Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lemon Cake

Do you ever have deja vu about a post..??
Like, when you start doing the post and, somehow, it seems you've done it before.?

This one seems like that to me.....
however, I can't find anything in my list of posts or drafts.

if you've seen it before...SORRY.

A bright red bundt pan


make for a beautiful CAKE.

I took the cake outside before putting the glaze on to get a good photo...

I had company...

"Ummm, what IS it that smells so dang good..?"

Get back, Athena....this is NOT dog food.

Back inside for the LEMON GLAZE...
I do love me some lemon.

  I put a little Lemon Zest on top of the glaze..

"I see you back there, Cuma..."
Sorry, girls...cake's not good for doggies.
I just this minute saw that little fly on the edge of the plate..
♪ SHOO, FLY....don't bother me...♪♪ 

"OK, Cuma....come on...
she's not gonna give us even a bite..."

hahhaaa...sorry, girls.

No recipe here, ladies...
just a lemon box cake, cooked in a bundt pan
using buttermilk instead of water...and an extra egg, of course.
It goes without saying that I added extra Vanilla. 

Glaze is powdered sugar and lemon juice with a touch of cream.

I added drops of yellow cake coloring for a luscious color...a very pale yellow...
(looks totally white in these photos)

 ...hug your cake with fresh lemon slices and fresh lemon zest on top...
your family will love you forever.
(even if your doggies don't....:>)

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XOXO, bj


  1. What a beautiful cake, B.J.!! It look and sounds delicious, and you've made it sooo pretty. :) I love lemon desserts better than just about anything. I'll definitely have to try this -- my lemon pound cake recipe is a lot of work. ;)

    Have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. yummy, lovely dazzling photos, but your sad doggies, not even a nibble for them to sample??

  3. That cake looks so good,Bj, it has my mouth watering and I haven't even had breakfast yet! I love lemon, may need to make this!

  4. Very pretty! I would love a slice with my morning coffee:@)

  5. Oh my, does that ever look and sound good . . .
    I love the doggie peeks . . .

  6. I'm pretty sure you can't convince the dogs that cake is bad for them, look at their faces! Such longing! Lol. Who can blame them, I love lemon too!

  7. Well...our thoughts were in the same place BJ...lemons!!! This looks amazing...gorgeous!!! I want to come to your house soooooo bad! Have a great week and thank you for sharing all the yumminess!!!! How I love to visit Sweet Nothings!!!

  8. BJ, you have my mouth watering for that wonderful lemon taste. Your dogs are so pretty.

  9. Oh my! And not a cake mix nor a lemon in the house. Athena is so cute!

  10. If you have a dog, you never truly eat alone. I know mine stares at me if I eat anything around her.

  11. Hello BJ, your Lemon cake looks delicious! And I love your cute doggies. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  12. Hi BJ,

    Lemon is one of my favorites . . . coconut is the other. I like the lemon slices bordering the cake. You know all about eye appeal.

    Thanks for linking in today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  13. Lemon and plain old pound cake one of my favorites. I wish I could see something you prepared that failed.

  14. Oh wow BJ, your cake is exquisite! Can I come over for a slice??? :) Andything with lemon is the perfect treat for summer days. Happy Monday, dear one! Hugs!

  15. Wow!!! That cake looks perfect!

  16. You had me at Lemon! Such a pretty cake you made!

  17. Am following you now with your delicious looking goodies, your wonderful dogs eyeing the cake and the beautiful blues throughout your post ~ very creative!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  18. Yummy! I love anything lemon and this cake looks amazing! Your dogs are too cute!


  19. Fly on the edge of the plate. Truth in blogging!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

    But am not gonna' say a word, about that amazingly, glorious-looking, mouth watering cake. Not-a-word!!!!!!!!! Because the only dessert I am eating now, is baked fruit with whipped cream, and only on Sundays. And it is delicious. Everything baked, becomes more sweet.

    But it isn't a decadent Lemon Cake either. ,-)))))))))))


  20. I love lemon anything. You now have my mouth watering and crying "lemon, lemon"! ;) Cute puppies! Happy Monday! Have a great week.

  21. Oooooh my! That looks delicious! I can't wait to try it - my kinda cake! I love an easy recipe. :)

  22. YUM! I wish you had taste-o-vision! The cake looks so delish.

  23. Oh BJ you are tormenting me with this! I LOVE Lemon cakes ... And yours glazed and decorated with lemons is absolutely making my taste buds perk up and want a piece! Now how precious and cute is that Rabbit lamp?! Love it.

  24. bj, you are such a talented blogger. You just have a special knack for design, color, words, humor, the whole package. I never fail to be delighted by your blog! The way you began your post..right to the end..just made me smile. Giggle actually!
    Lemons. Whether in a cake, pie, or homemade lemonade...OR sitting on a table in a bowl or decorative pedistal...JUST beautiful! You are off to a great week...I can tell.

  25. I'm running a bit late. I came for the strawberry post and discovered this delightful lemon post. And my grand-dog says WOOF to your sweet dog. Thanks for a lovely visit and have a GREAT week! :) ---Kaye

  26. That cake looks so yummy. Made my mouth water wanting a piece. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  27. Don't ya wonder what the dogs think of our interpretation of their thoughts---haha. Guess their happy if we're happy.
    Lemon cake - an all time favorite of mine, hmmm

    1. I need to check my grammar before hitting post - they're; not their.

  28. You should be on the cover of Epicurious!!!!!

  29. Oh my goodness, that cake looks delicious! You are so gifted! Love this post!!
    By the way..congrats to your winner Dazee!

  30. That looks so yummy and sounds delicious. I have been really hungry for lemon lately!
    Joy @ Books and Life

  31. You want a key to my man's heart?? Get him some lemon cake!!! I'm definately going to try this. My family bribes him with it...especially my mother. Can you fix this for me?? I'll get you some lemon cake... hahahaha

  32. Oh my, your cake looks out of this world yummy, bj! I sure could go for a big slice with my iced tea right now.

  33. Yum. It does look yummy. I'll have to give the recipe to my mother she loves to make bundt cakes.
    I need to buy some lemons now! Thanks for sharing. Have a good week.

  34. Oh, that looks so very very good! And the little touches of extra color, lemon wedges, and zest are just beautiful. I love the look on the doggie's face. Like mean it's not for me? Really? Ha ha.

    I want to make that cake for Midsummer weekend! I'll have to share it with the fairies, though. They aren't as polite as doggies!

  35. What a delicious looking cake...lemon is so refreshing in summer and light....

  36. Can't get any easier than this for a luscious lemon cake BJ and I have a bundt pan just like yours - only brown.
    My dog has exasperated me more than once photographing food let me tell you. The one time I chose the perfect blueberry muffin and had it on the plate, I went over to the counter for my teacup to add to the photo. Turned my back for 10 seconds and the darn muffin was gone. But picture my little pooch with the whole thing in his mouth looking like a chipmunk and guilty as all get out. LOL
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  37. OH MY!!!! Now you're talkin'. LOVE lemons, and lemon cake is my favorite cake. I have a couple of recipes, but every now and then (when I get a lemon attack), I use a box mix and voila.
    Lemon attack in progress. :)

  38. Oh, my, BJ. You are just too mean to those cute little furry kids. But after looking at that cake, I wouldn't want to share it with anyone either. So pretty and sounds so good for a hot weather dessert..Happy Monday..Judy

  39. WOW! Looks so yummy bj!Must try this! I love anything lemon! XOX

  40. My husband and I love lemon flavored desserts and I know this would be a hit. I'm pinning your recipe so that I won't forget it.


  41. I used to make a lemon cake and you made a glaze like this, maybe same recipe, but so fresh tasting. In fact, I have to confess, the first time I made, one, I was very young, like 20 and I ended up eating the whole cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between for 2 days...too funny~

  42. Oh my goodness! I feel so lucky and I can't wait to try this coffee THANK YOU B J, I fixed my email please try this email:

  43. Yum, Yum and Double Yum (or is that triple Yum). Lemon is one of my favorite flavors and you've just made my mouth water with these photos. No wonder you didn't share with the dogs!

  44. B.J. I've got plenty of lemons here but no cake mix. I can see I need to bring some along on our next stay. Loved the photos, love, love, love lemons and especially lemon cake!


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