Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Well....you Cutie Pie, you...

Hi, everyone...

Hope your weekend was great...mine was :)

When I looked outside on this last Friday morning, I had a package...sitting right beside pumpkins and witches...

OOO, not much more fun in the world than getting a package in the mail.

I saw right away that it was from a sweet, sweet blogging friend,

*sucked in my breath so fast when I saw this,
I got so dizzy, I nearly fell down.

A beautiful, snow white, crocheted PUMPKIN...

 An "Eggceptional" Winter Tea...
how fun is that...
(and I love the little heart over the j)

 ummm...absolutely DELICIOUS.
Thank you, Kitty.

giveaway I hosted not long ago and she sent me a
THANK YOU box of all these wonderful things....

such a sweet thing....

such a sweet lady.

This adorable little white crocheted PUMPKIN
is so photogenic that I had a blast, posing her all around the house....
and she seemed to like the LIVING ROOM best.

She just shined when I propped her on top of

Yes, ma'am...she loved that color...and that color loved her. 

and she LOVED being included in all this texture...

the smoothness of leather,
crocheted pillow and linen-like fabric...

and she loved that SHE was the snow white ROCK STAR here...

 you cute little thang, you...

awww, baby doll....are you getting sleepy?

(I think a person tends to get really silly as they age..we love to PLAY...)

I'm getting off the subject here for just a second...

I wanted to add a touch of turquoise to my leather sofas
but loved the off-white throws over the backs...
I like the looks of turquoise on whites more than brown leather..

So, I bought a $12 smaller throw in turquoise at DOLLAR GENERAL...

and just layered  it over the off-white throw and LOVE IT.

The $12 dollar one is really a luscious color...deep and rich.

Getting back to the little STAR OF THIS POST....

I think she finally found her SPOT...
right up there on the mantel....

See how pretty she is around

...and as good as this pair looks together, you'd think they were both movie stars...

Just look at that yummy looking cotton, right out of the cotton field...

 O, and when you are at the dollar stores...
don't rush thru too quickly because you might miss something as cute as this
PARIS FLEA MARKET sign with little flowers, flag banners
and in the BEST color.
Dollar General for $4,
and I just love it.
hahhaaa...ain't life grand !...it's the little things, ya know.

"Kitty, I do love this and I appreciate you making it for me."

We do have some beautiful cotton out here in West Texas...and I love decorating with it so much...so pure white...so soft and natural...
the crops are late as we had a long, cold winter and farmers couldn't plant until
the ground thawed.

Thanks for coming by...
I'd invite you to stay for a cup of this new, delightful tea Kitty sent to me...
but I have only ONE left and it has MY NAME all over it.

I'll have my cup of tea now.
(I know...I'm a stingy gut...)
but I really do love you.

 joining in with:
OUTDOOR WED (that first photo is outside...does it count

I love adding cute comments to my posts...
BJ, I am laughing about you playing with that pumpkin, now put it down before you wear it out. LOL. Gosh that is the cutest thing. I loved it next to the sign. Good buys too . Your new throw looks very soft. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
"OK, Susie, I put her down for the night...No promises about tomorrow, tho." lol


  1. that's really cute. you are a pumpkin nut. :)

  2. Love that snow white crocheted pumpkin! So sweet. Love your throw...too!

  3. Oh I love your sweet pumpkin. What a fun post. I am finding the Dollar Stores to have some cool stuff! The throw is so pretty! Do ya'll have Big Lots. They have some cool finds too! I love the clearance section!
    About the linky deal. Have you tried doing the link and then going back to check. Because even if it says it didn't link it might have. It's an extra step. But the same thing has happened to me. I've been told it didn't work then went back to tell the hostess I couldn't post and surprise it was there. It happens to me every week at Blue Monday. Hope that's it!
    Now I am off to see that red bed!
    Have a good week.

  4. BJ, I am laughing about you playing with that pumpkin, now put it down before you wear it out. LOL. Gosh that is the cutest thing. I loved it next to the sign. Good buys too . Your new throw looks very soft. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. HI BJness! Oh, wasn't that so sweet of Kitty? I love that cute little pumpkin and I can tell she's having a great time at your house. Love your play with the throws and the colors.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Well, isn't that the cutest thing? It makes me want to learn to crochet! I love that blog friends are so good to each other. They are just so tuned in to what we love. I love all the turquoise you have incorporated into your home, too, bj. With your black and white palette you can add any color and the turquoise is perfect. xo Diana

  7. Pretty little pumpkin. I have the same Paris Flea Market sign. Great minds!! ;)

  8. What a sweet gesture! That wee pumpkin looks right proud of herself up there alongside the cotton and the olden clock. I know she'll bring a smile to your face for years to come!

  9. What a sweet pumpkin! I an glad you had fun playing with her!

  10. What a nice Thank You gift she sent!
    Beautiful Fall weather here this week - hope it is in your area also.

  11. AWL, Kitty really is the best, isn't she? Talk about a grateful winner. That pumpkin is ADORBZ!!!

    You are so cute, bj - you always make me smile!

  12. Such a cute pumpkin - did Kitty make it? Just love looking around your home, you have the cutest accent pieces! Meant to mention this on your post last week. I bought my doughtier the same canvas print you have - the scene with the girl under the umbrella kissing her boyfriend - looks so cute in he reliving room

  13. The little pumpkin came to rest in absolutely the perfect spot!

  14. You are too funny. That pumpkin is too stinkin cute and makes me wish I could read a crochet pattern. How nice to have such sweet blogging friends.

  15. Cute white pumpkin! Ain't life grand to have sweet blogging friends!
    JM, Illinois

  16. Grownups can play, too! That pumpkin is the perfect grownup toy. No way you can hurt yourself and you're so creative with it. Kitty is a sweetheart. Love the turquoise touches you are adding to your decor.

  17. You are so much fun!!! You know we all LOVE you to bits!!

  18. Aw, your new pumpkin is really cute BJ! Have fun with it and enjoy the tea:@)

  19. How thoughtful of Kitty, to send you such a great thank you gift! That pumpkin is just too cute!

  20. I always love getting packages in the mail even if you know what it is. Waiting for it sucks though.

    cute pumpkin

  21. Awww I'm so glad your posed your little pumpkin in such cute ways, bj! I'm happy that you found the perfect spot for the pumpkin up on your mantle by your totally cute Paris Flea Market sign. Your posts just always lend a bright, happy note to my day. xo

  22. Kitty is simply the sweetest, isn't she! I just love her :) And her pumpkins that she crocheted are adorable and made with lots of love and caring.

    Hugs to you!

  23. When the good Lord made you he through away he mold. He decided one was enough. I love your fun ways and thinking. Better than a sad face looking for trouble Your little pumpkin is so cute.

  24. BJ,
    LOVE your newest little "cutie pie" white pumpkin, dear friend!!!
    Kitty is indeed a sweet little Lady!!!
    Your turquoise around the house is lovely!

  25. Kitty truly is the sweetest! A dedicated tea drinker and wonderful cook ~ :) Your little pumpkin is adorable and the other things are so very nice. You know, if we ever stop laughing & playing then we're not young at heart anymore! Wouldn't life be dull if we didn't laugh and have fun?

    Have a wonderful day sweet lady!

  26. I just love to read your posts BJ! You have a wonderful sense of humor and your photos are always colorful and fun loving
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  27. The pumpkin Kitty made and sent you is adorable. I am so glad you found a special place for it. Love your new throw. Your photos are great . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. Hi BJ, I am new to your blog and I just love this post, this little pumpkin gets around as much as Elf on the shelf, I can only imagine the cute story you would tell with him or her. Enjoyed your photos they are all fun. Im now following you on Bloglovin and would love to have you stop by Oh My Heartsie Girl's #WW and share your blog.http://ohmyheartsiegirl.com/wordless-wednesday-28/karren
    PS Have you tired using http://InLinkz.com for a Linky to add to your blog, its free, if your interested.

    Have a great day!!

  29. How sweet of Kitty to make you that ADORABLE pumpkin! I love it too!!! Your $ store throw is scrumptious!!! Hope you are having a great week.

  30. Love your pumpkin ... so sweet of Kitty to make it for you. You are just having too much fun with it ... and I bet you will find a way to use it for Christmas too. I love it on the mantel.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  31. Beautiful little pumpkin!

    I love eggnog. I wonder how eggnog tea tastes.
    I have not seen it and now I want some :)

  32. It is beautiful indeed - with just a hint of sparkles and glints!

  33. Looks like the Turkey I have lurking in my Fall photo's. Love your pumpkin. Thanks for sharing.


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