Monday, November 17, 2014

OUR FIRST SNOW.....11/16/'14

Our sweet DEEDS spent the night with us and she was excited that SNOW was in our forecast. ....something about
" YAY..A SNOW DAY from school."

I was first to rise and....

no snow, YET...

but it was solid overcast and very gray looking.

Breakfast time before we headed out for church...

I said..."let's eat breakfast and wait for the snow"

She loves cereal...
but I had something else in mind....

sounded scrumptious to me...

I LOVE them made with Lil Smokies Sausage and crescent rolls...
my favorite.
Mr. Sweet likes his made with canned biscuits best.

No matter which ones we have, after rolling,
 we like brushing melted butter on each one.....

See how golden they become with a little BUTTER LUV....

I absolutely LVE the fact that we can have such great fruits,
almost the entire year 'round.

The red, seedless grapes right now are crisp, sweet and full of flavor.
Oh, and the cute flower pot....

25 cents from
 ♪♫ GOODWILL ♪♪♫
and it's so perfect for wintertime...

After eating a quick, tummy-warming breakfast, it was off to church...

and when we got out.....

Our first snow of the season....

 Loving banners like I do,
I brought out my cutie WINTER banner.

It may not be officially WINTER...

but with 
right outside our dining room doors...

it's close enuf to WINTER
for me.

 I love this banner so much because it brings...
 a little bit of color...
 and a LOT of CHARM.

I bought this several years ago from
When you have time to visit a bit, and if you LOVE shabby,
get a cup of your favorite hot drink and go visit Tina.
Would you kindly tell her bj said HEY..?

was checking out that cold white stuff...
not one bit interested and she headed right back to her dogie door 
for some inside warm and love.

The snow really didn't amount to much...pretty while it was falling, not enuf to cause much slushy mess and melting fast with today's warmer temps and bright sunshine.

and we'll have


plenty of
extra creamy




  1. Now you got me hungry,I'll take breakfast without snow!

  2. we had the same here last night. just weird to see snow on the roofs and lawn while looking at green trees and patches of bright green grass.

  3. What? Totally crazy! I mean it's normal in my corner. Course it makes good moisture soaking in to the ground slowly. Sounds as if you made it fun!

  4. What a beautiful little dusting of the white stuff! Your breakfast looked just wonderful! Can you go wrong with pigs-in-a-blanket...I mean really?? Whether they are made from crescents or biscuits, I don't care!

  5. Hey BJ,
    It's been snowing here since Friday. Big fluffy flakes and hopefully it will all melt away soon. It's too early for it, as pretty as it is. Yours looks like icing sugar dusted on everything. You make pigs- in- blankets the same as I do. Nice tasty lil snacks!

  6. oh look at your snow!!!! this post made me hungry!!!

  7. Yummy. Snow day here.........ready to decorate for Christmas.

  8. That winter banner is amazing, but the pigs in a blanket look buttery scrumptious. Save one for me... :)

  9. It sure looks COLD! Love your Winter banner! I'll go visit her, too! Warm hugs, Diane

  10. Looks yummy! We had a chance for the frozen stuff late last night and early this morning, but we missed the bullet, which is fine with me.
    However, it is so cold, as is 33 now and down to 18 tonight. Ugh!!

  11. Thank goodness the snow missed us. Sure is cold tho. I would dearly love having breakfast with you no matter what you served. You have Mr.Sweet spoiled.

  12. We had a dusting of snow when I woke this morning, bj! It's been unusually cold here! Your pigs in the blanket look so tasty. I love your wintry banner.

  13. It snowed here all afternoon but will rain tomorrow so it will be gone again. Pretty while it lasted. Do you usually get snow there in winter and do you normally cover your pool for the season? Just wondering. :) Pam

  14. Wow, you had snow before I did! Some fell in the area the other night but not at home, driving to work cars had an inch on them! Enjoy:@)

  15. Everything always looks so yummy at your house! That first snowfall is always so pretty. Enjoy & stay warm!

  16. I don't think I have ever seen a pool full of water with snow on the diving board. Here we close up the pools early because ya just never know when the first snowfall will hit. I blogged this am about our first snow too. But it totally stuck, we got 7 inches - so so pretty.


  17. well, in Indiana, we got a lot more snow, and with it frigid temperatures!

  18. It is cold here. No snow but we did get 4 inches of rain yesterday and last night. The sun did come out this afternoon. Your pigs in a blanket look quite yummy. Your snow pictures are great. Have a blessed evening. Madelline

  19. Hello bj, I can't think of anything better than starting a snow day with a great breakfast cooked and baked by grandma. Yum. The snow is lovely even though it wasn't much more than a dusting. It is cold enough here for snow but only the higher elevation will get a bit of the white stuff. Love all of your photos and now I am getting a nice cup of coffee and top it off with whipped cream so I can stay awake for Dancing With the Stars. Oh yeah.
    Love , Jeanne

  20. Hello bj, the first snow is always magical. Your breakfast sounds like a good way to start out the day. Warm and filling.

  21. Looks like you had enough snow to see doggie paw prints . . .
    I'd say that is a pretty good taste of winter for Texas.

    Crescent rolls and Smokie Links . . . you planted a seed, I haven't had them for years . . .YUM!

  22. Love the banner! Snow already???? Do you get much snow or is it more of a rarity?
    Pass me a crescent roll smokie and no one gets hurt!

  23. Oh- I wish I could sit and have breakfast with you and that Deeds! AND eat my fill of all your delicious cooking! AND enjoy a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee! AND just hang out and laugh with you. We have snow, too. UGH and double UGH! xo Diana

  24. Aw, I'm so jealous of the wee bit of winter you're experiencing!
    DH and I used to do the crescent roll-ups w/ this amazing sausage my DIL sent from Alabama and call it 'dinner.' Never thought of brushing with butter, tho'. That sounds like a real winner!

  25. Thanks so much for stopping by the Garden Spot. Looks we are Thrift Shop kindred spirits. Such trips have become rather addictive. Your meals look so delicious. Have a good week.

  26. yummy looking breakfast. I'll have to try your recipe soon.

  27. Hi BJness! Oh, your breakfast does look good! We had snow too! I'm getting to enjoy having a little grand daughter spend the night with me too! Life is good. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  28. Boy, I would love to be at your house for breakfast! smile.. Everything looks so scrumptious!! I too love those wonderful grapes.


  29. I woke up one morning and read a facebook post by a friend saying it was snowing. She lived on the other side of the county where it was snowing, we didn't get a snowflake on my side.

  30. Beautiful pictures ! Now I am hungry !

  31. It feels cold enough to snow here, but NO SNOW! Yours is SO pretty! I love crescent rolls with something wrapped in them or JUST BY THEMSELVES:) Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  32. I think you got more snow than we did! Amazing:>) (I'm pretty sure you love it more than I do too) I love your winter banner though, so cute.

  33. Can you keep your pool open year round! It does look exciting in the snow - but perhaps a wet suit would be required for a few laps!
    Lovely fun post bj - breakfast looked tasty and charming!
    Hugs - Mary

  34. We got snow, too. I left my daughter's house in Providence Village, Texas early Sunday morning and met my son and his family at church in Wichita Falls. I had lunch with them and arrived home when the roads just had little snow flurries. Within an hour of being home they were covered. But - it was just fine for me to drive. It's a good thing Brilyn invited me to go to church with her - or I would have went to church in Frisco and travelled home on slick roads.
    And do you cover your pool? We haven't got our cover on yet. The pool has been winterized, but not covered. But - after seeing yours I am wondering if it's even necessary?

  35. What time is breakfast served? I think I'll join you one of these mornings ~ :)

    Just a bit of snow here, barely covered the cars, etc. but wow, really cold!


  36. How fun to get a dusting of snow already! All we've had so far are a few flakes swirling around.

  37. Oh yes that snow looked cold and pretty there by the pool. I'm with the dog though, inside is where I want to be. - Your breakfast looked yummy.

  38. I like your winter banner. So home-like.

    My kind of snow. The kind that hangs around a bit looking pretty. Then disappears before getting dingy looking.



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