Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aren't you gonna help me...???

When I looked out thru the blinds this morning, I saw the
at their BALL in the pool.

How did their ball get in the middle of the swimming pool..??
the FIRST time, the high winds blew it in.
the SECOND time...???   well....
SOMEbody loves to tease these cutie pies....

CUMA stands watch on one side of the pool...
(because she just KNOWS that staring at that ball will perform a miracle by
just rising out of the water and landing at her feet)

while majestic ATHENA watches from the other side.

"Maybe if we join forces, we can get that ball over to the side."
Athena...."You're a Lab....why don't you just jump in, get it and swim out.?"

Cuma..."Are you crazy..?? No way am I gonna get all wet ...
just keep staring at it and it's bound to come to the side."

Athena...."Ok, Miss Smarty Pants...but I've got other fish to fry...
I hear the garbage truck in the alley and I need to run up and down the fence line
and bark at it.....it's my job."

Cuma...."Whatever....I'm not takin' MY eyes off this ball .."
"Look, it's getting closer..."
(she is SO convinced  that THE STARE will magically bring that ball closer to her)

it's floating off again....KEEP STARING....."

Cuma....."WELL....aren't you gonna help me ???"

bj...."Ok, let me go in and use the bathroom..
all this water makes one need to ....well, you know..."

but before I could get back outside,
I saw THIS thru the blinds...
Bless her heart....all that staring paid off and she got her ball...

yeah....and now that all the hard work of STARING is over,
Athena believes SHE wants to play with the ball, too.
hahhaa....you are a piece of work, Athena....
and we all sure love you and Cuma to the moon and back.

 My cute blogging friend left the following comment and I
just had to share..

 Jax has left a new comment on your post "Aren't you gonna help me...???":

This post had me giggling the whole way through!! I'm so glad that staring paid off in the end. I kind of wanted you to dive after it and be the hero in the end. :) 
Outdoor Wed.


  1. Love this adorable post, bj! What cuties they are too! That pool looks awfully refreshing...I wouldn't have minded going in after it but I love that no one had too!!

  2. oh, these two are ADORABLE!!! what great family pups you have!

  3. Funny BJ, cute series of images. Your dogs are so cute. I wish I could do that staring trick! Have a happy day!

  4. Wow! Those dogs are amazing!

  5. Cuma has mastered the art of positive thinking. We should all take a lesson from her patience and belief. Beautiful dogs!

  6. What a delightful post BJ. Never know what those dogs are going to do and maybe, just ,maybe staring at that ball made it come to her.
    Beautiful dogs. I am sure they can keep you entertained.
    Have a great week.

  7. Never underestimate the power of a Lab's stare!!!!!!

    -giggggles- Love it. How 2 doggies with a pool, don't love to jump in.

    2 of son/d-i-law's black Labs, used to love it! But they have passed now. And the present one, Maggie, didn't grow up with a pool, and is not getting in!!!!! It's just not easy to get out, like a nice lake is!!!! :-)))))

    But a new black Lab puppy is coming. She will love the pool, cause she will come over to her Nana and Pop's to swim, early on.

    Lots of hugs,

  8. Bj this is just so adorable. What a sweet and funny post today. Made me smile. My daughter has a great dane like your Athena and a yellow lab and a boston terrier so she has the large, medium and small arrangements of dogs. I just know her great dane is the most loveable dog ever. I bet you find that true with Athena too. They are like little ponies but so loveable. Have a great week.

  9. Bj this was a very cute post. Wonderful photos . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. This gives me a huge smile, words and photos together make a wonderful story, and DID you help at all in the makings??

  11. Adorable and funny! Loved this, BJ!

  12. Aww, bless her heart, is so right!!! What and adorable and precious post, BJt! They are just adorable!


  13. This is the cutest post and you have given me the giggles! I love dogs. They bring such joy and chase away the worries.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  14. Hi BJ! What a sweet and funny post. I got such a kick out of those two cuties waiting patiently for that ball... :)

    Have a wonderful rest of the week... :)

  15. This post had me giggling the whole way through!! I'm so glad that staring paid off in the end. I kind of wanted you to dive after it and be the hero in the end. :)

  16. So cute, she got the ball, we could all learn patience!

  17. How cute....I know from Mattie you are getting tons of rain!!!

  18. Absolutely too funny, I love the photos!

  19. Oh that would be funny if you dove in to help:) Yep, I wouldn't either:) Enjoy your evening, this made my day! HUGS!

  20. LOL- That is so funny, bj. I would have probably broke down and gone out with the leaf skimmer and edged the ball over to them. lol This is a funny post- xo Diana

  21. Adorable BJ! I have been known to go into the pool and get the ball for the doggies. Yep, I am their hero ;o)

  22. Sometimes the dogs are smarter than we think:@)

  23. Love it. And isn't it amazing that we know what their little brains are thinking! We do the same thing with our golden...say what he must be thinking. Our fur babies bring joy and laughs into our daily life. Sheila

  24. BJ, you are so funny. I am glad that the ball made it to the edge. LOL. I think all dogs need tennis balls to play with. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  25. bj this gave me just the smile and laugh I needed today! Gotta love our sweet furry guys!

  26. bJ that was the greatest blog ever and pictures and the dogs. Happy ending.

    Made my night as I am seeing this at night as I was in and out most of the day. Nice big beautiful pool too.

  27. I love how the pup looks at you when it floats away - now what?

  28. I just love that top photo, gorgeous. You were sucha tease making them wait. And as for Cuma and the water, we had a black lab who hated water as well.


  29. Oh, what a fun blog! I too thought you were going to jump in and get the ball back! LOL


  30. What a cute post!! Beautiful dogs - and very patient ones, too!!

  31. Beautiful dogs - Athena is so elegant!
    Staring works, I guess. I know that it has worked o. Things line the last pice of cake, the last brownie and the last slice of pie........they just seem to come to me!

  32. Adorable . . . so, so adorable . . .

  33. It's a miracle, G'mom! Precious post ... they make me smile!

  34. What if there were a parallel universe where someone was taking pictures of you staring at the dogs staring at the water and posting about how cute you were doing it??? Sorry, just popped into my head. You two little fur-babies are adorable and so are you.

  35. Love it. I needed a smile and a cooling off! It's humid here! I'm gonna have to have Daisy come over and meet the Girles. Smiles, Sherry

  36. Cuma is hysterical! Or hy-stare-ical! This is just charming and brought an early morning smile to my face!

  37. LOL.... Too funny! I'm surprised they didn't just jump in and get it. But - my golden is sort of afraid of the pool. She likes to play in the shallow water at the pond - but she wants no part in anything that's over her head. And - she's a golden retriever. She is an amazing swimmer???? But - who wants dog hair in the pool filter anyway?

  38. BJ your doggies are gorgeous and I enjoyed this post.

  39. Interesting sequence of shots.

  40. I think I'll stare at all my computer work....think it'll work for me???Hahaaaa
    Too Cute!

  41. Hi BJ, I am so surprised that Cuma didn't go in after it. We once had a shepherd-golden mix that loved going into our pool, all I had to do was give her a nod and she'd dive in. Beautiful dogs and beautiful yard! Love your Dane too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen


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