Monday, September 29, 2014


Things I like:

...this yardstick was given to me by a dear, dear friend and neighbor
and I miss him sooo much.

Sometimes I wonder about my silly self...
the things I like....
strange things...

wooden squared yard stick with
with a hole in the end to insert hemp string (my choice) to hang this
amazing, vintage YARD STICK on the wall, in a cute place...
where it will be SURE to be seen by all.
(thus assuming that EVERYone will be as amazed as I at this adorable yard stick).

And, then, there's....

the little tiny CLOCK FACES  I've collected over the years...

A project I THOUGHT I was going to do with these seems silly now....
and, altho I haven't a clue what to do with these cutie pies,
I love 'em so'd think an olden woman of 76
would have more sense....but....not so.

I am wondering how they might look,
framed out something like this..??

It's pretty hum-drum, tho...
I'd like something more original to show off my little faces, covered in time...
(HEY...they match MY face..:)
...maybe a large circle, covered with a PRETTY burlap,

*heavy I have nothing in the world other than THIS to think about.

And, what kind of a "woman of a certain age" would choose a sign like THIS
to go on the wall over her bed...???

I can't help it...
I adore graphics...of any kind...
on yard sticks...
clock faces...

After learning all this about moi,
I hope you still like me.  :>)

but...if you are having doubts....

I brought COOKIES... 


  1. I thought I smelled cookies, oh these look so good. I love your treasures the yard stick is sweet sentiment and those little clock faces are gonna be very interesting what ever you do with them.

  2. My hubby clocks. Love the post and the cookies and muffins look great!

  3. I more than like you! I love you! You are I have so much in common. I love graphics also. And I think framing the clock faces would be fantastic!

  4. I adore old clocks, but never considered 'playing' with their faces ... what a grand idea!
    "Little faces, covered in time" - I'm so taken with that phrase, BJ!

  5. Those are pretty clock faces and a lovely pumpkin. Your bedroom decor made me smile.

  6. Mmmmm... The cookies look delicious! I love your clock faces! Your yardstick reminded me of when I was a small child our lumber yard gave them away. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I collect yard sticks. Just sayin'. :-) Love your clock face collection and they look sweet on the tray as is. I've never seen a squared yardstick. It's worth showing off. I still like you BJ. Have a great day!

  8. You are just toooo cute, bj!! Yes, we all still love you and even more because you are so darn cute.

  9. I love your clock faces. I am looking forward to seeing what you finally do with them.

  10. As if we couldn't like you BJ! I love the clock faces (I have watch faces in my craft stash, no idea what I'll do with them!) and I really like the graphic sign of rover the bed!

  11. You're so cute! I'd like a cookie or muffin with my pecan coffee this morning.

    Love the yard sticks and the clock faces.

  12. Really random, but those clock faces remind me of the replacement blades for table saws. Though you would need a lot of TIME to saw anything with them.

  13. That square yardstick make a good walking cane. I have one just like it but without the memory of a sweet neighbor attached to it. I guess the more I learn about you, the more I like you ... but I will take a cookie anyway. Thanks.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Mmmmmmmm..... those are delicious looking cookies! And I like my share of weird things, too. There is nothing wrong with liking something. Especially when the things you like take up so little space. Liking large items sometimes makes for crowded living conditions, though. It looks like you've got your weird likings under control! :-)

  15. I love that you love these kind of things! The yard stick is awesome:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  16. Lord help help her as she makes it through these fun stages of her life. I like it when you are being yourself and enjoying the simple things of life. It would be awful going a day without a sweet.

  17. Love all your fun graphics! Clock faces are so interesting and I even like them just displayed on the try like that! You are always fun bj!

  18. You are one of a kind bj. I love your collection of unique things. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. we like so much of the same things friend!

  20. Aww bj...what's not to love about you? I actually like these things as well! I love your idea about framing those clock faces! Have a blessed Tuesday!

  21. I think most everyone has certain "little trinkets and treasures" that make them smile - I do. Pass the cookies please. :)

  22. Still like you? It just makes me like you MORE.

    (Now, considering what an oddball I am, you can take that however you want to take it. I meant it as a good thing. LOL)

  23. You are do funny! But I love each and everyone of these items! lol

  24. You are do funny! I love each and everyone of your collections! lol


  25. I like all those things too. There are enough of us that we could form a club! The cookies look delicious.

  26. You are such a sweetie pie, BJ! Love the stories behind all of your precious pretties!

    Happy Tuesday, my friend!


  27. Yes, I'll still love you tomorrow...
    I like all your goodies that you love. Now pass me a cookie!

  28. BJ,
    Precious memories and collections form in our snippets of time... I adore how you add variety in your posts and always delight in where each post takes us to,

  29. I love the same kind of things, so I don't need to be bribed with cookies. But I'll take some anyhow, LOL!

  30. Of course, we still like you! You've just proven your just like the rest of us! :) I really love the clock faces.

  31. Sorry for my poor should read, you're just like the rest of us!

  32. Such an interesting post!

    Thanks for the cookies :)

  33. Saying a quick hi before the iPad blows up on this latest download...I do like your yardstick and really, I just like everything you do, BJ!

  34. No need to bribe with cookies, but if you insist! - I like your signs and the clock faces.

  35. It's fun to like the things we like just because we like them, and sometimes they remind us of someone from our past, and that makes them even more special. I enjoyed seeing the things that you like. And those cookies looked soooo good.

  36. Love ALL your goodies, things to admire and to eat! Oh and you too,Bj!

  37. Clock faces are the best! And where you have them looks perfect to me!

  38. Those old clock faces are darling, and the wooden yardstick. Yes, I still like you, even without cookies.


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