Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Breakfast some might think is just plain CRAZY !!

Hi, All....

I've found some awesome recipes that Mr. Sweet and I just loved
thru blogging, Pintrest and FaceBook...
but I've also had some we didn't care for.

After making several a LOT of recipes I've found on
blogs and Pinterest
that didn't turn out good...some I just had to toss...
I'm beginning to learn that different parts of the country eat differently
from other parts of the country.

So, what one person thinks is just "fabulous & delicious" may
not be nearly as fabulous and delicious to someone out here in Lubbock, Texas.

And, of course, it can be vice/versa...

so may I say right here and now that if I've put a recipe on my blog, you tried it, family said "ewww" and you had to toss it....

This very thing happened to me this last weekend with a dip.
It just didn't make the grade.

I know we all have different tastes...what one likes, the other doesn't.


I mentioned in a
past post that one of our favorite meals is
and had quite a few comments that couldn't believe we actually ATE
black eyes...

I was SHOCKED !! 

Everybody doesn't eat black eyed peas ?????

One person said they were cattle feed....??

I have to say I actually feel sorry for one, going thru their life without the delicious 
dinner of 
black eyes...
green beans with potatoes...
sliced vine ripe tomatoes...
fresh onion slices... 
and hot, buttery CORNBREAD....
Well.....and Southern Sweet Tea.


The following is a breakfast or bed-time snack that I've loved
since I was old enuf to eat...
Mr. Sweet grew up on it, too...
and our children and grands love it just as much.
I have syked myself, knowing you are going to laugh at us.

 KARO or any light corn syrup....
Sir Sweet likes CRUNCHY.. I prefer CREAMY.

mixed together

served with a hot, buttered BISCUIT...
YOUR CHOICE..♥'s delish with TOAST.

...I just spread it on my biscuit like jelly...
I don't care WHAT you say...
I know for a FACT....

IT'S  GOOOOD  !!!!!
hahaaa.....AIN'T  LIFE  GRAND !!
PINK SAT.   (REDS being a darker shade of PINK)


  1. Do you mean to say there are people in the world who don't eat black-eyed peas! What do they eat on New Year's Day? Mr D loves his peanut butter and honey. I like to put a little slab of butter on my plate, pour a little honey over it, mash it good with a fork and spread it all over a hot bisquit. Yummy!

  2. I'm one who has never eaten a black-eyed pea. Or peanut butter and syrup. You are right about different areas having different tastes. I'm trying to think about what might be unique here (Vancouver Island), but nothing comes to mind.

  3. Like Lorrie (who lives on the same Island!) I don't eat black eyed peas either. A lovely blogger once sent me some, and I have to say that I wouldn't cook them again, though I understand how anyone could love something they'd grown up with. You'll probably be horrified at the thought of hot tea biscuits and butter and molasses - or corn bread and molasses. That's one of my treats!

  4. It is 6 o'clock in the a.m. and I have only had one cup of hot tea, now you have me wanting that plate of black eye peas and the peanut butter biscuit. Now that's a meal! Have a good no Great Day Bj!

  5. We are both black eyed peas and peanut butter folks, and love them both. I understand what you mean when you say you have tried several of the Pinterest recipes and threw them out! I have done a lot of that lately. What looks good in a picture isnt always good on the plate!

  6. I have to say, bj, that I never even heard of black eyed peas until I moved to Texas, back in 1986! I do like them, though. The PB and syrup I've never tried, but I know I would like it. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with all the foods you love!

  7. I'm from Canada, like Lorrie and Pondside above in the comments, and I have never tried black eyed peas either. I did try grits once. Only once. Ew. And as Pondside said, we enjoy molasses on our biscuits or pancakes or bread. Yum! I think I've actually eaten peanut butter mixed with honey before though, when I was a youngster. It's interesting to see the traditional foods from different parts of the continent on our blogs. Have a great day!

  8. Favorites for one, not always for another . . .
    Our "special" no doubt isn't yours.
    That's the praise we use though . . . Often I hear . . .
    Mom,will you make "special" eggs . . .

  9. I LOVE all that you mentioned - black eyed peas, green beans with potatoes, vine ripe tomatoes, sliced onion, and cornbread. My husband (we are both from Ohio) does not like black eyed peas! As for peanut butter and light corn syrup - add sugar and corn flakes, and you've got a no bake cookie that we call peanut butter chews- delicious! By the way...this post has me hooked...I am your newest follower!

  10. Yes, BJ, coming from Illinois, some of the Texas favorites are a bit strange to me...can't get used to the hot peppers in everything for sure. Here you had snow out in Lubbock. It's still raining here in the Hill Country. Take care!

  11. Yes, and if you mix in some Rice Krispies or Cornflakes, you have a complete meal...with a glass of milk that is...and you'll think you had a candy bar! =D

    True enough that different parts of the country have differing opinions of food. I have a new system on my Pinterest folders...v+...for those I have actually tried and liked. More for my use than anyone else's as I use my folders like a recipe book. You have never steered me wrong, BJ!

    1. A candy bar that you eat with a spoon...the best kind. Ha!

    2. Putting it THAT way, Miz Vee, NO WONDER we love it.....hahhaa

  12. I've had black-eyed peas but we don't eat them much in our area of the country. They are a southern 'thing' that we don't have served or think of serving, mostly because of food traditions in our part of the world. I live in the Pacific Northwest where beans are part of our menus - mostly baked beans, kidney beans and with the introduction of food from south of the border, black and refried beans. The peanut butter mixture on biscuits would be delicious, I'm sure. My favorite is crunchy.

  13. wow. i used to eat karo's syrup as a kid - on peanut butter on bread - just not mixed together first. :)

    and until i moved to texas, i'd never heard of (really) or tried black eyed peas - and they taste like dirt unless you put in gobs of bacon, etc. :)

  14. I love black-eyed peas and they, like all peas/beans, are so healthy. . . . . . and I'll take everything on that veggie plate! Your cornbread looks yummy too.
    Peanut butter I've never been able to embrace. The taste and texture just make me gag! I think because we never had it in England where I grew up - it was quite foreign to me when I came to the US. Of course I always served it to the kids and DH loves a good peanut and jelly sandwich!

    Happy weekend - what's gonna be cooking done your way?
    Mary x

  15. I've lived in many parts of the country and yes they do eat differently! It's interesting how regional food is.

  16. I live in Ohio and I've never had black eyed peas but I love the green beans, tomatoes and corn bread! I love peanut butter too so I'll have to try your snack sometime and of course biscuits are always yummy!

  17. I've never had black-eyed peas either, BJ and I lived in Virginia lol

    By the way, I'm back ;)


  18. bj, I'm sitting here catching up on blogs, it's after noon, and I'm getting hungry :)

  19. Your dinner can not be beat. I can eat me some syrup on a biscuit, I will have to pass on the peanut butter on a biscuit. Guess its what you learn to eat when we were young. Love peanut butter and banana or peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

  20. Talking bad about black-eyed peas is sacrilege. I've never heard anyone say they didn't like them. My daddy liked his topped with stewed tomatoes.

    I bet my husband would like your Karo syrup and peanut butter. He mixes molasses and butter to top a biscuit. Me? I confess to being a peanut butter purist. I am okay with chunky or creamy, but I don't want anything sweet with it - with the exception of apple slices.

  21. I totally get the Karo and peanut butter mix, I use honey instead but it would have the same sweet/salty combo! As a "northern girl" I don't think I have ever had black eyed peas in my life. I wonder what we eat that you southerners don't? Can you think of anything you have seen on a blog from up north, (or anywhere else) that you have never tried?

  22. We love black eyed peas and have them usually with a thick ham biscuit once a week.. we like them with "pulled chicken" sandwiches too..
    peanut butter and honey mash around here on biscuits YUMMMMMMMM

  23. LOLOL - what a hoot! The black-eyed peas as cow feed was a chuckle, but I do have to say the idea of Karo syrup and peanut butter mixed together as a spread . . . well . . . maybe now in South Jersey. ;)

    But, I do think you're right. I've lived in four quarters of the nation and learned to eat like the natives which was always an education. Hubby and I have narrowed our food choices these days to forego medications and we're settling into healthy living. It's all good.

    Glad you visited at my new Pageant Wagon Publishing website! Hope you drop by The Writer's Reverie, too!

  24. I have learned so much also about what different places eat, no one I know eats black eyed peas here, or greens like they do down south, or corn bread, but we do eat Johnny Cake which in opinion is cornbread, I'm Canadian and we have very few traditional dishes because we are a young country mostly peopled by other countries, Scottish, English , Italian, Ukrainian, so our food is from all over, but Mexican foods and Southern foods are sadly lacking in our cuisine, that we need to fix! Your biscuits with corn syrup and peanut butter look delicious!

  25. I LOVE black eyed peas! Cooked with a hambone, yum, yum. And I think the treat sounds delicious. I make cereal treats that have peanut butter and karo syrup in them and I could eat the whole pan.

  26. Hey bj we love black eye peas, I cook in the crock pot once a week, and double up on New Years Day!!!! If we don't eat them up in first couple days, I make "SOUTHERN CAVIAR" or as you probable call "COWBOY CAVIAR", any which a way you call 'em we enjoying 'em. Some folks don't like it, but round here in southeast Georgia it's a pantry staple!....and don't even get me started bout PB, My Hero Honey eats it almost every evening on wheat crackers, or just straight out of the jar......bahaahahaha

  27. "Sir Sweet likes CRUNCHY.. I prefer CREAMY."

    reminds me of the PB commercials in the 90s

  28. I cannot image not eating black eyed peas. LOVE THEM. NOW AS TO MY PEANUT BUTTER. I LIKE IT PLAIN OR WITH A BANANA CRUSHED IN IT.

  29. Anything on a hot biscuit is delicious! :-)

    I made black eyed peas last Saturday. Cooked in the slow cooker with a bit of ham, onions, celery, chicken broth, and cayenne pepper. Sooo delicious! I'm happy with cattle feed!

  30. Your black eyed peas dinner looks so good. Meatless dinners suit me just fine. I don't fix the peas very often but like them.
    I like a crunchy peanut butter/jam or jelly and banana sliced very thin sandwich for breakfast. Sometimes I will add a few peanut pieces too.
    Always look forward to your interesting blog on what you have for breakfast ... or lunch ... or dinner.
    Hope you got a little snow this morning. Some areas here had measurable snow, but our big-wet-flakes melted before they hit the ground.
    Audrey Z.

  31. Good morning bj, We do like black eyed peas a lot. However, we never ate them when we lived in MI. It is a southern dish I guess. Beverly actually told me it was a New Years must for good luck. HA! I have been converted. As for PB we love it anyway we get it. I never thought about adding Karo syrup. Something new to try.

    Have a happy weekend. I am so glad Bill came through his medical procedure so well.
    Love you much,

  32. You are so right about different tastes in different parts of the country, BJ. Growing up in Louisiana, I remember lots of blackeyed peas, collard greens (didn't care too much for those) & cornbread. I also love peanut butter with honey on toast or peanut butter & banana sandwiches (Elvis's fave), but I never had boiled peanuts until we were on our Christmas vacation. Did not like those at all!

  33. I love blackeyed peas and peanut butter but I will admit I have not tried peanut butter and karo syrup but it sure sounds good. Have a blessed day Madeline

  34. Oh my gosh ... my son's dad (who hailed from Spearman) used to do the same thing, using dark Karo and molasses. At the time(!), I was sure his was an individual quirk and probably cautioned him never to do it in front of company. LOL!!!
    ... Now, I'm wondering if it wouldn't taste delicious over grits? Hmmmm.

    Want to hear a quick funny? I was late to the store and missed out on finding any black-eyed peas for New Years. After 10 years, sweet DH (Chicago native) still doesn't 'get' the tradition -- but his intentions are good! Only last week coming back from the grocery he announced he'd brought me a surprise. Pleased as punch, he reaches into the bag and pulled out a can of Bush's Best, BLACK BEANS.

  35. Hi BJ, well, you have a girl here that likes leftover chili for breakfast, so I really can't say to much about black-eyed peas. Except, "If it tastes good, eat it", LOL. When my husband was a little boy they used to mix honey and peanut butter together. They mixed it by stir it with a spoon, round and round, because of that it became known as "Go Round". We still call it Go Round, today and our granddaughters love it :)
    Sweet post, while I'm here I want to invite you over to get in on my three year blogging birthday celebration. I'm having a Give-A-Way.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  36. I'm not much for blacked eye or green peas , but my HD love them all .
    I'm sure allot of people from a different part of the country and here do not like ludfisk
    Some people eat here in North Dakota at Christmas time . It is a thing from Norway what allot of people are here.
    HPS Laura

  37. BJ, you are right, there are several foods that are husband's favorite is chicken and noodles on mashed potatoes...a very east Kansas food that I won't eat. I am chuckling as I am another one that does not like black-eyed peas, they are way too "earthy" for my taste, almost leave the taste of dirt in my mouth...and I love beans and other dried peas. I think my taste has changed in the last 5 or so years, as I don't even like peanut butter any longer and I used to love it. I have made your fried peach pies several times...♥ them!
    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  38. Being raised by southerners, but of course I've eaten it all! You betcha! I LOVE black eyed peas..and I had that very peanut butter on toast for lunch.
    Daughter in law keeps us supplied with homemade bread from her bakery..we are SO spoiled.
    By the way bj, have I ever told you how much I love the way you write on your posts? I DO! It's the spacing. I do it too..but yours is MUCH more artful! I still remember all those years ago, speed through Lubbuck Texas and a deer running into the back of our little motorhome. We reported it at the next restaurant and the waitress said.."oh, it happens all the time.!" Ahhhh..said we. Yes, there was a bit of damage..a tiny door had to be replaced. Where was I? Oh yes, well..I admit that I do use honey mixed with my peanut butter..but have used the syrup. GOOD!!

  39. B.J. This all very interesting. I am always surprised by your recipes. I've lived most of my life in the Southwest and CA and I am unfamiliar with them! xoxo

  40. OM goodness- that peanut butter treat is mine! I have never ever met anyone else that does that!! But it's purple hull peas (with cornbread and fried potatoes) here instead of black eyes..Black eyes are for new years day. LOL! Just kidding. I've tried a few pinterest recipes that failed also. To each his own, I guess..sounded good at the time, but didn't taste so good.

  41. I know, I know about that "eeeeew" reaction to some of the recipes I've tried off of FB and Pinterest and blogs, but, like you I've found some that we actually like! I am a blackeyed pea fan! Actually we ate some left over New Year's Day ham and blk eyed peas (I'd frozen them) for dinner last night! And YES....we used to eat lots of the peanut butter, syrup combo when I was growing up. I still love that treat once in awhile!!

    Hope you had a great Pink Saturday!! Dana


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