Friday, January 16, 2015

~ PINK ~

Hi, everyone...

Sometimes, my drafts get buried and I forget all about them...
this is one...
I took these photos back in OCT.
On our way to watch a high school football game 
that one of the grandgirls was cheerleading,

we noticed this strange cloud (?) formation...

it looked so much like a pencil-thin
tinged pink from the reflection of the setting sun....and enhanced in editing.

It looked like it was swirling  in a circle.

I don't think I've ever seen one quite like this...
I know it's from a jet plane..
I just love the pinkness of it.

 I was thrilled to see all THE PINK
at the football game.

I couldn't get a photo of our granddaughter shaking her PINK POMPOMS
as she was on the far end of the line...
These two cheerleaders are giving those pompoms a hearty shake...

I love that they all were supporting 


  image from web


  1. Such a pretty pink cloud even if it is from a jet! So pretty against the blue sky. Since starting the new blog, I've had to "re-follow" everyone. blessings!

  2. A pink jet trail . . . a sweet pink omen for the day . . .
    All About Pink . . .

  3. Pink is pretty... but oh dear, that poor horse at the bottom :)


  4. The pink 'tornado' was beautiful, and very unusual. I know you enjoyed seeing your g.daughter cheer. Grands are just that - GRAND. Have a nice Saturday.

  5. BJ, Don't you feel blessed to see such a pretty color in our sunsets?? I feel that God is painting a picture right before our eyes. Fun to watch our kids and grandkids be involved in sports activities. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Cute bj, it looked like a big chili pepper to me. I love looking at those jet streams across the sky

  7. All your pinks today are perfect, but love the horse and his blanket. Great find. FYI I have no cell phone, but got some strings pulled and have my phone back in service.

  8. I love contrails in the sky and how they change colour and shape. We have a lot of jets flying over our house headed west, mostly European flights going to Montreal or Toronto, so we get a lot of the jet 'clouds'. The horse in pink pyjamas is a hoot!

  9. Sky and Cloud watching can certainly be entertaining and yield some creative ideas for a creative eye...You Got That! It is very neat to see how breast cancer awareness is supported in so many areas...especially by such public events that reach so many people. Way to shake the Pink PomPoms!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  10. I love clouds...this one is unusual or is it a stream from a jet plane? At any rate it is really they say "pretty in pink".

  11. I often find myself mesmerized by different cloud formations. Very unique glowing pink in October ... I lost two of my best girlfriends to imflamatory BC so this unique cloud was special to see. Happy Saturday BJ and glad you found this post in drafts.

  12. I'm glad you rediscovered your "pinks"! These are fun. I can only wonder about the story behind that horse! LOL

  13. Ooh, I am glad you found this!

    Happy Pink Saturday, my friend. Now that horse in pink pj's is looking sassy.

  14. What a beautiful pink jet stream or cloud. Very pretty against the blue sky. It is always enjoyable to watch our grandkids play sports, cheerlead, etc. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. bj, you are one awesome woman!
    I think I love seeing what you've added to your sidebar, as much as what you post.
    Gotta love that horse all decked out in pink :)

  16. Very interesting cloud? formation, and very fitting for this post. I love when the schools and their teams show their amazing spirit. Thanks for showing anything and anytime pink. It is an issue close to my heart..Happy Weekend..Judy

  17. there was day where the whole evening was like a surreal pink. It was something else

  18. Great shot of the 'pink cloud' ... it does look like it is swirling.
    I bet that was fun getting that horse 'dressed'. So cute.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. Hi bj, I'm a bit late visiting this week. Your pink trailing cloud is fun to see. It does look like a tornado kind of. HA! The pink on the football field is awesome. I bet your grands are the best cheerleaders. The horse is so cool in pink coveralls.
    Blog sister friend,


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