Thursday, September 18, 2014

RAIN...TEA...SCONES...and a little someting more....

Hi, ya'll...

 We've had several recent days of off and on soft, gentle rain
with a solid overcast sky and 
this is my favorite kind of day in the whole world.

I think our moisture is due to some of the hurricanes and storms at sea...
or some hot air meeting cold air...

Whatever...we sure are happy to get this sweet rain.

These kind of days nearly always makes me want a good hot cup of tea
and a sweet.

(Now, TEX might tell you that I want a sweet ANY time...
and I'm saying she might be wrong...'n then again,
she MIGHT be right...)

This beautiful tea cup with all the pretty flowers was sent to me by a blogger friend and I think it's sooo pretty.

My mama collected tea cups and saucers and I have only one of hers. She sold them in a garage sale a long time ago and I was such an air head not to grab them all when she asked if I wanted them....

Sometimes I wonder about my silly self.....
Orange and Cranberry Scones...

found in the cold section at the store where the pie crusts, canned biscuits and etc. are.

just open, put on a cookie sheet, bake, then when a little cooler, drizzle the glaze over ea one.

They're so good, I had to MAKE myself stop after eating 2 with my tea.

Not only a pretty sight....DELICIOUS be perfectly honest, I really prefer this large TEA MUG
when I am wanting a cup of Chai tea.... holds more....stays hot longer.

Twinings Chai tea is
ONE of my favorites but I like so so many different ones. an Orange flavored tea...

and some teas I like a dollop or two of
whipped cream in it...

NOW...for a tiny bit of FUN .....

THE FIRST ONE that leaves a comment telling me

ELLEN found it right off....
She is such an eagle-eye....hahhhaaa 

 will get a package of our 
a ginger snap cookie worth writing home about.

Little nuggets of sweet ginger, baked in the STATE OF TEXAS shape
and crisp and crunchy and PERFECT with a glass of Icy cold milk
or a favorite hot drink. 

please tell me so in your comment.

...just a tiny bit of fun...
it's always fun to get a package in the mail...

...if YOU are the first one to spot the

 "oh my gosh..i can't believe
i took the photo with THAT....."

leaving a comment telling me what you think is

you'll get that  pkg of TEXAS SNAPS in the mail ..!!

OOO...and today I found something else I will add to the package of goodness...

FUN, hu ?


  1. The clock is side ways! Or the clock is on it's side... I was going to say New York!?

    1. hahhaa....gotta love it. Send me your mailing address and I'll get those Texas Snaps off to you right away.
      xoxo, bj

  2. the texas snaps are too cute. :) and you do have sweets all the time. i think time is on your side. ;)

  3. I think it is absolutely hilarious that it says "consume all at once" on the side of your Texas Snaps tub bin! : -) No wonder you love them!

    I ADORE that beautiful teacup....and always cried a little knowing how you feel about your momma's teacup collection. Ugh. Hate that for you, but then again we all have our own collections and it is difficult to want all our mother's things. So I understand. And we CHANGE too- that's the thing! I sure wish my Mom had lived long enough to know I ended up kinda turning into her. She left us when I was still into chrome and glass. Lord have mercy!

    Hugs, bj. ♥

  4. That teacup is beautiful beautiful beautiful! What a wonderful gift from a friend!

    When my grandmother passed away in 1996, my grandfather was too distraught to handle the disposal of her things, so that job fell to me. While I did keep 2 of her teacups and a large assortment of other things, I DID donate tons of stuff to a thrift store. I've been kicking myself for that for years! So, I am right there with you in wondering what I was thinking.


  5. Well I sure wish I could send you a pie to enjoy your tea with BJ, sorry I teased on FB with it ;>) But I sold another by showing it and I'm giving to some young mom's for a mission trip in March so I have to sell those pies! Those scones look good though. I love twinings chai too! Now I'll think of you the next time I have a cup :>)

  6. If you get too much rain, remember Fort Worth is in need. We have clouds and thunder, but where I live, no rain. It would be nice to sit with you and enjoy some of your goodies and listen to the rain patter.

  7. LOL- I am assuming you are talking about the clock being sideways. lol What a SWEET post, bj. I drink coffee but hubby only drinks tea or a decaf once in a while. It looks like you have some SWEET gentle rain, too! lol xo Diana

  8. In SC we often get small storms from hurricanes. Though I will say we've been rather lucky with hurricanes for the past couple of years.

  9. I love tea out of a fine china cup but usually have it out of a big mug - and I have never heard of whipped cream in tea. In coffee yes, but tea? That's a new one. Hmm, will I try it? Don't know, haha.


  10. The cup is beautiful and so is the photo with the clock that is sideways. I know you are enjoying the rain. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. bj, your post is always so much fun to read. I bet you are a fun person to hang around with over a cup of tea (and some sweets, of course!)

  12. It's always time for tea at our house. Speaking of time, the clock is sideways.
    'm going to check out those scones next time I'm at the grocery store. Glad you're getting all that rain!

  13. BJ, Yum--I'm thinking your kitchen must always smell good :) I love your charming tea cups too! We have been getting some of that much needed rain too. Have a great weekend! Hugs, Cecilia

  14. thankful for some rain here in southeast Georgia too. I want some scones with lots icing drizzled. cute what TEX comment, time is on your side, teehehehe, that was fun I immediately noticed the clock was side ways, wouldn't that be fun blogging idea, taking a photo with something wrong and ask bloggers to find it, oh yeah prizes we love prizes...thanks for visiting and commenting at Return To Loblolly, hugs and have great weekend, give Mr Sweet big hugs

  15. My parents both drank tea from a china cup, even my dad with his huge hands. I remember once when I was shopping with my mom and we stopped by a little shop for tea. The had the nerve to bring us our tea in a Styrofoam cup.

  16. So happy you are getting rain. We had a nice shower today and so welcome. Not crazy about Ginger Snaps, but I do eat them. Likely needed the right kind of tea with them. You scones look so delicious. I need to shop for groceries more often. Usually that is Mr.Z's job and he does not know about scones, but knows where the cookie isle is.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. Something happened to the clock . . .
    Fun post . . .
    I like a mug too, stays hot longer . . .
    I like a cup of hot water with fresh lemon more than tea . . .
    Am I strange . . .?

  18. What a fun post, BJ. Those are my kind of instructions! Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

  19. You and I certainly agree on one thing ~ we both love rainy days and tea!
    Loved the clock thingy! Haven't had a ginger snap in years! They sound yummy as do the scones. Next time I am at the store I will be looking for them!
    ♥ Jil

  20. Did you see my latest post? I saw what you did, but I am late to the game!

  21. Oh those scones looks yummy ...and love your pretty teacup....HPS Michelle

  22. Oh I know already guessed the clock, but just had to comment! I will try those scorns! You've never steered me wrong!


  23. You are not going to believe this! I looked at the two pics side by side, one color, one black and white, and it looked like the New York box wasn't in the b and w. I thought to myself, wouldn't u know? She could have a contest and ask us to find the difference! Lol... I about blew a gasket when I read later on you did something so similar!!! What is up with that? Love the post. I'll look for those scones. I have tons of cup n saucers from both Gramma's. I would have more but I dropped a big candle into the middle of my display cabinet... I couldn't even count how many broke! Boo hoo... Hugs.

  24. Definitely pretty flower, beautiful soft colors in these photos

  25. A fun post...enjoyed my visit. See you again soon!

  26. It is so nice to be able to say 'It's RAINING in TEXAS', and it's just as nice as your Texas Tea and scones. Fun post...great photos! Happy Pink Saturday.

  27. We are still waiting for some fall rain. I do love tea and don't know why I don't drink it more often. Your tea cup is so pretty but I'm with you on using a larger cup. Those sweets looked really tasty.

  28. Hi bj, Wrong or right your post is making my want one of those scones. I also love Chai tea. My sister loves it so much I gave her all I had. Sister love HA. I am missing my Chai tea!!! Gotta find some more. Your tea cup from your blog friend is beautiful.

    Have a wonderful week.
    Love, Jeanne


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