Monday, March 2, 2015

Mirror Windows...gotta love them ~

I love love love mirrors that looks like windows...
I think they are so cool looking...
and when they are put in the "right" places, can act as another window because
of the light they bounce all over the room.

Mercy me....what a stunning mirror.
Don't you know it bounces light all over that luscious room !

Leave it to POTTERY BARN to have such a charming mirror...
with vintage-looking shutters, no just takes my breath away.

I don't think they still carry this mirror or at least I couldn't find it.
ANYway, it's so adorable......

Another POTTERY BARN darling....

NOW, take a look at these little nuggets...

aren't they sooo cute and
don't they look so so much like ....A WINDOW. !!

If you want to know how this cute blogger,AIMEE, fashioned such cuteness,

If you have a room that needs more is an awesome solution to that problem

These, I believe, are vintage windows, spiffed and painted and new mirrors
inserted and......
this sweet blogger, KRISTI, made these cutie pies for her mama.
I just love mother*daughter love.
You can click RIGHT HERE  to go to her blog and see how she did this. 
Some of you may remember when we moved into son's beautiful POOL HOUSE, one end of the pretty living room didn't have windows.
 And, some of you may remember what we did to fix that problem.
 It costs a LOT to put in windows so we did the next best thing....

Bought two large, inexpensive mirrors, painted them white....

Bought 4 vintage shutters and painted them white...

I can't tell you how much these added to our windowless area of the room...
They added,
Depth to the room...
light bouncing all over the place from the windows in the other side of the room...
just plain CUTENESS that the room needed.

The mirrors were about $40 ea...
the olden shutters were $8. each...
Mr. Sweet added the little "window sill" for about five bucks.
Much cheaper than having someone put in real windows....
and we both love them to the moon and back.

I'm hoping to have our living room painted this summer...can't wait. 

Here's another RESTORATION HARDWARE beauty that 
must have made a HUGE difference in this to-die-for white room.

and look.......

...can you believe how FANTASTIC  these little window mirrors with shutters are !
Wasn't she so smart to come up with this idea for such a long wall....
...and....I love all her cute pillows.

I love the above one with the hinged shutters...
just another layer that really makes it all look perfect.

I believe this mirror was on WAYFAIR site and it was $900.00.

I've so been wanting another window mirror but 900 bucks..??



when I found this beauty at.....

Better Homes & Garden brand 

I just couldn't believe how pretty it was...

I just couldn't believe how 

That reflection is the door to the master bedroom....  

  I am so happy.....LOVE IT to the moon and back.
It's PERFECT on the narrow wall as you go into the master bedroom. didn't break the bank.  Ya just gotta love that !
*...just think about these, with vintage looking shutters on ea side...
would be sooo stinkin' cute..!! 
I may just do that in the bedroom.....hmmmm.....:>) 

In our olden house, we had 2 windows in the breakfast area..

This is a terrible photo but wanting to show you how putting mirrors on the adjoining wall made it appear we had FOUR windows.
 ANOTHER b.a.d. photo but it shows the way the mirrored wall
makes 4 windows and twice the light in this little room/
 I think mirrors are one of the very best decorating tools.
Do you use a lot of them...and do YOU have a mirror window?
I surely would love to see you feature it/them in a post...
and if you DO, please let me know so I won't miss it. :)

Joining these link parties:
Ruby Tues. . (not a lot of red...hope u will let me play :>)
Treasure Box Tues 

 Our sweet grandgirl, BRYNNA, topping off a great cheerleader routine...
Their boys basketball team are playing tonight (3/3/15)  
for a Regional win.
We'll be there, cheering you on ! 


  1. Love your new window! I have been thinking about putting one in the dining room--you've convinced me!

  2. I love the way mirrors make rooms appear bigger.

  3. I love these ideas, especially the ones with the shutters. We have these cutouts in one wall, and I think I'm going to add shutters for a window effect. I've been thinking about it, but your post convinced me to try!!

  4. Lots of gorgeous interior views. Love the shutters and that large mirror makes a wonderful feature.

  5. This was so interesting ! I like how you mixed showing various sources and what you did with your own space as well ! All lovely.

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful mirror windows with us. I do not have any and may have to get some. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Oh that has been an interesting blog of window mirrors. And your own choice.

  8. I can't believe that round top mirror was only $45! It had my mind racing trying to think of a place I really "needed" another window. SO cute! I love the DIY shuttered windows Mr. Sweet made for you, absolutely gorgeous. He sure is handy :>)

  9. Yes, interesting, I really like these mirror windows!

  10. Awesomeness...

    Wish I can get one but I never will hang in my bedroom. No tv and no windows in my bedroom :-)

    Wishing I live nearby to purchase those lovely stuffs that make my heart stop.

    Happy week ahead.


  11. Those new "window" mirrors are exceptional and they look perfect in your home BJ. Good luck to the team..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. Thank you very much, Brynna wonderful, lovely!

  13. I remember when Mr. Sweet made those pretty mirror windows for you, BJ. I just love them. You've shown us so many pretty ideas for using windows. I just LOVE your new one from Wal Mart. What a lovely addition to your home. Now I want one! I will need to make a trip to WM soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Perfect for a bright summery designed room. I didn't think it could look that beautiful until I saw them in your post. I like the white pianted bedroom. It is so neat, so airy.

  15. Hi BJ,

    I do like mirrors, but I do not have any mirror-windows. I LOVE your decorating ideas!

  16. I love them!!! I currently have 2 window mirrors up in my dining room right now. Of course they are Parisian style because you know how I love to pretend I am French. Haha great finds!!! The window sill on yours and the shutters are the perfect touch.

  17. I love this idea. Everything is beautiful!! You are so gifted.


  18. All beautiful ideas! I love, love your new mirror. Great find!


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