Friday, January 2, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a VERY GOOD GIRL....

and that would be.....ME.

I know I was a very good girl because Santa brought me 
just what I asked for....
so THAT is bound to prove how good I was, don't 'cha think...???

I've been a fan of MACKENZIE*CHILDS for years and years....

and many of you have seen my tea kettle many, MANY times.

I've had one canister but have wanted the medium and small size...for...ever !!!

All the pieces are hand painted so no two pieces are really alike..

very pricy...
(a word that can be spelled two ways...
pricy or
pricey ) 
very classic... it just me or are these not the most beautiful things, ever !!
Of course, if you aren't into black, white and checks, you  may not care for them.
 As for me, I'm thinking of taking them to my grave with me....:>)

AND another canister to put my coffee grounds in on my COFFEE BAR...!!
(what a good girl I must have been)

I've had the sugar bowl with lid (from my beautiful girl) for years now...
but no creamer....

oH, and see those GLASS canisters in the background...

My sweet friend, PATTY, painted those WOODEN lids for me
a few years ago...
Some of my long-time blogging friends have seen these a million times
but maybe my new ones haven't...
AND....I luv bragging about them. :)

She copied MC so so well...

I got the pretty knobs from MC (free)
and, for $6.00, from  ♪♪ GOODWILL,
I have 4 glass canisters in a wooden rack.

Let me do the math...
$52 x 4= $208.00 PLUS tax and maybe shipping.
WOW...some savings, hu ?

So, the moral of this story is
it pays to be very, VERY good !!

I'm a very happy camper...  

pink sat. (I am hoping Beverly will allow RED since it's a deeper shade of PINK

OK....I'd better add a REAL PINK photo, just for Beverly and her famous PINK SAT.

a cookie to write home about....  
click the above to go to my post on these beautiful and tasty morsels.....

Thanks to my blogging friend, VEE, for letting me in on 
one of the best cookies.....EVER !


  1. I'm sure you are a very good girl every year, but you must have been EXTRA good this year! Love your canisters and the creamer! I know how much you love your MC items! Your knockoffs are great also...very talented friends you have. OK, so now you are extra challenged in 2015 to be good!

  2. Being good certainly paid off! Just think what might happen if you're good ALL the way through 2015!

  3. Oh, BJ! I am so happy for you! Those are fantastic!!!

    You know, every time I see black and white I think of you. Truly. And MacKenzie Childs always, ALWAYS reminds me of you. I think this gift truly was from Santa because he brought you your heart's desire. :-)

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year, my friend, and a Happy Pink Saturday!

    I told Beverly and Jeanne that I am posting mine on the basis that white + red = pink! You can stand on that same principle. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  4. That was supposed to be a SMILE not a WINK after Santa. LOL

  5. Oh I do see how good you have been! Lovely pieces!

  6. Its great that you got what you wanted, Santa was good this year. You have a great friend she did a fabulous job on the lids.

  7. Alright BJ! You deserve those pieces. Your love of MC is always evident....they should make you a spokesperson!

  8. I do have a soul...Graham is adorable! Of course, you were a very good girl and Santa noticed. Well, he does know these things. Merry on! My tree is still glowing.

  9. Yes,you are a very good girl! I love all your MC things and your look a likes so very much. I can't wait to show you what my son painted for me as a Christmas gift!! I'll send you a picture, but I want to do a post about it.
    Happy New Year, sweet friend! Hope you're keeping warm in Lubbock. It's cold and dreary here in the Dallas area.

  10. Love 'em!!! So happy you were a good girl! I got the mini pedestal and it is so adorable (you might want to continue your "good girl" streak because it would be perfect for your baked goodies!) Happy New year - enjoy your new checks (and what crazy woman wouldn't love checks??)

  11. I might question all that goodness. Regardless, you certainly got a lot of nice things to brag about. That is an adorable photo of the little one.

  12. You have been good, very good. Lesson learned-I am going to be good ---- I am going to be good.

    Love your goodies

  13. Happy New Year! Your black and white tea kettle, canisters, and containers all look so pretty. The black and white checked pattern looks so cheerful. Being good certainly worked out great for you.

  14. BJ,
    You were (are) a v e r y G00D Girl, dear friend!!!
    Love all your new MC canisters!!!
    Appears that v e r y G00D Girls have v e r y G00D listeners in the family!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Wow! You must have been a VERY good girl! I love your new pieces. The cookies have no calories, right?

  16. I love your black and white checked things. You are a good girl. :):) Your friend did an awesome job on the canisters. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  17. You lucky good girl. Way to go. Little Graham is adorable. Hugs and Happy New Year.

  18. I would have to say you were a very good girl! Glad to see that you got something that put a smile on your sweet face!


  19. Methinks I LUV black and white checks ... and MacKenzie Childs ... and if I want something like this were to appear in my own home, I'd better turn over a new leaf RIGHT AWAY. LOL!
    Seriously, I'm so ticked for you, BJ! Enjoy them in good health! :)

  20. I know that you are loving them... every time I see something black and white i think, my friend bj would like that! : ) Happy new year!!

  21. You know guys do the opposite with the red-pink thing. It something looks somewhat pink they'll go "no it's like a light red".

  22. Very pretty BJ, I'm glad your collection is growing-enjoy:@)

  23. Oh you were good, Bj but I've always heard the saying...."You can't take it with you" I guess you'll have to leave all the black and white to ME! LOL oh I've been good too!

  24. SO beautiful and I agree... B.J. must have been a very good girl:) Love your black and white checks, and I never get tired of seeing it either! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  25. YES! I love MC! I have a darling little friend in Atlanta who chose MC for her wedding shower theme! They have simply gorgeous home decor! I think you're must have been a very good girl..of course! It is such fun and whimsy! I so love your blog...brings a smile to my face!!! Hugs BJ!

  26. That's a perfect gift for our lady of Black And White. Love them.

  27. Your collection of the black and white checked items are very nice. You were a good girl. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

  28. Well everyone knows you're good BJ, but WOW! you were apparently REALLY GOOD! I would be over the moon if I got MC for Christmas! Love it all and always will :>)

  29. Your new MC are beautiful BJ! How wonderful you have all those pieces now. Happy New Year!

  30. You must have really good! Santa sure thought so, loving all your new Mackenzie Childs. I've always admired it and have one piece (guess I'm not such a good girl) my sister gave me several years ago. Loveing all your MC vignettes. Cookies look delishious too.
    Have a nice Saturday.........

  31. Love the black and white checks! Must say I've never heard of Mackenzie Childs. I've led a sheltered life!

  32. Oh, BJ, how nice to be good! Reeeeally good! And it looks like you succeeded. I'm so happy for you as I know you have been wanting these for so long..Happy New Yeqr..Judy

  33. Congratulation on your new additions "good girl" ... yes, Graham the Great-Grandboy is the "cutest little thing" ... so happy for the new baby in your family ... AND your new pieces of MacKenzie Childs. They ARE beautiful. Looks like your had a wonderful Christmas ... You are so blessed.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  34. The new great grand baby is adorable! Congrats to all. You have been good ...every thing is perfect for you.

  35. How CUTE!! You deserved these nice presents, BJ. You bring joy to so many with your blog & your wonderful recipes. Karma! You were a very good girl! You'll never know how you make me smile so many times.

  36. You are a very good girl, and I am delighted with your just rewards. They are so you.

    Pink Saturday is definitely for reds, too. Happy Pink Saturday, my friend.

  37. They are all so pretty! I hope to see lots of pictures of them in the future! Happy New Year!

  38. Love MC's things I'm alway going to order when I get the catalog but never get to it. Last year went to the store in NY .loved it all .You have so many pretty things lucky you. Happy Pink Satuday Laura

  39. Oh BJ, your canisters are BEEEutiful!!! I KNOW you are a very good girl so you deserve them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your friend did a GREAT job painting the other lids too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gifts!

  40. BJ I too am a fan of MC but gotta admit I am in awe of your collection ... you very good girl!!!

  41. They make such a great statement! My talented nice painted Mc pumpkins this fall, so cute. Hope you are toasty

  42. We all knew you were very nice, but Santa just confirmed it! Lol Beautiful!


  43. BJ, you know this girl from TX has big smiles just thinking about all your pretty CC on your kitchen counter. I'm glad Santa was listening and that you've been a very good girl this year. You deserve these pieces! Love the coffee station. ;-)

  44. Love your very YOU!



  45. Looks like you had a very good, friends and presents.

    I would love some cookies, please :)


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xo bj