Sunday, January 4, 2015

Getting back to normal...(whatever THAT is:)

I, like most of you, love Christmas with a passion...
love all the festive decorations that make our homes alive with the spirit of Christmas.

But, once everything is over....
once every cherished decoration is put away for another year,
I dearly LOVE to get my house 
back in order...

 While I enjoyed this magical Christmas mantel 
with the golden mirror with my Pottery Barn knock-off Christmas wreath...
and the little new Christmas dolls....

and.....I'm very, VERY glad to have
THE PIGS BACK..!!  :>)

All through the holidays, they were hiding out behind our bedroom door...
knowing that as soon as I started putting Christmas away,
THEY would be the center of attention again.
...and....they are ! it.

There's a new piece on the mantel..
the little round black and white check box on the stack of books.
"Thank you, Mr. Sweet Santa....I just LOVE it."
There's those $7 set of white deer bookends from Target
that I bought a couple years ago.

I will work on getting all rooms back to every-day-life in my own sweet time.
There's no hurry...
no pressure...

A tiny snow here means a little more moisture to help us when the sand starts blowing in the spring...

With our weather icy and a little snowy, we are all staying close to home...
the streets are slick and no one needs to be out unless they just HAVE to be...

Son's pool is just as gorgeous with snow around it as in the summertime.
Well.....wait a minute...

Now that I think about it......summertime MIGHT be a tad more gorgeous
around the blue swimming pool......
ya think ?

And, there's NO DOUBT that it's MUCH prettier when it's full of beautiful grandgirls...:)
hahhaaa...gotta love it.

Back to the HERE and NOW.....

Right now, our tree limbs are full of ice..
a magical wintertime look.

and a cold morning is perfect for
laced with brown sugar..
a sprinkling of cinnamon...
REal  butter...

I never, EVER put cold milk on my hot bowl of oatmeal...
Mr. Sweet thinks I will choke to death on it someday but....I WON'T.
Blue Monday 
Dear Sally, we are all so glad you are feeling better and out of the hospital.
Take good care....Love, bj
Mosaic Monday...with my ice covered tree mosaic


  1. I am so ready for things to get 'back to normal' as you say ' whatever that is' when you find it please let me know!

  2. I understand, BJ you wanting things back to normal. As much as we love Christmas with all the glitter and gold, we still are happy to have the things we love most to surround us again. I love your home and all that makes you comfy. Your pig picture is adorable. Deb

  3. I saw on the news, where "West TX" was getting cold & snow! Ohio was 60º this morning...go figure. I know you are grateful for the moisture, though.
    I'm busy un-decorating today, but my house looks bare compared to yours. Love all your new black & white treasures, BJ...such thoughtful gifts.
    Next time you have oatmeal, try dicing up a small apple into the bowl before you microwave it. YUM! We also add Smuckers Sugar Free Maple Syrup on top. Such a breakfast really holds ya' a long time...slowly digested carbs & all.

    1. just to get things straight here...
      there is a town named WEST, TEXAS which is where that horrible explosion happened.
      I live in LUBBOCK, TEXAS which is in West Texas......not North, South or East...West Texas, the panhandle of West Texas.

  4. I'm still looking at my decorations and NEED to get started taking them down. This Christmas season was complicated at best with my Mom's horrible fall and my sister Katy who lives with my Mom having gall bladder surgery about the same time. Mom will be staying with me for a few weeks so I NEED to get everything organized. She has been in rehab for 20 days after her elbow implant. Hopefully in 2015 we can help get her house and her better so she will keep from falling again. We saw where Texas got some snow and ice and that is rare--hope you enjoy the beautiful glistening snow!!

  5. I am loving all the black and white with touches of turquoise in your home! I packed up Christmas yesterday, not gonna lie, it's cold and dark and grey out today and I am kind of missing all those little white lights. *sigh*, I'm going to have to brighten things up around here somehow. Our trees are all lined with ice this morning but you actually have more snow than we do in Michigan! How often does THAT happen?

  6. BJ, I got my Christmas put away on Friday. Cleaned as I went along. Just now re -arranged some totes in the basement. My shelves are full how did that happen. Hope you are enjoying yourself even in the cold weather. I think the pool full of cuties is better. LOL. Bless you and yours. xoxo,Susie

  7. Christmas decorations are so enjoyable and fun to do, but taking down and putting away is NOT !!! I have started taking ours down but not putting away. I just want to find a place to store the tree without taking all the lights off and taking it apart. Would be a real time-saver for next year. Our building contractor Son, says people are asking for a special closet just big enough to slide their decorated tree in. How nice that would be.
    Love your winter-wonderland ... no ice or snow here ... COLD wind though.
    Blessing ...
    Audrey Z.

  8. I am with you. Once the holidays are over and I put the decorations away, I love to get my house back in order. I usually do a deep cleaning before redecorating.

  9. Doesn't it feel great to get it all back in order - I am almost there! I SPIED a lovely checked runner on your mantle - You just might see one similar in my home soon - LOVE it!! Off to carry the last tree down stairs…we are expecting up to a foot of snow tomorrow, so it will be a cleaning day for me!!

  10. It's hard to take Christmas down and put it away but it's also nice to have a fresh start again. It will happen here tomorrow but I'm enjoying the tree lights and garland one more evening. We've had snow and ice pellets today so it's quite nasty. Stay cozy.

  11. Hi Bj, Hot oatmeal on a very cold morning sounds good. I love the black and white, but then I have a black and white gingham dress that my mother cross=stitched a design on that I can't wear tells you I love black and white. Christmas and New Years had several days of spending with family and being chauffeur how I loved that. I love the winter pictures. We got some ice and snow, but not to much. Just terribly cold. I thought about all of you for the weather has been different and you don't know what you will get. At least it waited until after my son left to return to Louisianan. Have a wonderful New Year. I am going to try to get back to blogging more. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  12. Those ice-laden trees are beautiful, indeed! Do you recall when the DFW metro was hit by that horrific ice storm in the early 90's. Awful to live through, I'm sure, but I still recall the pretty pictures. (OK, I digress ... but man, I love Winter!)
    You're so organized, getting everything put up and tucking the snowmen away for their long winter's nap. I should be envious, but I'm still dragging my feet. Next weekend, for sure! Maybe :)

  13. BJ, love those little piggies. Glad they have come back to the light. It is fun to put some order back in place and I'm anxiously waiting some snow still..Happy Weekend..Judy

  14. We took down all the Christmas decorations this weekend, bj. Our tree was deader than a doorknob and had to go out, so it all was put away. The house looks empty now! Love your piggy painting --so cheerful!

  15. My decorations are still up......but now they are winter decorations. Still not up to doing anything. As far as those numbers.......all I know is that I have the same accounts but the numbers have changed sometime in December. I wish that the things I ordered would have hinted to the fact that I wasn't going to be able to purchase. Still waiting on the etsy shop owner to get back to me after several messages. Just can't figure out if the packages were even sent. Not the number problem on that one. Happy New Year. Hugs

  16. YOU have snow and we don't??? What is going on??? I am going to start tomorrow....if my hubby doesn't throw a FIT!!! He never wants me to takeit down, but I need to get things back in order. January just does that to me. I am pinning organization ideas like a crazy person:) Love your mantle and the pigs!!!!

  17. Happy New Year, BJness! Oh, I love those little pigs and your mantel looks lovely! Your new checked box is so pretty too! I started taking down my Christmas decorations today and my house is looking empty! You need to pop in and help me fill it up! :) Love seeing your pretty home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  18. Snow here, snow there! You're right, prettier in the summer with all the granddaughters swimming. I am slowly putting things away, too

    1. . That iPad froze and wouldn't let me finish.

  19. I love those piggies and the checkered box is so cute. I didn't do very much Christmas decoration inside of the house this year, but I did do a bit outside. I had planned to take it down and bring it in today, but it was so cold and windy, that I left it right where it was. Maybe tomorrow. It always feels good to get the Christmas stuff put away and rearrange and get the normal stuff out again. This time of year, right after New Year's day, always feels calm and cozy to me. Happy New Year to you, bj!

  20. You've actually had more snow than us so far this winter BJ! It looks great, enjoy:@)

  21. Hello piggies! I am glad to have my house back too! : ) Still working on getting things together.
    I am with Lynn .. I think you've had more snow there then in Baltimore . There is snow in the forecast tomorrow.. fingers crossed!!!!
    Have fun getting the house back to normal.

  22. I like the back to normal as much as I love the decor, fuss and celebration of Christmas.
    After a while I start craving to have my home back ahahah
    That's why I'm never sorry to see it gone. That's what makes life delightful isn't it? The succession of living experiences.
    Happy New Year, BJ!

  23. One of my very favorite parts of January is the organization and getting our house back to rights.

  24. Yeah, it seems kinda silly to put cold milk on hot cereal, doesn' it! lol I'm happy to see the pigs picture up above your mantel again too. I LOVE that picture!

  25. Wonderful Christmas atmosphere, beautiful pictures. Happy 2015 !!

  26. BJ I just love the mantel as it gets back to normal...and I don't think I have ever seen a pool uncovered surrounded by snow....

  27. Looks like you have a good start to getting things back to normal. Take your time don't over do. You are getting quite a nice collection of black and white things. Stay warm and stay safe. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. Hello Maam Bj,

    You have SNOW? OMG! though looks magical but winter life is really a tough one.

    Mind you, pls? I rather sit and look at the gorgeous young ladies rather freezing, OR? What yah reckon? Ha ha...

    Just loving your blog. It seems I am feeling me homey here & feels my lifestyle is almost like yours. HakunaMatata, right?

    Thank you for coming by and see me in my Box and btw, I am following you now and I will link your blogsite as one of my few faves.

    Hugs from Stockholm,

    1. I meant* "I feel so homey." omit the "me". LoL*_*

  29. BJ,
    Love the pig print on the mantle, dear friend!!!
    Things are simmer down here on the Prairie, too!!!
    Now about that oatmeal. . .LOTS of SUGAR and a tad bit of milk!!!
    Ever tried heating your milk in the microwave??? Oh, honey. . .

  30. Not nice to show the pool BJ as I sit here with a sweater on and only 7F outside. The new little black and white checked box was a nice gift, wonder what's in it?
    I look at those sweet pigs and think of when I was young at my grandmother's farm and used to carry a piglet inside to play with. As soon as I put it on the linoleum floor and the click clack of the hooves could be heard my grandmother always yelled "get that pig out of the house!". Didn't matter where she was, I always got busted. ;-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, have a great week!

  31. January is a good time for organizing and it looks like you are all back to normal after the holidays. Your winter scenes are beautiful...cold weather does have some merit!

  32. Seeing the pool almost gave me the chills....too cold to even think about it! Love your new little black and white box.

  33. Hi BJ,

    Talk about Hog Heaven . . . Mr Sweet sure knows your style. Love your blue pool. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  34. We resolve to eat healthier this year, and old-fashioned oatmeal is on our list of goodies.
    Not sure if we will add milk, or not.

    I love seeing your pig picture!


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