Saturday, July 5, 2014

What a 4th.....:)

As for favorite holidays...I think the 4th of July is right behind Christmas for me.

As a kid, we didn't have much more than a few bottle rockets, Black Cats and sparklers but, boy, we sure did have fun.

Plastic flatware...

.paper plates....cutie pie paper napkins...
all as much a part of THE 4TH OF JULY
as hamburgers and hot dogs.

We started the 4th with a tasty breakfast...
some of you might remember that breakfast is, by far, my very favorite meal...
and I love variety.

Toaster Strudel....


this time...:)

Then Mr. Sweet grilled weenies and we had 
our son and his family over for 
HOT DOGS and all the trimmings.

I didn't get a photo one of this glorious occasion.

and...I only got a very few of the 
EVENING of the 4th....

Several of the neighbors got together and we had an awesome brisket and all the trimmings dinner...
and THEN....

 Son, DAVID...and ...KATHY
 My camera doesn't take good photos at night....especially of fireworks so no pictures
of the fun times that night.

 Daughter, STACY, and her crew went to POSSUM KINGDOM lake 
for the holiday weekend...
and they are having such a good time. 

We are blessed to have had another fabulous holiday with family and friends.

Hope you had a great time, too.



  1. looks like fun. i like the pic of the two of you on the sidebar. :)

    our local celebrations are still going strong tonight. neighbors all around w/ fireworks, loud music, gun shots earlier. just another day in the country - and a weekend to party. :)

  2. I will say sparklers are often pretty dumb nowadays. Most of the ones we have used don't even spark they just have a centered spot where it glows until the fire is gone.

  3. It looks like you had yourselves a wonderful time, wish I was out there on the water here....loved the forth post as well, haven't been posting for awhile Mr. S. been down with his ms he is better now and I did a post for the forth, nice to see you are still makin me breakfast....

  4. What a grand weekend you must have had - and the good weather is the icing on the cake!

  5. Looks like you all had a terrific time on the 4th with all the trimmings. Looks like some good old fashion food was served at your house. Your breakfast looks mighty fine too. I also LOVE breakfast.
    Have a great week BJ

  6. Everything looks like a super holiday! Times to cherish!

  7. Sounds like you had a fun 4th of July and ate very well BJ-enjoy:@)

  8. Keep the party going all summer long! Everything always looks so pretty and festive here.

  9. Isn't that what it is all about . . . picnics, friends, family and red, white and blue!
    Good for you bj . . . such a giver you must be!

  10. What a great holiday you had bj. Love your photos, especially that toaster strudel!

  11. I love the flatware idea! I used to have that exact candle holder. My daughter 'stole it'. That's what they do! Perfect for the flatware. I need to look for another one. Came from Canton I think! Love your sweet photos looks like you had a glorious day! Thanks for sharing the festivities.

  12. So nice to have the family around to celebrate. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
    Cute picture of you and Mr. Sweet all dressed in your red/white and blue.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. You DO know how to party!!! I love your patriotic blog design!!!

  14. Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful time! Bless you... Glad you're able to enjoy your friends and family on this holiday! smile... PS We love Toaster Strudles too...Apple is our favorite!


  15. Sounds like a great family time! And, I love your breakfast ;)

  16. Looks fun! I hear fireworks right now...?? A late display I guess.

  17. I enjoyed playing catch up here this morning. Your reflection post was wonderful. What a fantastic capture of the flag.
    Your Independence Day celebration looked wonderful and FULL. We were talking around our picnic table that we used to make a fuller day of it growing up. We would start eating in the morning and eat our way to the fireworks.

  18. Looks like a wonderful celebration! YUM, bacon and toaster strudel! Enjoy the week ahead dear B.J. Hugs!

  19. Looks like a great fourth! I still have pictures that need gone through. You got yours up FAST!

  20. It looks like you had a wonderful Fourth! Have a wonderful week too:>)

  21. Hi BJ,

    My Daddy used to call me, "Sassy." Once again, you've given me a memory and a smile. Thanks.

  22. Looks like fun was had by all. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  23. Love your flatware caddy, BJ. I also love the cheerful and colorful bowls from Pier One. Looks like you are enjoying your summer and I am happy for you....Christine

  24. BJ,
    Thanks for sharing your Fourth of July celebration, dear friend!!!
    Love that you spent time with family, friends and neighbors!!!


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