Saturday, September 20, 2014

I think it's FINALLY here...

We've had rain, clouds and cool, almost cold wind the last few days and it sure seems like...

                              FALL IS HERE ♥ ♥ ♥

Daughter and I spent several days, out looking and buying fallish decorations,
making arrangements...wreaths...and drinking hot tea and eating cookies.

I've told you about my aversion to bright orange..
love the russets...burnt oranges, tho.

I bought PUMPKINS...

not ORANGE ones...

but golden, shiny and
full-of-bling ones.

I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat when I saw them...

ahhh, and don't ya know I love the largest one..
the way it tilts and puffs on one side...
I think I had a
REAL PUMPKIN just like it once.

       I DID buy some orange...and I am working on a little Autumn project that I will share in a day or so.

A couple of the Golden Beauties are perched on clear glass candle holders,
adding to the composition of the grouping.
Ya I really know something about composition...
I've just seen others use different layers and heights...:>)

ahhh...they look amazing with my pinkish pigs...
the pigs are trying REALLY HARD to be LOOKING GOOD
with all the fall decorations I throw at them ....they're scared I'll take them down
and replace that spot on the mantel  with something else.

*Dear Little Pigs,
 you will probably be safe there for a few more months...
something really CHRISTMAS-E  will take your place...and...
wintery something-or-other will most likely follow Christmas. "

Now, I will admit that I could decorate with PUMPKINS all year long if they were all as pretty as these  ...:)
"Hello, movie star pumpkins...
may I please have your autographs?"


  1. they do look lovely, I must say,,, everytime I see those beautiful little pigs I wonder how people eat them,,

  2. And yet I had to wear suntan lotion today (seriously)

  3. How very pretty! I love this season!

  4. i hope that coolish weather is heading east! still 92 here and humid!

  5. We are definitely moving towards Fall and cooler weather here in NE Texas. Yay!

  6. Love the bling! But I do love those sweet piggies!!

  7. I love your pumpkins they are so pretty. It is cool here in the morning, like fall, but warms up in the afternoon but not as hot as it as been. Fall is in the air. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  8. Bling and Glitter~! you go Girl... they are so pretty.
    Fall is on hold in NC cause it was 82 today..
    stompin my footies and shaken my fists--
    I WANT 60 degrees 55 would be better but I'd smile BIG if it was 6o.
    Maybe I can get to town this coming week and find some fall pretties. I lost my fall container when we moved:(

  9. Fantastic! They look so beautiful against the painting. I would not have guessed it was of a pig!

  10. I love those little sparklers! Orange is tough,,, I even find red at Christmas to be hard to work into my neutral decor. I think orange looks beautiful outside though and soon my front porch will be filled with it!

    Jane xx

  11. Like your movie star pumpkins, but love the fabulous pig!!!

  12. Hi BJ! Lovely catching up with you, milady! Glam pumpkins, to be sure! I'm ModPodging white pumpkins at a fall festival as a demo I'm appearing at to promo our publishing venture. My illustrator is painting plen aire and someone will win her canvas at the end of the day. You bet - I'll be blogging it. Pressed the leaves I'll be using. Happy fall!

  13. Love the glittering three . . .And they look perfect with the piggies . . .

  14. Glittering pumpkins are so creative. A delightful twist on traditional icons. But I don't think the glittery version would like to be carved with a face.

  15. If your pumpkins go missing they'll be at my place, even though they'll be out of season. Love them.


  16. Lovin' your fun new blinged out pumpkins BJ-they're beautiful:@)

  17. Those glitzy pumpkins are gorgeous, so stylish, love the shadows they make.

  18. Be still my heart! LOVE those sparkly pumpkins:) Have a blessed Sunday dear B.J. HUGS!

  19. I am drawn to glitter like bees to a flower and I would have scooped those beauties up in a heartbeat! We share an aversion to orange, although my heart has been softening toward it in the right place with the right colors to go with it. I just hate how all the fall decorations are the same brown and orange in the stores. Blech! My go to fall colors are deep reds and golds:>)

  20. I love them and it looks like the little pigs do to! : )
    Happy Sunday

  21. Oh my..I think you could decorate these blingy pumpkins at Christmas and winter!! They are gorgeous!!

    Fall,is here in Iowa too I think!


  22. Wow those are some sparkly pumpkins for sure. So different from the "normal" orange ones.

  23. Not a fan of orange either, but a little for Fall I can handle, lol! It is warm here, had to turn the ac back on last night after having it off a few days. Happy Fall! Have fun decorating! I am still in summer mode, when the cold kills the flowers I will think about it! :)

  24. It's really is a grand time of year. I'm glad you could finally feel inspired to shop for some autumn decor...

  25. The pigs seem to go with everything.

  26. I also am not a fan of orange, and about the only time any is around here is in the Fall.
    Hope you have enjoyed the weekend.

  27. How pretty! I think you are ready for the still life photography challenge next month!

  28. bj ... you picked some really pretty pumpkins and they look great on your mantel. I bought a mirrored pumpkin last year but never used it. Just did not seem to go with my rustic decor. Maybe I will try it this year as I love the way yours looks.
    Happy Fall ... too hot here to even think about Fall.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. OMG, this glittery pumpkins are awesome! Your mantel looks so elegant and ready for Fall. I love Fall and weather where I am sure looks like it, I'm so lucky.
    Have a great week lovely lady.

  30. BJ,
    Yup gorgeous fairytale like pumpkins! Personally I think Glitter is a color and one of my favorites!
    Glitter me happy anyday!

  31. Hi BJ :)
    I do see you here on the link up {Art of Home-Making Mondays} but your picture doesn't show up for some reason :(

    I am sorry about that!!! Happy Monday I presume :)

  32. Very lovely pumpkin decorations.

  33. Hi BJ,

    You're making me feel guilty; I haven't started fall decoration yet, but I'll get it going--I promise.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  34. Hi bj, I have to say, I do like orange. Gator orange and blue!!! HA! However, the bling in those pumpkins really speaks to my heart. Love the pig too. Having lived on a farm I can definitely eat pig and beef. Oh yeah, and venison. My family are hunters and they eat what they shoot. I do love animals but in a practical way. My grandfather was a butcher for his son's IGA grocery store. Earning a living and sustaining life is the way I look at it. Off my soap box now. I was responding to a comment about not understanding how people can eat meat.

    Enjoy your pretty pumpkins and happy Blue Mon.
    Love, Jeanne

  35. I'm loving the fairyland pumpkins--they make a splash for fall. The piggies are just too darling.

  36. They are fairyland pumpkins, so sparkly, love it!

  37. Oh wow, these are beautiful :) I want some too ..

    Thanks for linking to Creative Mondays, I have just found your comment and have linked your post up :) I am happy to link any posts up for you if you would like me to in future, just leave me a comment the day before so I find it in time, or tweet me?

    Thanks for sharing ,,,

  38. Those pumpkins are by far the most beautiful I've ever seen, but I'm a bling girl from way back ;).

    Bright orange is not my favorite color either, but I think outside it's much easier to handle than indoors. I suppose that's because in nature, everything looks good because Mother Nature doesn't make mistakes. :).

    Thanks so much for visiting BJ! It's a pleasure to meet you and I am following you now.



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