppy, and etc. :-)

    Perhaps the old fashioned feeling, comes from the older idea of chatting (gossiping) over the back fence. -grin- And I admit, my daughter-in-law and I do that, at times. :-))))

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,

  17. BJ, I had no idea these might be available to fix at home, so I'll be looking for them. We also love those biscuits. But I'm saving my lobster eating for our trip to Maine in July!

  18. I love your little sign and would love to taste these biscuits. I always think of you when I make buttermilk biscuits. I put a few blueberries in the mix the other day...oh my! Hugs!

  19. Cute sign. Your biscuits look just like the ones at Red Lobster, Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Love those biscuits! Oh so yummy good!

  21. Oh yes, bj...these biscuits are the BOMB! Not only have I eaten them at Red Lobster but I have bought this mix and made them at home. I think they are just as good....mmmm love them!!

  22. I've made the same mix at home and yes, they are wonderful. Here I sit at 9:00 in the morning drooling over cheese/garlic biscuits. Think I'll make a run to the store and get a box!! LOL


  23. BJ you made me smile! John and I don't eat at Red Loster but when my Mom and Dad were still on planet Earth I swear they had a reserved booth only for them. My Dad would finish the biscuit basket and he would be given a bag full of them by their favorite waitress to take home every visit. I smiled because my Dad would be filling up the grocery cart full of those boxes!
    Enjoy your day,

  24. BJ,
    My daughter-in-law calls them "crack biscuits"!


  25. Have not tried the mix yet, but have made them from a "copy cat recipe" several years ago.
    Yes - they are addictive. :)

  26. Mmmm.... yum, yum, yum! :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration, sweet friend. Always a delight to have you at the party. Hugs!

  27. They have them here, too. DANGEROUS!

  28. Super find and I the close the gate sign


  29. I love Red Lobster biscuits, too, bj, and haven't seen the mix. I'm glad you didn't run any red lights on the way home! I'll bet ?Mr. Sweet was a happy man.

  30. I haven't had a biscuit in ages but these sound and look delish!! I will look at the grocery store!!!

  31. No, BJ, we don't have a Red Lobster near us and I have never eaten in one, but I am going to see if I can find those biscuits in the grocery story. I'm sure there are Red Lobsters in Sacramento so we should have the mix at our Raley's..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  32. Yes, we do have one and the best thing about the place is this biscuit! I have not seen the mix in a store yet, but we have made the knock-off recipe.

  33. We have one close by but I've never been there. There are very few things on the menu for a vegetarian, and for those wondering a pescetarian who eats fish but not "meat". But that's usually always for health reasons as most seafood is considered good and red meat and poultry not so much.

  34. I ate there about 6 months ago. Love those biscuits too :)



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