Monday, December 8, 2014

Lil' Parade on my mantel...

When I found this vintage Santa Boot a few years ago, I sure was happy...
My mama had one almost just like this and I have NO idea where it ended up.
She loved having garage sales and she probably sold it.

I put a tiny tree in it...and it so reminds me of our  house when I was little.

This little bright red boot full of tree
will always be one of my favorite Christmas decos 
because of the wonderful and fun memories it brings to me.
I was shopping not long ago with a very good friend when she came over to me and said,
"you gotta come over here and look at what I found...for YOU"...
AND THERE THEY WERE....made just for ME...

They are all sooo adorable...
(will i ever, EVER grow up?).....I think NOT.

One has a cone of SNOW BALLS.... with glitter and shine....and POLKA DOTS..

One little SNOW LADY has the prettiest white furry muff.

...and one little fella has a JINGLE BELL on his adorable hat.

They have to be the CUTEST dolls, ever !

Of all, I think he is my favorite.
I love them all, dressed in their black and white hounds tooth finery.

I made the wreath several years ago...a knock-off of POTTERY BARN WREATH...

POTTERY BARN WREATH.......                                 MINE
It was such an easy project...and very much cheaper than PB.
I also made one for my girl that was twice this size.


  1. Your new snow people are perfect; and I bet they look fabulous with all of your black and white. Hope you are enjoying the season -- I know that you are!!!! Sally

  2. BJ, I am enjoying so much all of your Christmas preparations. You have some of the cutest stuff. I wanted to tell you how pretty, and appropriate, is that cake dish. So you and what a nice friend..Happy Monday..Judy

  3. They are just perfect for your home!! Love the boot - it also reminds me of the past, so someone in my family must have had one, too!

  4. BJ, this is so adorable! The black and white is perfect for your home! That boot brings back a lot of memories. I think a lot of people have had those in the family at some point.Now, it looks right at home on your mantel.

  5. Hi bj, I too love your hounds tooth dolls. Your friend was right! Perfect for your love of black and white. I think the snowman is my fave because it is so different than the usual Santas. Your red boot is adorable as well. Funny how things just bring back memories. I often think about the happy memories I have of growing up and even growing older. Being raised in a happy family is one of the best blessings one can have.


  6. BJ, I adore your mantle. How very nice that you got those dolls in your favorite color combos. They fit right in. The tree in the boot is so cute too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Love you dolls they are so cute. I love the way you decorated the mantle. The tree in the red boot is so adorable. You did a great job on making the wreath. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  8. Your mantle makes me smile. No, it makes me giggle! Your dolls are so cute - perfect for you! The boot with the tree is darling. I'm working on my decorations but it's slow because we've helped my dear mother get her decorations and shopping done.

  9. OMG, I turn my back for a moment ... and look what you've got going on! Seriously, I'm in awe, BJ! That boot sure reminds me of Christmassssses' (uh!) past ... and your running into the b/w dolls has to be kismet! Dang it. Christmas hasn't even arrived, and already I don't want it to end. Ever!

  10. Yep, those are perfect for you. Like the boot too.

  11. I don't think I've ever told you this joke, but this one I heard last year by an old guy I used to work with.

    What's the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?


  12. Most like the red boot :D

  13. Darling dolls wearing your style and anything that reminds us of childhood is very good...the boot makes a great tree stand. I like your wreath a whole lot better than theirs, but that's usually true when you do a knock-off.

  14. Fun and playful decor. I can't tell the difference between your wreath and the PB wreath! xoox

  15. BJ...the boot, the little people in their hounds tooth clothing, the window with shutters (is that new?), your wreath! It doesn't get any prettier than this. I am struggling with my decorations...indecisive and feeling a little out of Christmas spirit with my hands hurting and the same 'ol holiday stress. This cheered me up!!

    Jane xxx

  16. Love the big ole' Santa boot!
    The black and white check seems to be filling up your life of late!
    I really like the charm and look . . .

  17. I love it all and it is all so YOU!!!! It is beautiful!

  18. My comments are not always publishing for some silly reason. I will try again. I was saying that I loved all your neat finds! Your mantel is so pretty and festive!

  19. I love the boot - looks great and those snowpeople are darling - I would have snatched them up in a hot minute if I saw them. They look terrific on your mantle.

  20. Love them... They definitely have your name written all over them!! Grow up? Nahhhhh.

  21. Christmas brings out the child in all of us!

  22. These are all just precious BJ! How unusual! I know how much happiness this must bring you! I love it that you shared these handmade treasures with us! And that it!! Hugs!

  23. What a cute mantel and decorations.. The snow people are adorable.. And the wreath is lovely.. Such a wonderful cheery post, enjoy your day!

  24. Beautiful BJ. Love the black, red and white combination!!

  25. Could you have found dolls more perfect for you? I don't think so! Black and white and red all over and cute as can be :>)

  26. Those are cute. And I like the tree. I have a similar boot that I have stuffed a kid or two into for Christmas pictures. It didn't make it out of the attic this year - but maybe it will next Christmas. And I like your wrath better than the pottery bard wreath. It may just be a better picture, but yours really looks nicer.

  27. Love those dolls! They just fit your decor! And that Santa boot is do nostalgic, I love it!


  28. Your home is so sweet! You definitely have the imagination to make your winter warm and colorful! (I don't, so that's why I am in Florida LOL!)

  29. What a wonderful collection of images that celebrate the season of joy and giving. Well done.

  30. So cute and festive! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  31. So so so cute, bj. Those snow dolls are amazing! Just perfect and made with you in mind, I know! God knew you would end up with them!'>) Love your little red boot. I remember seeing one similar to it at my MIL's house and have no idea whatever happened to it. Glad you found one that reminds you of your Mama. Hope you are having a great week enjoying your pretty mantle. xo Diana

  32. Sooooo Aorable, so very adorable. I am happy to know you do not plan on growing up. I can't imagine what a horrible day it would be if the headlines read :" BJ grows up", that would be a sad day.
    You are helping me get in the spirit of the season--wonder what it will be tomorrow

  33. As always, another fun post filled with goodies that warms your heart. I have a Santa boot like yours. It is very old.

  34. Oh my gosh, bj, if that mantle is not totally YOU!!! Those little people dressed in their black and white outfits are the cutest things ever and then the Santa boot topped with a tree...adorable!

  35. Oh my goodness, those little snowmen and Santa were custom made for you! I can just picture you doing a happy dance when you got them !! And they look so happy too. I think they knew how much you loved them. 💕💕

  36. BJ,
    I agree, totally, dear friend. . .
    YoU have the cutest Christmas Dolls e v e r!!!
    I LOVE your Pottery Bran copy cat wreath much better!
    I think it's the striped red and white ornaments that draw my eye to it!!!

  37. bj,

    Oh my, when I saw the Santa boot it actually brought a tear to me eye.
    My mom had one that looked a lot like that one. I remember it so fondly.
    She also loved having yard sales, so she may have sold it.
    Otherwise I have no idea where it ended up.

    Merry Christmas!!

    May we never grow up!! xoxo


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