Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random Shadow Shots for Sunday AND A SUNDAY BIRTHDAY

I don't know if others do it or  if I am just such an airhead
but, I lose blogs...and link parties....
Some, I think, take long breaks and I never know when they come back...
this happened with
I just discovered it's going full blast and Heaven only knows for how long.
Shadowy Lace
I had white linens hanging on a drying rack outside one summer day
 and saw this little critter on one of them.

Shadowy Love
Altho it's an older photo of DEEDS and I,
it's always been one of my favorites.

We were at a rodeo with 4 other grandgirls
and another that was participating in the rodeo...
and the others  didn't get to make it..
♫(If you are BLESSED and you know it, clap your hands..!!) ♪♪
7 grandgirls and 2 grandgirls-by-marriage...=NINE
3 grandboys and a grandboy-by-marriage ...=FOUR
1 GREAT-grandgirl = CATE
1 GREAT-grandboy = PATRICK
and 1 GREAT-grand ON THE WAY...!!

I tell you, folks...
I stand in NOBODY'S  SHADOW....!!    

Shadowy Heart Stoppers shadows here....well....maybe just a bit of shadow, down there on the end....
but definitely  HEART STOPPERS

AND, speaking of GRANDGIRLS:

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday, dear BRYNNA...


YES, the TWINS  were born on Oct.2nd..
daughter's BRYNNA was born 3 days later on the 5th of Oct.
I had a sign in my front yard, 
with 3 PINK balloons tied to it.  

I have a photo of it.....some where. 

Isn't she just beautiful !
Is it just me or aren't all our grands either pretty or handsome..?  
An absolutely AWESOME photo of Arlington National Cemetery
taken by an absolutely AWESOME grandson, DREW..


  1. YOU and YOURS are an AMAZING bunch!!! Grand!!! GRAND!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your grands! Yes, all our grands are beautiful and handsome, and we all think ours are the best! That's why they are called "Grands"

  3. Happy birthday to your grandkids.

    Do you think any of them resemble you a lot from your youth?

    My oldest (half) brother looked just like my mom's dad when they were around age 7-10. Then he grew up to look just like his dad.

    I looked a lot like my mom when she was in infant, but I grew up to look the most like my father out of my full brothers. Which I didn't think so, but his old friends all insisted. He had grey hair and a mustache all the time I had known him before he died. When I saw his high school photo, that's when I never doubted my paternal lineage. It's basically 98% my face with awful 60s/70's hair.

  4. Nope, not just you, though, it is most especially you. =D

    What a wonderful photo of Arlington in Autumn. Those crosses make such intriguing patterns and it is sobering to think of all those who served this country.

  5. no doubt about it, you have beautiful grands. :)

  6. I have never seen any ugly grandkids, have you? Yours are all very pretty. Blessings to the birthday girls. xoxo,Susie

  7. Your grandchildren are all beautiful, lovely photos.. Enjoy your Sunday!

  8. BJ, great pictures to share on a Sunday. Thanks!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter.
    Great shots - thanks for sharing them.

  10. What a lovely family you have!! When I saw the pic of the insect on your linens, I realized it looked very similar to an infestation of flying ants we had in our landscaping. However, they are very similar to winged termites, so you might want to go online and look at some pictures and compare them to what you have at your place. Hopefully, it was just passing through and appreciated your pretty lace.

  11. Nice pictures. Grandgirls very pretty!

  12. Happy birthday to all your Grands ... I can see why you are happy ... all are beautiful.
    Love the shadow shot of Arlington National Cemetery.
    I have a few shadow-shot photos to post. I love seeing all the interesting photos on that blog.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. Yes, all of your grands are beautiful and handsome :) Oh BJ, you always, always, always put the biggest smile on my face! Love and hugs :)

  14. awesome indeed, happy you dropped by my blog; have a nice week

    much love...

  15. You are blessed many times over. Your granddaughters are just beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. Lots of happy faces. Nice lacy curtains, what is the bug on them. A lovely Autumn scene in the cemetery.

  17. Look all those pretty grand girlies! You are blessed!

  18. Wow! Lots of birthdays and lots of pretty girls! Nice to get to know you through your grand kids!

  19. LOL..the bug looks 3D...almost as if it's on my computer screen.

    Congrats on all the Grands!


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