Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bits and Bobs around my living room...

I've had a love affair with my vintage pine mantel
for years and years and I never tire of it.
It just might be my favorite piece in my whole house.

I bought this wonderful  candle holder at WALMART several years ago..
it looks just like a stack of logs
and, as you can see, holds 11 tea lights...
they burn for several hours...and I LUV the ambiance of them...
(and no ashes to take out...woo hoo....I do love THAT..)

I just totally love it to pieces...
it just may be my favorite piece in the whole house.

Mr. Sweet put the brick around the firebox and used the Z Brick
and I think it looks amazing.
He always....ALWAYS....does the best job !
HE just may be my favorite in the whole house. ;>)
Now, I realize I have faux SUMMER plants around..
I like 'em...
and what if I kick the bucket this winter and miss seeing my favorite fauxs
next summer.....?  So, think I'll keep them out for awhile longer.

No matter how hard I try to "stay in the rules of decorating",
I just can't do it.

If I see something I like, I don't stop to think "will this go with my other stuff"..
I just fly by the seat of my pants on decorating.
Actually, I don't even think I DO decorate.
I just like things to look nice...and I love new ideas...

A cozy spot...

No real fireplace or woodburning stove in this Summer House.
Mr. Sweet said he would have a Franklin Fireplace installed if I said the word...
we had one in the olden house.
But the thing was...
THAT woodburner had belonged to my mom...
so another one wouldn't be the same.
My son in law and daughter said they would have it removed, put another 
Franklin stove in it's place and I could take it with me to the new house.
Such a sweet thing for them to think of to do for me...
but, it was waaay too much trouble...

Mr. Sweet and I are glad we don't have to hassle with wood,
ashes...all the clean up needed to keep a wood burning stove healthy.  

 I'm still using and lovin' that wicker desk with the thick glass on top...
Bought it at GOODWILL was marked $50 and I nearly tore my purse up, getting my billfold out to pay for it (and passed a little gas)
... it was SENIOR DAY and I got 20% off the sticker price of 50 bucks...

AND...I still love this cute little STORY TABLE
that Mr. Sweet made for me several years ago.

My great-grandfather, J.M. JACKSON
owned and operated

The star is for my loved

Mr. Sweet's mother was born in

I love this table so much...
and so does one of my beautiful grandgirls, COURTNEY...
she wants it...and i don't believe in waiting
"till i die" to pass my things on...
when she gets out of nursing school and has a home, the table is HERS....

This is one of three long benches Mr. Sweet built for our dining table...
I am using it in the living room for now....
it just might be my favorite piece in the whole house.
The photo is of our family cruise several years ago and, boy, did we have a blast.

and, for some reason, with the wicker suitcase, picnic hamper and little palm plant,
this photo reminds me of CASA BLANCA.  

When I was moving the bench into the living room, Mr. Sweet said
"where are you going with that...?"
I said "using it in the living's cute."
His eyes rolled so far back in his head, I wondered if he'd ever be able to see again.

Actually, after it was all set up...he loves it in there....aren't we silly...
who cares WHERE i use my cute bench..??

I keep saying I am going to paint that hutch in a new, modern color...
I have enuf black...afraid it might be too large for turquoise..
wonder about gray...hmmmm...?
on second thought, a pale turquoise, aged a bit,would probably
knock my socks off....

I sure do thank you for coming by to see a little of my living room....
mostly that fireplace. lol

blue monday 
 art of homemaking mon
amaze me monday
make it pretty mon
tweak it tuesday
your gonna love it tues


  1. I like someone who does her own thing and doesn't copy cat the current trend, setting aside the so called "decorating rules."
    Makes it you . . . authentic!

  2. Love the tour of your living room -- you know I love a room decorated with meaning -- that's the best way. Sally

  3. the story of your table is so sweet, and giving it to the grandchild is wonderful of you. I choked when you said no one else would mix the rug and chairs designs together because I was thinking at that moment that I really liked the mix!

  4. Love your fireplace and your sweet table. Pretty new home!!

  5. Its such a great room. I love the fire place too. I really really love that cute little bunny pillow!!! : ) Happy decorating.

  6. What a lovely treat BJ, to see your home. Just what I needed today to cheer me up. Have a wonderful week. Each photo was a wonderful vignette.

  7. This might just be my favorite post of the whole day! lol You are too cute. I love all your things, bj...from your fireplace to that table to your cruise picture. I think the only real "decorating rule" is that if you LOVE it buy it and it will work itself in somehow! Your home is just as lovely as you are. You are lucky to have a Mr. SN that can DO things! xo Diana

  8. Always love a peek at your pretty summer house. I also love that like me, you keep the things you enjoy. Why get new things all the time?

  9. I LOVE your fireplace and tealight log holder. Thanks for sharing! xo

  10. I think everything's your favorite, sweet bj! I sure do love that log tea light holder and I love how your mix and match patterns. If you buy what you love, then it makes a house your special, unique, wonderful place.

  11. i can tell you have fun with your decor, and that's what matters.

  12. BJ, there is nothing wrong with your decorating - your home always looks so nice, warm and comfortable and that's the way it should look. I hate a house that looks like you shouldn't be setting down anywhere. To cold for me. I still love that piggie picture. Your fireplace looks really good and your honey did a great job.
    Have a great week.

  13. Your home is so nice and cozy. You know I like cozy. I like the rug with the chairs. Try Annie Sloan Duck Egg blue on that piece. It is a subtle color that looks so nice. Love the bench. I got one this summer for $20, white and aged. I actually got it in my VW bug. It's about 4 1/2 feet. I was planning on using it as a coffee table but that's what it is. straight from the vintage shop. I do love that fireplace candle thingie. I have a single one a little like it, but I like yours better. Hubby brought in our little heater that looks like a little woodburner. I dearly love that little thing. You have style for sure.

  14. BJ,
    What a warm and inviting room!! Love the fireplace and the piece that you bought at Walmart for inside of it!! Great idea!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  15. Oh BJ! I so enjoyed visiting your lovely home and seeing all the decor pieces that you have chosen to love! It was so interesting, warm and inviting! It reveals wonderful home owners with a great personality! I so appreciate you sharing and giving us a peek inside! Just lovely....I am going to reread and stay a little longer!

  16. You have a beautiful home Bj, decorate it like you want, I do, never follow be a leader!

  17. I enjoyed the tour of your living room. I love how you decorate. Your home looks very cozy, warm and inviting and that's the vibe that I'm trying to create in my own home... :)

  18. It all looks beautiful. And we've used that Z Brick before. I wonder if they still make that stuff? I'd like some Z rock - someday. I have a project I would like to do, but would have to hire a guy to do part of it - and I'm not so good at hiring guys.
    And - please go over and enter the give away at my new blog:

  19. I love your style, bj...I really enjoyed seeing how you have mixed things up, creating your own! So warm and cozy...and I would LOVE to find that candle holder for my fireplace...wonder if Walmart still carries them? Thanks for the tour!

  20. Thanks for sharing your ideas in your new home. They look great and I love the way you have used your favorite pieces. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. Lovely living room you have!! I think the tea lights in the fireplace are just perfect (and no ashes and no DUST!!) We used to have a wood burning stove in our last home and the heat was wonderful - but the clean up was tiresome and dusty!! Love all your accents, patterns and designs. What a " home sweet home"!!

  22. bj I love your fireplace and mantel. I want a faux one in my home also. It's a dream I may just have to start working on. Your colors are always pretty and if you love it, then it works. I don't go by what 'they' say anymore either! I always enjoy a visit to your home and seeing what you love best!!

  23. Morning BJ,

    Your Mr. Sweet is a keeper, that's for sure. A pale turquoise would pick up on the color of the carpet--pretty. Isn’t it fun thinking blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  24. Your home is so pretty! I have a hutch I need to paint too. It was our first piece of furniture when we got married 41 years ago.

  25. Nice and cozy with the lights in the
    fireplace, you have a lovely place
    to sit there

  26. I love your candle log, I sure wish I had even a fake fireplace to do that with! Your decorating style has always been one of my favorites. One of a kind pieces picked up here and there and all the lovely things your darling Mr. Sweet has made for you. I ♥ it all!

  27. Your home is filled with the things you love and it shows. A cozy warm inviting place!

  28. BJ I enjoyed your Living room tour ... A fun filled colorful room that has a happy feel to the room. Love the story to your charming story table. I think your room is one you and your guests can linger in, so cozy and sweet.

  29. Hi BJ. When I read your posts I feel like I a. Really having a face to face visit with you! I love all the things you have in your living room and the mismatched thing works for me:). Hope you have a Great week!

  30. Your home looks very cozy and inviting. I can see why you enjoy your fireplace mantle area. The candleholder is really cool looking.

  31. I love that pretty candle holder you bought! Looks like a great place to sit and read and the piggy print
    is adorable. I used to collect pig's.
    Joy@ Books and Life

  32. I love the fireplace with the tea-lights candle holder.
    I have never seen anything quite like it


  33. I wish I had a fireplace, even though there's at least some work involved with it.

    See when I was a kid, Santa come never come down the chimney. He wouldn't even go through the front door. All the presents came via FedEx.

  34. Hi bj ... thanks for sharing your lovely living room ... everything looks cozy, happy and comfortable. If you feel happy with it, then that is the way it should be. You have a lot of wonderful memories wrapped up in your pieces and you will continue to make memories.
    Nothing in my house matches and that is the way I like it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  35. Love ALL your favorites, BJ.
    ... When you mentioned Courtney getting the story table I got such a big old lump in my throat. A long time ago my precious daddy would give, give, give and when I'd go to protest, he admonished me with, "I'd rather give it to you with warm hands than with cold."
    That sweet table will be well loved for another 100 years!

  36. You are a wonderful cook, have excellent taste when decorating. Jack of all trades. I love seeing what you and Mr Sweet do. I have a wood burning fireplace, but use gas logs instead.. Had the logs for years and really puts out the heat.

  37. Hello, BJ! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog post with my burlap leaf banner. Your living room is so homey! I love the log piece with the tea lights! I would love one for my fireplace. Have a lovely day! ~ Jamie

  38. BJ, have I told you lately that I love you? Really. I adore you.♥ I love everything you do, and visiting you always makes me happy.♥♥♥

  39. That table put a HUGE smile on my face, it is priceless and SO wonderful of you to pass it on now. My favorite possessions are things we inherited from Joe's parents. My poor Mother didn't have anything to leave us. BUT I have my Grandmothers ring which I TREASURE and will give my daugter and then she can give it to our granddaugter. BTW, have you seen my new granddaughter, BJ??? I wish you were on Facebook, I have TONS of pictures of her on there:):) XO, Pinky


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