Friday, May 22, 2015

♪♪...wasting away in MARGARITAVILLE

THIS is what I think of when I hear the words..

"wasting away"

(that sure is a LOT of salt...)   


WHAAAT  ????
MARGARITAVILLE Margarita Jello ???
Have YOU heard of it  ??
and how FUN is this  ??
                                                                ♪ ...searchin' for my lost shaker of salt ♪


♪♪...some people say there's a woman to blame....♪ ♪ ♪

What a pretty bowl of green jello....
I sure hope it tastes like a Margarita and not LIME jello...
Let me say right here that
1.  this is very refreshing and good, if you LIKE jello as I do..
2.  Saying this so that  you won't be disappointed,
 it in NO WAY resembles a REAL MARGARITA.
 a big BUMMER !!
 'cause it surely would be fun to EAT a bowl of MARGARITA...
I just know it would.....'s gooood, tho.

AHHH....and making this bowl of Margarita Jello even prettier...
Thanks for hanging with me in such a silly post...
how shallow is it to do a complete post for a blog
on something like......

A  bowl of green jello, with hanging fruit and a puffy white sweet on top....???

(I'll try to get serious....someday....maybe....nawh....forget it...more fun this way)

i just can't get enuf playing today....

"Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a poptop
Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home,
But there's booze in the blender,
And soon it will render,
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

"Wasting away again in Margaritaville,
Searching for my lost shaker of salt,
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
But I know, it's my own damn fault.

OOO...I do love me some JIMMY BUFFETT


  1. Is it 'wasting' or 'waisting' away because that's exactly where the jello would go on me. My favorite line has always been 'blew out my flip flop'-haha. When I blow out my flip flop it's painful!
    Love the post - you are one creative gal!

  2. Good Morning, BJ! I love this Jimmy Buffet song..I am not a big fan of Jello but what a fun post. Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Morning, BJ! Ooolala, margarita jello! I was hoping it would taste like the real deal! That's okay, I do love jello and may have to try it! I'm a parrot head and glad you are too! Great fun! You are a hoot!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You prove that fun blog posts don't require a lot of $, they do require a lot of imagination and you have that in spades. I always enjoy seeing you at play and having fun; it is what makes this a cheerful, happy place!

  5. Sounds good to me! We're headed north to open the cottage this weekend and unless it's freezing (in which case it will be hot chocolate!), I see a margarita in my future! Happy Memorial Day!

  6. WELL that makes me want some jello and a margarita:) Sending you a big hug this morning!

  7. gonna mix up some frozen margaritas this weeekend. :)

  8. Cute post bj, If there is a sugar free margarita jello I will have to try it. Have a blessed day and a wonder memorial day weekend. Madeline

  9. My high school German teacher was a big parrot head.

  10. BJ, Happy Friday! I trust you that it's good ... But it jiggles!!! I just drink mine. I actually had a Jell-O shot once and thought it jiggled too.
    Love the song, love the drink, love you!
    Have a fun holiday weekend, I'll be painting, no not on canvas but on walls in the laundry room.

  11. Sounds like a good thing but unfortunately the one thing I detest is Jell-O. I know who doesn't like that, it jiggles and I can't deal with it in my mouth. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I am following you via email and hope you will follow me back and thanks for your visit. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.


  12. BJ, Pour me a couple of those and I'll be right over. LOL...don't I just wish. Hope your weekend is fun filled. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. Good morning Bj, Perfect song for this Holiday weekend! Right now it's 5 o clock Somewhere I'm sure! *wink* Where did you find this jello?? I've been wanting to try my hand at making Jello shots! That's how I'll be spending this weekend, pool side with a drink in my hand!
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    xo Christine
    P.s I gave a shoutout to you on my post today, because you are truly inspiring!! :)

  14. We love Jimmy Buffet too...and have about all of his albums. Saw him in Cincinnati Ohio one time...but hubby and the kids went back a few more times. I may have to try that jello. Have a good weekend. Sheila

  15. We traded ear worms... I gave you the mockingbird song, you gave me Margaritaville. I got the better deal! We had a good margarita last night in Key largo... We're on a mid week getaway. So I'm in a jimmy Buffett mood! Not sold on the jello....I never can remember to make the darn stuff. Think I'll just go for the bowl of margaritas ;))

  16. Enjoyed your interesting and entertaining post ... I think I will have my margarita on the rocks, please. The jello looks good. May have to try it.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. Well- there is a Parrothead in the blogland crowd, I see. I love old Jimmy boy, too...and so do my kids. They always go and attend his summer fest when he is in the Midwest.
    I know you won't believe this-but I have NEVER had a Margarita. lol But that jello sure looks good to me.
    IF you get SERIOUS- I will have to stop visiting you----just sayin' Love ya- and Happy Memorial Day- xo Diana

  18. That jello looks amazing and I know that it is good. Why can't you use tequila instead of water when making this yellow and then it would really be a Margarita Jello - something to think about.
    Love the post - don't ever change - love your posts.
    Happy Memorial Day

  19. Sounds like I'm already in the tequila - I meant to say jello not yellow,

  20. Oh yum. Wow. I have to try! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  21. Exquisite creativity, beautiful pictures, very fun colors!

  22. Hello sweet friend, I love all things Margarita! The song and artist, and of course the drink. I haven't made jello in forever but you've put a bee in my bonnet and I think I will give it a try again topped with whipped cream. Perfect for a summer holiday weekend. I certainly enjoyed seeing the photo of you and your daughter wearing the same necklace, awesome as well as the photos of your beautiful family. Keep those anniversary photos coming bj.
    Happy holiday weekend............

  23. Next time, use tequila instead of water and sprinkle in a little salt.


  24. Silly you…sounds like you need a real margarita!!

  25. Silly girl . . . You are so much fun!

  26. now you're making me hungry...or thirsty. I'm going to have to check this out!! fun post!!

  27. What fun!!!! The colors and effects are wonderful.

  28. Oh what a great idea that jello is! I just made a playlist of JB songs for vacation! Have a great week BJ! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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