Monday, February 23, 2015

I smoked a CIGAR once....

and never have been that sick since !!!

Hello, friends.

This is a very long post...

 My dad loved to use CIGAR BOXES to hold his treasures.
At one time, he had about 10 or 12 cigar boxes.
These two were all he had left when he passed away and
I have hung on to them for dear life.

 He owned several cafes when I was a little girl and he sold cigars.
I am sure this is the reason he could get the boxes so easily.
I laugh every time I see where he marked out  the 5 cents and added the 7.
Some of the olden cigar boxes had beautiful images on the lid.
and it seems, most of the time, it was a beautiful lady.
Back in MY day (stone ages), we always decorated a CIGAR BOX
for our VALENTINE BOX in school.
I always had one on hand to decorate....from my dad's *stash*... 

   Lots of famous people smoked cigars, I guess...

I think BONNIE PARKER of the BONNIE AND CLYDE fame, just stuck that cigar in her mouth to shock the pee out of everyone. ( I just finished watching the movie for about the 1000th time...)

George Burns
Humphrey Bogart
Pres. John Kennedy
I smoked for years and years and years
 (NOT cigars, tho.) and was always
so skinny because when you are a smoker, if you get hungry....
you can just smoke a cigarette and you are no longer hungry....
or at least that's the way it worked with me.
SOMETIME, I will tell you about how I QUIT smoking 12 years ago...
It is an AWESOME story...a testimony, if you will.

I never saw my dad smoke cigars...but he did smoke cigarettes for awhile.

He had so many olden photos in his boxes..
most of them were of his brothers.
(some of you may remember me telling you about my Aunt Lillian that 
always dabbed a bit of Vanilla flavoring behind ea ear when she baked....
that's her in between brothers...) 
There were several olden letters and one from my mother to him, before they married.
 That's my daddy, on your right....
It seems so funny to see a photo of him, not smiling.
He smiled nearly all the time.
He had such a great sense of funny and really quick witted.
When he laughed, it sounded like it came from his toes...all the way up.
He was my step-dad but I couldn't have loved him more if he had been my blood dad.
As far as I was concerned, he WAS my DAD !
I think I've mentioned before that God gave me two dads that were just the best !

Yes sir ree bob...
I am VERY happy to have a couple of his CIGAR BOXES.
Sometimes, when I miss him a lot, I just hold one in my hands,
because I know HE held it at one time.♥..

....and when I do...sometimes I think I hear him laughing......

I've added to these two boxes over the years
and I do believe I have a 

I found another of Dad's boxes..
it was in a trunk at the very bottom....

 My mother made him a sewing box .....

(they were separated for years and years..
they never did divorce, and spent a lot of time together.
They just couldn't live together)

This little adorable ROMEO & JULIETA cigar box was sent to me several years

This beautiful little box has an insert to hold the cigars.
I've never seen that before.  Pretty neat.

I didn't start out wanting to collect these WORKS OF ART...
but I am so glad it happened.

 They are colorful...

I think they are just full of charm...
and I am in the mood to go THRIFTING to see if I can add MORE boxes to my growing collection.

THIS WARNING IS on all the modern boxes...

This is my most handsome, favorite fella in the whole world...
and he loves an occasional cigar....and I love him !! 


  1. i have a couple of cigar boxes here. i think they're very cool.

  2. BJ, what a fun post! I had forgotten about cigar boxes. My dad had them too. I remember using them for school supplies and we made them into purses too. Now this makes me wish I had one.

  3. I have always loved the artwork and the myriad possibilities for crafts that cigar boxes present. My stepdad smoked cigars and we thought they stunk to high heaven! We pestered him to quit for years, but he never did. We didn't like the smell but we loved the boxes :>)

  4. My mother hung onto her dad's cigar boxes, though they are in much rougher shape than yours. My brother-in-law smokes a cigar every day and so I now have a collection of cherrywood boxes. I have no idea what to do with them. They have no interesting graphics.

  5. Great post BJ! We made our Valentine boxes out of the round cardboard oatmeal boxes! I used to smoke cigarettes too for many years. I quit 15 years ago.

  6. This post made me smile. The cigar boxes and pictures......just make me happy to see it...reminds me of my grandpa.

  7. This cigar boxes are so pretty. So glad that you have a few from you dad too and the nice memories you have!

  8. I always love reading your blog Mom but I really like this post! Makes me miss Papaw too!

  9. Love every photo, what a wonderful collection, and how to stop smoking, will wait in hope, as a family member really wants to stop,Any way that has worked, and straight from that person themselves, is the best way.

  10. What a great post, bj. I love your cigar boxes. I can remember my dad smoking the occasional cigar and I must say that I don't mind the smell of the good ones at all. I never smoked by my hubby did and finally quit several years ago---after 7 or 8 short term unsuccessful tries. I was glad to see him quit.

    I can remember having cigar boxes when I was a kid to keep my "treasures" in. I loved them back then and still love them today. I dont ever see the though anywhere (for sale).

    Hope you have a good night- love that last picture- xo Diana

  11. That was a fun post, BJ. I love how you talk about your father - such a lot of affection and it jumps out of the post.
    My dad smoked cigars long ago. He also smoked a pipe at one time, and I loved the smell of the pipe tobacco. It's a long time since I saw a person with a cigar, though. The Great Dane's aunts in Denmark all used to smoke them!

  12. This was so much fun to read bj - your daddy was a special guy!
    Love your collection of boxes - especially the one fitted out as a sewing box.

    Mary -

  13. What a great post. I remember the artwork that adorned tobacco products in the early 50's. My grand father smoked cigars and chewed tobacco. Some chewing tobacco was also packaged in cigar type boxes. Thanks for sharing.

  14. A wonderful reminiscing of days gone by. It's nice that you have these keepsakes. They are charming. I think we have one or two from Dear's father. I'll enjoy reading your testimony of sorts on quitting smoking!

  15. I love them, too! There are several in our son's room, holding little boy things. My husband smokes one on occasion, with the boys. :) As a smoker, I'd love to hear your quitting story. I started when I was just thirteen. I dream of quitting for my kids. I lost my dad to lung cancer when I was fourteen, he was only 42. I don't want that for my little ones. :(

  16. Your stirred up some memories with this post. My Father smoked cigars on occasion, and always lit one up when we were on our way to a family event, trip, etc. I had 3 or 4 boxes (not his) that I bought at a thrift store with plans to use them for storing jewelry supplies, etc.. Never did anything with them and not sure if they are still here somewhere.
    I remember growing up - cigar boxes and shoe boxes were often decorated and used for Valentine boxes.
    I never smoked one myself, but am an ex cigarette smoker. Quit 10 1/2 yrs. ago. Should have quit sooner. :/

  17. Wow that stiffed up a passel of memories.

  18. These old cigar boxes are very beautiful ! I hate the smell of a cigar, but it's true lots of men in the past smoked cigars.

  19. I am not a smoker and never have been. I can't stand the smell of cigarettes or cigars though oddly I do like the smell of some pipe tobacco. Even though I have strong feelings against smoking, I think those cigar boxes are very beautiful. xx

  20. We have so much in common, my hubs has a stash of old cigar boxes, they are each so different and colorful, I miss my dad like crazy and have a few of his treasures, I dipped snuff once and came close to death, I watched bonnie and clyde Saturday and sunday while working on our wine cellar

  21. Awww...such a sweet post! I miss my Dad as well...

  22. I can remember decorating cigar boxes. Wonder why they had those pretty ladies on the boxes.
    Your dad was a handsome man. I would love to hear how you stopped smoking,Bj!

  23. Sweet collection! I have ONE cigar box and it belonged to my Daddy:) I cherish it and will make sure it gets passed down to one of my family members who will appreciate it! Enjoy your day dear B.J. I loved this post!

  24. Oh what a walk down memory lane!
    My father loved cigars and how I remember those fancy boxes- we made them into puppet theaters and treasure boxes.
    I tried a cigar once too in college (the taste still haunts me) lol and luckily never picked up smoking. I'll have to see if I have any of those old boxes packed away.

  25. I have never collected cigar boxes, that is one thing I don't have in the house. They are beautiful though and the memories they invoke even more beautiful.

    God bless.

  26. Great post by. My dad smoked cigars but they were sold in small boxes not the nice boxes like you have. I to smoked when I was younger (cigarettes). One day 45 years ago I just said that is it. With my kids help I never smoked another cigarette. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  27. I loved reading that! I am old enough to remember papering cigar boxes to use as Valentine's boxes. (: Do you know they sell them at Spec's? They are about $1 for the cardboard ones, a little more if they are wooden. The art on them is so vintage and the scent the cigars leave behind is wonderful...following you now! Come see me at:


  28. Great read! I love your boxes and I had a few from my grandfather growing up too

  29. Me too BJ, smoked a cigar ... Well not much of it before I threw up!!! I was dared to on a work related trip. I wish I didn't accept that dare!!! I too love vintage cigar boxes, the graphics on them are stunning and I have an interesting collection mostly all were given to me by my Brother-in-law. I incorporate them into my design, often using them as a riser for elevating pieces of art. Love your photography, always a joy to see your posts.

  30. I use to store my treasures in a cigar box back in the day, don't have any now. Would be nice to find one or two. Tell us your story about quitting. The lord helped me to stop smoking, I couldn't have done it without him.

  31. Oh my gosh B.J. - can't tell you how much I loved ( loved loved ) this post !
    John still smokes an occasional cigar too ( although the smell of them can make me vomit on the spot - I don't know why because I used to love the smell of them )
    His favorite part of visiting Cuba was the Cohibas !
    Love the 5 cents to 7 cents !
    What a beautiful memory filled post ♥

  32. bj,

    I love this post, as always!
    My favorites are the telegram, the part about the Love Letter, and the picture of your dad.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  33. I don't smoke but I've always wanted to smoke a cigar. I think because they remind me of chocolate!! When I worked at The Pentagon, I had a boss who chewed cigars. He never lit them. I think that when the Cuban embargo is lifted, I might just try one!!


  34. BJ, We have tons of those boxes.. We have family and friends who are Cuban and bring my husband cigars ..He loves Romeo and Julieta..
    and they smell so good....LOL

  35. Hi bj ... sure enjoyed this post. So delighted that you have these memories of your Father and family. The photos are priceless. And, yes, your David is so handsome.
    Audrey Z.

  36. BJ, I so enjoyed your very vintage post today, very colorful indeed. My hubby also enjoys an occasional cigar, and I love the aroma from the tobacco. Cigars and pipes seem to have an aroma, while cigarettes just plain stink. Why is that?

  37. Groucho Marx: “You have 14 children? Why do you have so many kids?”

    Woman: “Because I love my husband”.

    Groucho: “I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while.”

  38. BJ, we are like peas in a pod. Although my dad didn't smoke cigars, he smoked a pipe, but I never tried to smoke one. I did however, run out of cigarettes one day and found a cigar in the drawer that my husband was keeping. He didn't smoke but he liked an occasional cigar. So I tried it and smoked the whole thing and didn't get sick. I have to say I was a hard core smoker, and smoked for about 25 years, but I quite in 1989. That is almost the most greatest accomplishment of my life! I have a good story of how I quit so I will tell mine if you tell yours. In a post perhaps!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  39. BJ, thanks for the tip on fixing the no-reply blogger!

  40. Oh BJ what a fun post. Brought back some memories for me too. I really enjoyed reading this. I was thinking of you today and was wonderin'
    what fabulous things you've been sharing so I came by. Your sweetie is so handsome! My Cowboy loves an ocassional cigar also.
    We are gonna have to take a trip West and come see ya'll or you'll have to come East. LOL. I've missed blogging and all my friends. I am gonna spend a few minutes reading your posts and catching up. After I eat a bowl of yummy stew. The timer is calling me. I wish you were here to take fabulous photo's so I could post! LOL. If you think of me say a prayer I win the Lottery (but I'd have to buy a ticket LOL) or get an in heritance! I need a new computer! Hope ya'll are cozy and warm today! Hugs, from Keller..

  41. My Dad smoked White Owl cigars. I wore the paper bands as rings and kept the boxes for my treasures. I wish I still had one. Thanks for the memories.

  42. Habanos nice boxes! Since childhood I have drawn these wooden boxes!

  43. A lovely post :-)
    I used to collect my father's cigar boxes, but most of them are gone... Loved the smell inside them!

  44. I have n ever smoked a cigar, but did a grapevine. Took one dip of snuff and that was it. Never touched anything like it again. I do not like being around cigar smokers. There is something about them bothers me. I have one or two vintage boxes tho. Not sure where I got them as no one in my family smoked cigars.

  45. Were you still smoking cigars when you quit 12 years ago? ;)

    Red Rooster's Singing

  46. Cool post! My dad was a cigar smoker, too, so your boxes look familiar to me. I wish I still had at least one of his boxes but I do have a bunch of cans that once held the tobacco for his pipes. Like you, I buy an occasional old cigar box at thrift shops and garage sales.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  47. What an interesting and unique collection, and it is neat in that it reminds you of your father.


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