Saturday, January 17, 2015

Will I fall off the face of the Earth if I do this...???

I just hate Google+.
Maybe I just have never learned to USE it correctly....I mean....what's it good for ??

It makes finding blogs so hard...if the user doesn't link his/her blog address to their Google+ page, I sometimes can't remember the blog name and most of the time, I just skip the whole thing.  I am beginning to think the whole thing is worse that WORD VERIFICATION.

I want to delete my whole Google+ page and any time the word DELETE comes up in regards to blogging, I break into a cold sweat.

Here's what Google tells me to do if I want to delete.....
  1. Open Google+.
  2. In the top left corner, click the drop-down menu > Settings.
  3. Scroll down to to “Disable Google+” > click Delete your entire Google+ profile here.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page > check the box next to “Required” > click Remove selected services.
Before I hit that DELETE there ANY reason...ANY REASON IN THE WORLD OF BLOGGING, that I should consider before flushing it down the toilet...?

Thank you for helping me decide on this ......I sure value your opinion.

Love, bj

I know that I'll never, EVER, use Google+ because I like going to the blogs..
HOWEVER, thinking both arms, my legs and all my hair might fall off if i delete it...
I will just sweep it under the bed and never look at it.
xoxo bj 


  1. Bj, I wish I could help. I have no idea what you are talking about. Ignorance is bliss I guess. :-)

    I hope someone knows the answer to help you.

  2. I am not a fan of it either but I wouldn't know how to delete it either!

  3. I despise Google+.
    Somehow I have an account but I don't want to use it because I don't want my last name etc attached to my blog. It's public enough without my clients being able to find me that way! I find it frustrating and disappointing not to be able to comment on Google+ blogs.........unless I'm missing something. I really like Eclectic Shorebird's blog, for example, but can't comment without signing in to Google+ which immediately asks for my personal information. Good luck, BJ!

  4. i'm not sure if it'll impact anything on blogger. google has manage to entwine their products so much that i've left my google+ account alive, too, but at least don't use it for my main profile, etc. sorry, can't help with specifics.

  5. Jean, Don't do it. I too felt like you for awhile and then I sat down one evening and made myself learn to use it. I love it. True you can't find everyone on it because they didn't link their blog to it but it doesn't matter because there are plenty of us on there. I love the profile section where you can read about the person. I love that you can share within your google plus and your followers. Please give it more time.

  6. I don't like Google+ and never 'linked' it to my blog so I have it but I don't have it linked. Not sure what to tell you. I don't want my Google+ to be my blog profile. Good Luck!

  7. I am not much help, as usual:) I joined Google+ only because a new friend kept leaving sweet comments and I felt bad that I couldn't let her know I appreciated it! Well... that is all I use if for. Good luck whatever you decide! HUGS!

  8. BJ, I know most of my problems are of my own lack of knowing how to use anything on a computer. LOL. I wish I could help you. On my old computer I load Google Chrome and about lost my mind. It was not worth all the trouble it caused. As for Google + , I know nothing. I will wish you much good luck. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. I just hooked up to Bloglovin, so don't ask me about Google+. It takes me a very long time to try anything new.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do BJ.

    God bless.

  10. I wish I had the answer for you, but sorry....I dont.

  11. I would be afraid.....better see if someone really knows.....You don't want to lose your whole blog...

  12. I can never find anyone's blog on google+ .I often see information about the person, and something about their circles, but not their actual blog. A lot of times I already feel like I am going around in circles, I'm not interested in more circles, and then I just forget about it. I don't understand why google friend connect wasn't enough. I'm on the low end of the learning curve with the computer, and it doesn't take much to throw me for a loop with it. I would be afraid to try to delete it,, because in my case, who knows what I would actually end up deleting. I thought it was just me that didn't "get" the google+ thing, but it looks like, from the replies you have received, there are lots of others out there who are feeling the same way about it.

    I hope you are able to get it all worked out. Good luck.


  13. I don't have any accurate advice, I would be afraid I would delete my gmail and blog plus who knows what else? LOL
    Good Luck on whatever you do, I'll check to make sure you're still in the world of online blogging LOL

  14. Gosh, I thought I was the only one! Hopefully someone will come forward with a fool-proof, easy-to-understand tutorial. 'Til then, I'll do my best to IGNORE it.

  15. I despise Google + with a passion. It can not be working as intended. Someone has a great tutorial that I ran into recently. Let me check and see. I'll email if I find it.

  16. Dearest BJ, Did I ever tell you I'm a conspiracy theorist? Well, I try not to be, but sometimes in cases like this, I let my mind go wandering alone... NOT a good thing. However, let me tell you about this Googlemonster. I signed up happily with Googleplus a few months, years, ? ago. I was okay with it, plus oneing things that I thought were great, etc. Living in blissful ignorance. Then I got a comment about a completely unblogged, unfacebooked photo that I just happened to have on my computer. It wasn't a bad photo, but it was totally stupid... and there. Someone somewhere had accessed in through my googleplus account. I realized that all my photos were evidently lying out there ready to look at. The one I took of my thigh with the big spider bite so I could get a look at the thing even though it was on the hind side of pretty... Ugh! Sometimes I take pictures of the room as a mess so I can feel awesome when I clean... Ugh.

    So I deleted it. I thought. I did all the things it said to do. I investigated and read, etc. But I didn't delete Blogger or Facebook or Pinterest or any of the other things I'd signed up with through Google accounts. So... I think I'm still listes somwhere. I see Gayla (Google) beside my Comment as bar. Right here on your blog.

    Let me tell you . If I want to, I can type in a person's cell phone number and access every move they've made. It tells if they went to a small town and picked up a load of beef, if they traveled to a distant town and had lunch with a former coworker. If they made three trips in the same day to get more groceries because they forgot something each time... Why does all the information need to be documented? My son doesn't log in all the time, but even so... when he checks his weather and syncs... he's technically logged into the world.

    Doesn't that sound ultra Big Brotherish? I sometimes wish I had stayed totally anonymous, given fictitious names and addresses... but I think that would still be available. Deep in my heart I know I'm not anyone that another planet or a totalitarian government should want to monitor.

    As for deleting Google... I can't give advice either because with the updates and the changes, others need to advise.. Umm... Did you Google it? lolol...

    Love you.

  17. BJ,
    When I couldn't resolve an issue with Google +. . .
    I gently silenced my original blog and began all over.
    That is why I now have tt (Take Two) at the end of my blog name.
    Be very careful what you push, dear friend!!!

  18. I'm another Google+ hater. I do have an account but I don't have my blog linked to it or anything else. If someone comments on my blog and has only a Google + account, I'm afraid I don't respond to them. If they have a blogger, I write down the address and go into it in another window, not by clicking through Google+ or else I can't comment without signing in. Convoluted, indeed!

  19. seems that most blogs are started through Google. Google is basically a search engine. Google plus is similiar to Facebook....a social network, which allows you to connect with people and shares ALOT with many, many people. Hope this helps a bit!

  20. I have a google+ link on my blog sidebar, I don't think I put it there, but I have never signed up for google plus and don't intend to. Sounds like a nightmare, I hope you find an answer and share it in an update. You probably aren't alone in wanting that information.

  21. I don't like it either . . . AT ALL . . . I just leave it ganging in the air, seldom look at. I do think they might all be entertained somehow, so I hesitate to DELETE . . . plus wonder about photos being list if I do so. Not sure why I fret about that because I have my photos saved on my lap top folders. That word in the first sentence should be HANGING, not ganging! Plus LOST, instead of list. (I can't correct in an iPad comment, it locks up.). One more intertwined instead of entertained, oh my what a mess, forgive me! (I got my steam all up because of that darn Google+ and wish I had never signed up!) (I think I said darn, but it looks like damn . . . oh well!)

  22. Bj, I also have a google plus account but don' t like it, as I feel the same way the others here feel. It is one reason I am now having trouble with posting. I had put a link to it on my sidebar, it put my last name on my blog. Now I don't mind trusted friends knowing personal info about me, but you can't trust everyone! I took it off my sidebar and now I am unable to upload photos. Hoping to solve this soon. Hope you can get an answer from someone, we all seem to need to know!!

  23. MMMMMMMMMMM You have got me wondering if that is why I cannot post pictures to my blog. I will have to have my son look into the matter. Have a blessed day. It is another sunny day here going to get to 60 degrees. Madeline

  24. I hate it too. I don't have it as my main blog, I just refuse to link my blog to it and agree I don't want it only showing my personal stuff. Not sure if you delete it what happens, It will be interesting to find out. I never, ever go on there unless that is the only way to try and see someone's post. Then like you, half the time I can't find their blog. I think it is a total waste of time.

  25. Oh my I had joined Gooogle Plus and dislike it. I took myself off supposoly. I am still on it. Even my picture is on. I tried to delete it.

    I wish I had never ever belonged to it. One minute I am off next I am on. I know without using it for Youtube. I cannot comment on my friends craft YouTube's or even see Youtube.

    One day I took off everything . It took me two days to get back on my site . Imagination. And it all started because I had Windows xp and still do. I wont go to 7 or 8. Too many people say it sucks and it takes forever to learn that. . I was told that I too had to update to Google Chrome. Your right the circles at plus. I am in the dark there for a whole month. Every day I try to get off plus. I think they have the controls even if you delete out. I even shut down my program. I am still in.

  26. I can't help you as I don't use it. Sorry!

  27. I'm wondering if Linda could help you at :
    Linda is so helpful and nice. I'd contact her and ask.

    1. Kitty,

      Thank you! Linda was very helpful and quick to respond.

  28. I'll be anxious waiting to hear what Life and Linda has to say about it. Add me to the list of those that hate it & thankfully, I don't have much on there. (I hope..who knows?!) Big Brother indeed....spawn of the Devil, I say.

  29. I was curious about this also, wonder if we delete do we loose all google+ friends, which I only have 66. you on the hand have about 338...I sure don't know any answer's as to I have lost about three blogs since starting in 2006 (?) my blog that I have now is new after having so much problems with google + (sigh)...but on a more positive note, you and I are not (money-ad-commercials) blogs, we blog cause we like too, it's fun, with that said it sure does get aggravating at times....hope you have a great week, and good luck.

  30. Okay, I'm with all of you -- don't want it, but don't know what to do about it. I really don't get the whole "circles" thing, either. I did at one point have G+ attached to my real blog, but no one was getting my new posts. I managed to detach it from there -- don't know how! I tell ya, those of you who host parties & have sponsors, totally amaze me. I am truly in awe! I do so much stumbling around this bloggy world, not knowing what I'm doing. It amazes me that anyone follows me, but I'm so glad they do. I do hope you will do a post if someone does have a solution, BJ.

  31. I'm so glad to read I am not the only one with these concerns. There have been a few times that I couldn't leave a comment because I was not a Google + member. Maybe that wasn't truthful and only intended to intimidate me into joining? I don't consider myself paranoid but I have become more cautious. A year ago, just playing around, I googled my young grandson's name and a photo I had used on a previous blog showed up. It wasn't tagged on Facebook, it was linked to my blog. I had mentioned his first name and I suppose if you googled my photo, you could come up with my last name, but a grandson wouldn't necessarily have the same surname that I do. This bothered me. I might put myself out there but I don't want someone looking up children in my family and being led to my blog.

    I've changed my blog completely and it is now mostly crafts. I don't include pictures of grandkids or great nieces and nephews. I'm not saying this is wrong for anyone else, only that I became uncomfortable with it. I deleted the photos from that particular blog entry and then deleted the entire post. The photo remained for months. I contacted Google and was told it could be months before it was removed.

    I use Picasa because it is convenient, but keep my albums private. I don't know that this is possible once you agree to Google Plus terms, and I'm not willing to find out.

  32. BJ, sometimes when someone leaves a comment that is working under Google+, I can't find their blog or whatever so I can't answer back. I have clicked on Google+ before but it tells me that if I go any further my Picasa will be changed??? That really scares me, because all my pics are there and I don't have any trouble with it so I don't want it to change, so I don't sign up.That's all I know to tell you..Happy Monday..Judy

  33. bj, great post!

    I'm also afraid if I delete my G+ profile I'll lose my whole Google email.
    I wish I knew a simple answer to this mess. I am going to start by reading all your comments above.

    Good Luck!

  34. After reading through some of your comments, I agree with Kathleen, `This is a Nightmare!`

    `Big Brother IS Watching`

  35. bj,

    I reverted back to the old Blogger. However, I understand I can still be found on Google+
    I did not fall off the face of the earth, and I didn't lose my

  36. You can turn off things in settings. Choose to share different albums, or just your blog posts. I think most people in here don't understand how it works.
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  37. Linda is such a fountain of GOOD info, we are all blessed to have her!! Hope whatever you do works for you!!!

  38. Bitter regrets here, as well, for joining Google +. I switched from blogger to Wordpress several months ago and now it's harder to comment on blogger blogs without jumping through hoops. And now that I'm following you, it looks like I'm limited to Google + only for my publishing options. What a pain.


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