Tuesday, December 2, 2014


 ...the most wonderful time of the year

I adore all the wonderful Christmas dishes...
and colors of red and white and green

My favorite things to collect at Christmas time are
great mugs...
Santas....O, and snowmen....

...and great recipes....

like this one

will bring you to your knees !!

2 cups flour
1 cup oats, BUT NOT INSTANT
1/4 cup sugar
I added a tablespoon of
1 T. baking powder
1/4 tea. salt
1 stick of margarine, chilled and cut into pieces
3/4 cup milk
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tea. vanilla
1/2 cup toasted pecans
1 tea. ground cinnamon
3/4 cup powdered sugar
3/4 tea. orange juice, coffee or milk.
I used COFFEE.....O, HONEY
♥ ♥ ♥
Heat oven to 425. Line your baking sheet with Pamed foil or parchment.
In lg. bowl, combine flour, oats, 1/4 cup sugar, baking powder and salt and mix we.. Cut in butter with pasty blender until mix resembles coarse crumbs. In small bowl, combine milk, egg and vanilla.
(Now, ladies...after I got the 'course crumb' look, I just mixed it ALL together...in one bowl...at one time)
Mix all...
Drop by 1/4 cupfuls 2 inches apart on prepared cookie sheet.
Bake about 11 minutes, until nicely browned..
Like everything, Please don't cook too long or they will be dry.
After cooling for a just a few minutes,  drizzle the glaze over the warm scones.

These just about HAVE to be served warm so if using a microwave to reheat...just a few seconds will do the trick.
♥ ♥ ♪

O, and look...I set out some extra cups and plates, so come on by and have a

EGG NOG ........

OOO boy, I do love that egg nog.

I like mine WITHOUT the nog...
just a dusting of freshly grated NUTMEG.

My daddy always made homemade egg nog every Christmas and it was,
without a doubt, the best liquid I'd ever put in my young mouth.
(I had my glass of it before the grown-up "stuff" was added.)
sooo good....sooo full of UNCOOKED eggs....it's a wonder we didn't all die...

After I was grown and knew more about eating raw eggs, I told my mama
to try to find Dad a different recipe...
she said, "Awww, the whiskey I put in it COOKS THE EGGS."
hahhaa...I think of this every time I have a cup of egg nog.


  1. How lovely this post is and the dishes are adorable! It's made me get on the mood for C'mas! I love eggnog and scones, what a great combo! yeah, some people don't like egg-nog and my dad didn't like it, nor did I when young, but mother loves to this day, lol!
    Have a wonderful holiday season my friend.

  2. Oh BJ! Thank you for this post! It put me smack dab in the Christmas spirit! Adorable!! That is THE sweetest Santa i have ever seen! I had to laugh with you reading about your Daddy's eggnog..brought back wonderful Mississippi memories! Love......

  3. Lovin' your snowman mug BJ and the scones sound really good:@)

  4. My husband loves scones. He also happens to love oatmeal and need it for his cholesterol. I'd say that was a good reason to call this health food. I have just pinned it to not one but two of my boards just so I can find it. (Am I the only one who has trouble remembering where I pinned something? So blonde. So very blonde...)

  5. " it's a wonder we didn't all die "
    I'm laughing my head off here -
    How did we survive anything from the past I wonder? lol
    Your scones look amazing - I'm pinning right this second!

  6. I LOVE Christmas dishes, too, . And those scones...oh my goodness! That recipe is going right into my cook-book. Thank you. I suppose whiskey could cook just about anything (or anyone) if there is enough of it. :) Enjoy your day, BJ. I am lovin' your Christmas posts. :))) Hugs, Deb

  7. BJ,
    I want to come to visit you!! Everything looks lovely and Ooooo.... those scones look so good.....

    Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Your home looks all festive, bj, and I'd love to come right over and have a scone with you. The recipe sounds fabulous! I loved your Daddy's comment about the raw eggs!! Yes, how'd we all live indeed??!!

  9. Yum, a recipe to keep for sure! I am not an egg nog fan but lots of my family members love it, with and without the strong stuff:) Enjoy your day dear friend, things are looking FESTIVE around Sweet Nothings!

  10. I remember working the dairy department at a grocery store for a few Christmases. The day after Christmas, you get people like "uhh you got any more egg nog left?". Then we you tell them no they say "are you getting anymore in?".

  11. I will be there soon for a scone . . . no nog for me either . . .
    (Shhhhh, literally I may show up . . . )

  12. Ha, ha, love this story. I know raw eggs can be dangerous, but I think the odds are usually in our favor that they will be ok...or as you say, we would all be dead. I always love seeing your Christmas collections come out. So festive!

  13. It all looks so festive, BJ!!!! Now you've got me thinking about scones. I need to make a batch. They're a perfect, not-too-sweet treat!

  14. They look delicious! I think I'm going to have to try those! :-)

  15. BJ, Yummy...I love cookies. Nellie over at Berries and More...bakes cookies all the time. I would be big as a barn ...cause I would be eating them all the time. Yes, if I ever knew any top secrets I would tell all for a cookie. LOL. I love Christmas plates and cups. So fun. Your Santa on the table is adorable. xoxo,Susie

  16. Good morning bj, Thanks for sharing this recipe with us the scones look so good. Your photos are great and the table setting are wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. Wish I had your spirit and energy. I love Braum's eggnog. I get every year and could drink the whole thing. When you are enjoying all your goodies, think how I would love sharing with ou.

  18. Love your festive setting! How cute! And the scones look wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

  19. BJ, it's always so much fun visiting you! Your cinnamon oatmeal scones look and sound scrumptious! I will definitely give them a try, as I love cinnamon and anything with a glaze! I wonder if your mother's thinking is true; I mean, maybe the alcohol zaps those raw eggs of any scary salmonella!:))

    Happy December!


  20. What's with all the color? No Black and White? Now remember that if we eat too many of the Christmas yummies, we may regret it when we get on the scales in January.

  21. Great post, BJ and I really love all of your pretty Christmas dishes. Oh and those scones!!! They look delicious... :)

  22. Oh, BJ. You have me licking my lips. Everything looks inviting and tasty.♥

  23. bj, these sound so good. I love cinnamon and oatmeal! Such cute Christmas dishes...I've got to get mine out today!!

  24. Your Mama was right!!! I have never liked egg nog but I would LOVE those scones! YOU also inspired me to get all my Christmas mugs out yesterday! I have quite a collection now:) Thanks for the recipe!!!

  25. Hi, bj!

    Those scones look so good.
    I am debating, with myself, about making scones in my new iron griddle.

    I Love Eggnog!!
    My mom used to make two big containers of that yummy stuff.
    One for us kids and the other for the adults. I think she used rum.

  26. hi bj ... enjoyed your post and the scones look wonderful and I love oatmeal anything. May give those a try. Mr. Z. used to drink eggnog but I never did.
    Happy days.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. Oh, BJ. It IS the most wonderful time of the year!! And if the scones are half as good as your corn casserole, I will have died and gone to heaven..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  28. BJ, you just brought back a flood of wonderful memories for me. Thank you. I am looking forward to trying those scones.

  29. What delicious looking scones! And healthy, too, with the oatmeal (wink, wink).

  30. OMG - they looks so good. I could eat a dozen LOL, but the ugly true is I can't, because I am diabetic - darn it. But they sure look soooooooooooooo good.

  31. Oh my gosh bj, just seeing them has brought me to my knees! lol! They look divine! Pinning.

  32. BJ please save a scone for me ;-) Love your plates and mugs, oh I love your header too!

  33. I want to come over and have one of those scones! They look amazingly yummy! My dad also made eggnog (but he didn't add any grown up stuff..lol He just loved the regular stuff!) I too think of Dad each time I have eggnog!! Sweet memories!

  34. THANK you for the recipe!!! You have come a long way, Baby!!!! Wasn't it this time last year that you were making Christmas trees out of packing boxes?
    LOVE your life and the way you live it!!!


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