Thursday, November 13, 2014



Cuisine Kathleen is hosting the most delicious
NATIONAL BUNDT CAKE DAY which is Nov. 15th.


"ADAM, remember us talking about people loved to eat so much.
they just made NATIONAL WHATEVER DAY so they could......

She asks us to show our bundt pan/s...
 and have something like
a Coffee and Cake post.
As you can see, I didn't do a very good job of filling each little cake 
the same level....
I so fly by the seat of my pants and not very neat, at that....
(but looking at this photo, I think the wine was talking here...) hhhaaa

I did go back and fill the others almost to the top...
just forgot to get a photo.
This little rubbery MINI BUNDT pan that bends and mashes and cooks so good
and, in a favorite color, no less...
I ordered it off AMAZON and now, I want more pans like it.
Next, I need a donut pan...I've seen some awesome recipes for

I used a vanilla cake mix and added fresh strawberries,
extra Vanilla (always),
(my Aunt Lillian always dabbed a drop of pure vanilla behind each ear
and I find myself wanting to do the same thing...) 
and finely chopped pecans.

They turned out sooo cute.

The fall sunshine was shinning thru all my great dining room windows
making these little star-studded beauties even more tempting.

I made a glaze of 
Powdered Sugar
Mashed sweetened strawberries
and milk.
I still use my olden, vintage Corning Ware coffee pot occasionally.

Perked coffee is so delicious to me.
It just takes a little longer and the pot has to be watched fairly close to keep it from boiling over....sooo, I mostly use the electric coffee maker.

So far, I haven't found a one-cup coffee maker that I really like the taste of the coffee.
Like STARBUCKS, their plain coffee is too strong for my taste. I sure like their specialty coffees, tho.

♪♪ I've  got the sun in the morning and the moon at night...♪

Don't you love sunshine and shadows...?
meee, too.

Thanks for coming by for coffee and cake.
Come back sometime and I'll put the tea kettle on for TEA...
 and put out a plate of cookies.


  1. Your little bundts are adorable! After drooling over all these clever bundt creations, one thing I've learned is that I need a new bundt pan!! I am a messy baker too :)

  2. Your mini bundt pan is so cute. I bet the mini bundts were delicious. Your photos were great once again. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. Those mini bundts look delicious! I always enjoy your posts, have subscribed to your blog for a very long time! Thanks for your sweet comment!


  4. These little bundt cakes are cute and look yummy! Love strawberry so this would be a fav of mine I'm sure.


  5. You make anything you cook, sound like fun. Wish I had part of your skills and enthusiasm.

  6. Everyone is baking all these wonderful looking goodies. How can I keep my sweet tooth in check?

  7. You are TOOO much...and I am NOT talking to you or looking at your recipes since I ate the whole coconut cream pie you forced me to make...which I will be sharing this weekend, by the way! Okay- I looked. It looks GREAT-your pictures are as good as your words! Love it, sassy! xo Diana

  8. Well, I need another cake pan like I need another hole in my head, but those minies are so cute, and everything looks so yummy. We debated forever about getting a Keurig, but everyone we asked absolutely loved them. We got ours at Costco, and it came with quite a few sample, so we were able to try before we bought big containers of them. Starbucks was one of our least favorite, but Newman's Own Special Blend is now our fave. It's a bold, rich flavor but without being bitter. The only problem we have is that we drink more coffee!

  9. BJ how sweet they are!! Look so pretty on your cake plate and so yummy too..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. They look wonderful! I am so glad you joined in! I have enough Bundt cakes in the freezer now to last till the cows come home...whenever that is!
    I have never had Starbucks coffee, too expensive for me. I rarely even have Dunkin'. McD's is about it, and at home we have Folgers. I am glad you still have your favorite coffee pot. Somethings just can't be replaced!

  11. Your bundt cakes came out great...I have wondered whether those silicone pans did a good job baking. I bought a silicone caneles pan a couple years ago, but have been afraid to use it, thinking the caneles would stick. Maybe I will hunt it up and try it, now that I have seen how great your bundts look.
    I haven't had perked coffee in years...and Starbucks is my least favorite, it always tastes burnt.
    Have a wonderful week, BJ!

  12. Oh boy, but those things look so delish, bj. Wish I had one.

  13. Oh, my gosh! I can't believe you still have that old Corning Ware percolator!!! We had one at my home, before I started drinking coffee. My mom always loved her coffee perked in that thing!!

    My daughter has some of those silicon baking things and she loves them, too. Maybe Santa will bring me some. I'll have to ask for one like yours. Thanks for the recipe.

  14. You make me smile and your little cakes look delicious! I have a silicone angel food baking pan that works great too.

  15. Oh brother those tiny cakes look SOOOO good! Have you tried a Keurig? That is what we have since I don't drink coffee, so Joe can just make one cup at a time. He likes many of their coffees. XO

  16. I love your mini bundt cakes, bj! They look so pretty all dolled up. I'm I really into the mini bundts, but have never tried the silicone ones. I love the picture of your favorite vintage Corning Ware coffee pot. You take the prettiest pictures that make such lovely mosaics.

  17. Oh, BJ! These little cakes look so good! Your cooking always makes my mouth water! I didn't know adding a little more vanilla to a box mix would make a difference - I'll do it next time a bake something! I have a cup cake pan out of this wiggly stuff and they do cook up well and pop out so easily. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in being worn out from moving! I do a little something every day but I take lots of breaks - now only if I could have one of your little cakes, well, maybe two little cakes! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Yummy! Love your sunny shots too, BJ.
    If anyone needs a donut pan, it's YOU! Baked donuts sound good, and healthy. '-)
    Hope you are staying warm. It's in the 20s here tonight.

  19. Those little cakes look so yummy.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous, BJ! I love your sunshine & shadow shots...and that beautiful glass pedestal cake plate, too. I have a real passion for them.
    I got my bundt cake made but never set a pretty scene to photograph it. Guess we'll just have to eat it. I gotta get back in the groove of blogging again.
    Thanks for sharing your world

  21. I have the large bundt pan like yours and I love it! I also have a muffin pan. They do cook well. I baked a cake at Amber's on Wednesday using HER bundt pan ( the same kind) and the bottom burned a bit! Never had that happen before!!
    I feel the same way about Starbucks. IF I were to get a regular coffee - I have to get HALF a cup and ask them to top it off with hot water. That's the way I order coffee at several of the popular coffee places!
    That strawberry confection is in my head and I sure wish it was on my plate right now!!

  22. I don't know how I missed this one, and on National Whatever Day too.

    Krispy Kreme does a good job at participating with holidays. There was some silly holiday like dress up like a pirate day, and everyone who came dressed up would get some donuts. Except there's probably is some guy out there who dresses like that everyday and wonders why he got donuts for nothing all of a sudden.

  23. This sounds delicious! The glaze, the nuts....yummy. Thank you for sharing this idea!


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