Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Red River was our 5th leg of our mountain vacation. 

This beautiful mountain town is best known for SNOW SKIING..
but it offers TROUT FISHING as well.

Now....we LUV to fish.
We always do the catch and release...
never eat them.
ANYway, we planned to catch a BUNCH of fish but SOME plans never pan out.

We had mountain showers several times a day so we really fished only about 3 hours one afternoon and 
caught only ONE fish.

Our lines got tangled together....
Oh, alRIGHT   !!!
 .....I accidentally cast MY line over HIS
and just about the time this happened, a fish decided he liked our bait.

He was caught but in his fight to survive, he really did a number on our lines and 
just about tied them in knots..
we had to cut the lines with me holding on the fishing lines so I could pull this fish in,
Mr. Sweet could get the hook out and  could throw him back into the pond.

Long story, short....we're not sure WHO caught this baby fish.
I said "YOU can tell everybody YOU caught this little one..."

"I'll tell them about my HUGE one that.....got away."

You can see the ski runs on the mountain in the above photo.
Chair lifts were running so people could see the beautiful view.

We didn't ride it as just about the time we were THINKING of riding,
the sweet rain started.

We met this sweet and fun couple at one of the popular restaurants in town when they asked us to share a breakfast table with them.

We spent several hours with them...
the fellas, sitting on outdoor benches, solving all the problems of the world....

Sherri and I SHOPPED....we were BORN to shop...

 This cafe is famous for their

so of course, I had to order one....

and, sure 'nuf......

it was big....DINNER PLATE SIZE.

(excuse this photo of moi....
was THE RULE OF THE DAY the whole vacation.....yay)

After one of the glorious rains,
we were gifted with this beautiful blessing.
Not as bright as some rainbows I've seen.....
but beautiful, never the less.

Another cute cafe was done in black and white with red...
THIS one was somewhere in Colorado, I think.
Great stuffed baked potatoes.
BLACK, WHITE with RED makes my heart beat a little faster..!!!

We are still on vacation....probably home in a couple of days.

Today.....it's the historic SANTA FE, NM
Planning to visit the olden Governor's Palace
and their historic OLD TOWN PLAZA.
It should be FUN ! 


  1. Oh Bj...it looks like you are having a blast! That is SOME pancake...looks like it would nearly take a whole bottle of syrup! And that beautiful rainbow....! Hope the rest of your time is just as great! Blessings!

  2. That little cafe looks like it was made for you, BJ. Your colors. Loved the huge pancake. Enjoy your time in Santa Fe.

  3. Sounds like you are having lots of fun. That was some pancake. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Wish I was with you. Santa Fe was one of my favorite places to browse the many neat shops. So much beautiful jewelery. Be careful and saty safe.

  5. Now that's the best fish story I've ever heard! hahahahahaha... You must be friendly folks to be invited by strangers (friends you haven't met yet) to dine. That is way cool! Keep having fun, kids!

  6. That's a beautiful part of our country....how I would love to be on vacation there right now! HAVE FUN! Hugs, Diane

  7. Sorry about the fishing; but know you are having a great time. I assume more shopping ahead for you in Santa Fe. I'll expect to see a beautiful new piece of turquoise around your neck soon. Be Safe. Sally

  8. For a second I thought that second restaurant was a place called Five Guys. They had one down in Charleston I went to about five years ago.

  9. Looks like you are having loads of fun! BG and I will be going through NM in September on our trip, can't wait! Have fun today and be safe driving home!

  10. First off, you look GREAT with no make-up, sure wish I did. I try to NEVER be without it but in summer it is hard. That pancake is calling my name!!! Have a safe rest of your trip. XO

  11. So you are still having fun in the sun, perfect. That's great that you could share a breakfast table with someone you just met. I like that. That pancake looks wonderful!

  12. BJ,
    Looks like you are having one heck of a good time!!

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your wonderful vacation!!


  13. Your vacation looks like so much fun. Funny story about the baby fish... Keep having fun and be safe.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  14. Now, that is what I call fun! Continue to enjoy your wonderful summer!

  15. It looks like you are having a Grand Vacation Time!
    It doesn't surprise me that you would enjoy happy days . . .
    It is you . . . HAPPY . . .
    with or without makeup . . . you are beautiful!

  16. now that was a wonderful fish tale!!!! You guys are having so much fun and eating really good food!

  17. Great pics! Thanks for taking us along! Wow that is a pancake. We are talking about pancakes at school this week!
    Love the pretty rainbow. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy and Have a safe trip.

  18. You didn't catch much but it sounds like you had a great time trying:>) I can't believe those mountains! Here in Michigan it's all flat, not a hill in sight. The mountains are so pretty.

  19. We love to travel along with you! Ah, Sante Fe is one of those places that I MUST revisit!

  20. BJ, what a big pancake...was it good?

    You caught a picture of a double rainbow...a rare sight.

    Poor little fish :)


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