Monday, January 26, 2015

The Auctioneer ~

Hello all....

The summer before I was to start into high school 
(this would have been in the summer of 1953),
my daddy and mama decided we needed to buy a farm...
a farm in ARKANSAS...
my aunt and uncle had moved there, loved it and wanted all us there, too.
move me away from all my friends I'd grown up with...???
planned forever on going to high school with all of them !!!
This is another post at a later time....big story....

We found the farm and moved right after school was out.
Such a cute little town and cousins and friends came out from Texas and
spent time with us....that helped my feelings.......some.
the one thing that I had so much fun doing there
was going to the Sat. afternoon auction held downtown on the square.

Folks would bring in the neatest things.
olden things...
and brown eggs from their chickens...
and everything else under the sun.

The auctioneer would get to talking so fast that the way he used
to get his tongue all straightened out was to say
PINEAPPLE  PINEAPPLE  PINEAPPLE three times and never miss 
a beat.
No one wanted to stand close to him cause the spit would fly, the faster he talked...
hahhaa....actually it turned out to be a great summer.
(and we moved back home before school started)

While I've been inside the house so much while Mr. Sweet was ill,
I've done quite a lot of cooking and baking...
today, I wanted to make a 
(they are one of my favorites on the planet)
*(and don't you luv the way I slide food into my post sometimes...:>)

Normally when I make this cake that my mama made in HER cast iron skillet,
I use a white or yellow cake mix.

THIS time, I used a Duncan Hines

and HOLY was so thick and yellow and luscious ..and it had a recipe on the side of the box.

Most of the time, one doesn't need a RECIPE to make this cake...

We know that you melt 3/4th stick of real butter in a cast iron skillet...
then you sprinkle a packed 1 cup of light brown sugar...
( I like to use the brown sugar sub...less calories)
and we know to place pineapple rounds over the top of that sweet brown sugar...
then we know it's just  fun and adds color and goood taste to drop a juicy, red cherry
right in the middle of all those slices of pineapple.

In this recipe on the cake mix box,
it says add 4 LARGE eggs to the mix...
1 small box of INSTANT Vanilla Pudding (I used French Vanilla, don't cha know)
(I had never used pudding in my Pineapple Upside Down cake before.
.nor that many eggs)
1 cup water..
1/2 cup oil...  
Bake about 50 minutes at 350 degrees.

MERCY....just the SMELL brought me to my knees.. far, the prettiest Pineapple Upside Down cake I've ever made...
can you see that caramelized brown sugar, just hugging that pineapple and cherry...
Oooooo HONEY GIRL...

This photo looks like a delicious, red eyed

 This is delicious but I believe that I still like the white cake best.....could be because that's what I grew up on.

You know old habits are hard to change.....

My Aunt Lola was such a great cook...everything she made was delicious.
She taught me a lot about cooking.

( I didn't have grandmothers...died before I was born...
but I had a whole room full of the BEST aunts that I loved dearly)
Aunt Lola had 3 small children during WW2
and times were very tough for her and the family.

Always trying to make her meals stretch as far as they would go,
she said it was very important to "scrape" the bowl or pan to get as
much as you could to go into the cake or whatever you were making....
that it just might produce another serving.

I've always remembered that...
and think of my sweet aunt as I scrape every bowl for that last bit.



  1. I always love your stories BJ! I don't like pineapple but you sure know how to make me want to eat a pineapple cake!


  2. BJ, That is truly a beautiful cake. The tip from your aunt brought tears to my more serving, how precious. My mom make her pineapple cakes in the skillet too. I only remember her making them a few times. So it's a good memory. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I love pineapple upside down cake. But I have not made one for years. Yours looked wonderful.

  4. Bj I can smell that cake right through my computer screen and almost taste it too! But that might mess up my screen!

  5. Bj, I've neve made a pineapple upside down cake but I want to make YOURS! It looks divine!

  6. looks delish! and glad for you that you got to spend a great summer on an ark. farm but got back to texas to continue into h.s.!

  7. Love pineapple upside cake and also make mine in a cast iron skillet, exactly like you did....yummmm

  8. pineapple is my favorite fruit

  9. Looks yummy, it would make Mr IGH very happy if his wife made him this PUDC.

  10. That looks pretty enough to put in a magazine! And oh, so delicious. Pretty brilliant to use the pineapple cake! I wish I had all the stuff to make one. Yum-o!

  11. I was born and raised in Arkansas and grew up on Pineapple upside down cake. Always made in a cast iron skillet....oh so good! Thanks for the memories my friend! Hugs!

  12. Oh my word....that looks sooooo yummy! I want a piece!! Guess I'll have to make one for me and Mr D.

  13. slide some food in once in a while! That looks delicious. When I was little and staying at my cousins house she decided she wanted to make a pineapple upside down cake for her mother. We worked hard on that cake and when it was in the oven we realized we forgot to put the pineapple in. Oye!

  14. Oh I LOVE pineapple upside down cake, I can't make it very often because I just want to eat the whole thing. This looks sooooo good :>) I hope Mr. Sweet is on the mend?

  15. Oh my, would I ever love to have a big slice of that pineapple upside down cake! I loved your memories of the farm and the auctioneer. I'm glad you moved back before school started! I'm hoping Mr. Sweet is on the mend!
    p.s. You'll have to stop by my blog and see what my son painted me.

  16. Oh my goodness, you made that look absolutely irresistible! And I loved the story of the auctioneer. I have always loved auctions, especially farm auctions, because there are always great finds in those mysterious boxes of junk. :-)

  17. Ah, if I could just dive into your last picture and capture that raw batter with my fingertips. Woo-hoo!
    Your finished creation looks like something right out of a magazine!

  18. My mother-in-law dearly loved to bake this pretty cake (with a plain white or yellow mix). Yours is especially pretty! Loved seeing your little great enjoying his birthday, too.

  19. I haven't had this forever. I guess I probably won't be because of the gluten allergy, but wow it sure looks good.
    Hope the hubby is doing better.


  20. hope that Mr. Sweet is feeling much better. I love pineapple upside down cake and I never seem to make anymore, as I would eat the whole cake. LOL. Thanks for the recipe.
    Have a great week,

  21. I'm so glad you moved back to Texas before the school year started. I was so shy at that age I would have been devastated!

    Hubby loves this cake and I always forget to buy a cast iron skillet. I will probably always forget as all I can think of to make is this and cornbread! Ha!

    Jane xx

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  23. Oh what a delicious post BJ! A very interesting and precious memory, along with beautiful photos! Excellent! I adore this type of cake!!!

  24. The pineapple upside down cake looks so good. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  25. That looks absolutely mouth watering! Love your stories too!

  26. Honey pleeze... that looks SO yummy! Sweet story of your adventure and return to your home:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  27. I know what I'm making this week! You always tell the best stories :)


  28. I smile every time I visit Sweet Nothings. You are a good story teller, and a wizard in the kitchen. '-)

  29. BJ. beautiful cake!!! I just know it had to taste the same!!. My mom didn't scrape the bowl totally so we kids could lick it. We never missed a chance. Now, being older and wiser, I don't do that because of the raw eggs, but we never did get sick so sometimes you just have to go "what the heck"..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  30. I wish I was there to give you a great big hug. I just want to make certain you know how much I love and adore you.♥ And, I am not just saying that to get a piece of cake. I know you would share anyway.

    How did I not know Mr. Sweet wasn't feeling well? Is he okay now?

  31. Gosh, BJ...I just love it when you share your memories and how fun to hear about a new-to-me-recipe, too!
    I have a box of that pineapple cake mix in the pantry & I can't wait for a reason to make it up just like you did.
    Thanks so much for sharing your are a blessing to so many.

    Now, can't wait for you to elaborate on that "other post at a later time....big story..." LOL

  32. Lovely story, BJ, and that pineapple upside down cake is classic!

  33. One of my favorite cakes too. Yours BJ looks so delicious and mouthwatering... I'm headed your way!

  34. Love your stories! I can almost smell that cake!

  35. Every time I come here i get hungry, even if I have just eaten dinner! I love your stories, they take me to a wonderful place and time. That cake looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

  36. bj, thanks for another great iron skillet recipe.

    My mom would do the same, and say the same, as your aunt.
    Don't know if it really made an extra serving, but it sure was good!
    We also liked licking the bowl clean, after mom was finished.

  37. BJ,
    Your Up~Side Down Pineapple Cake looks divinely delicious, dear friend!!!
    The first cake I made for "Mr. Ed" after we were married was the same. . .
    but it was a mix and I put it in a square pan! He loved it!!!
    I adore the story about the farm, the move, the auction and your Aunts!!!


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