Monday, June 23, 2014

Rust and Rubbish

 I really, REALLY wanted to play in this fun link party, RUBBISH BY ROAN.
"Roan, I promised I'd try to do better with coming up with RUBBISH...
I HOPE I am posting RUBBISH here. :)



worthless, unwanted material that is rejected or thrown out; debris; litter; trash.
OK, I have to say that most of what I am posting here is NOT going to be "thrown out"
but I guess some of it can be considered
 The above is an olden iron bed frame that I kept thinking I would do SOMEthing with...
....just never got around to it, tho.

These are photos I took a couple years ago of our olden fence and
Mr. Sweet's daddy's old rusted tools.

...some kind of wrench

another wrench...???

I love the sexy curve it's sporting....:)

...only thing pretty about THIS is that pretty flower...., I DO like the looks of these rusted, round whatevers, hanging on a screw
on the olden fence with beautiful shadows playing all around.

A lot of people like to DECORATE with rusted, rustic and other things that
might be considered  RUBBISH......


Have no idea what I am using for candle holder here...
a glass jar with vintage wooden clothes pins...
my daddy's ivory dominoes...
"I sure would rather have my daddy than these ole dominoes !"

Oh, and that's a rusted, very olden SPUR that Mr. Sweet dug up a long time ago.

Here, I'm using an olden rusted sign...
and I love the effect of the rusted chain in one of my pretty 

..this Decorating with Rust
was a link party several years ago and I had sooo much fun playing.

Good Fences Thurs

bake your bread in a wonderful CAST IRON SKILLET...
this is really about as RUSTIC as I ever get.... hahhaaa


  1. i love all of that rubbish! : )

  2. Very nice rubbish! Breakfast looks wonderful!

  3. Very neat my friend. This would be a fun party to join...I'll go follow your link! Hugs, Diane

  4. One man's trash is another's treasure! Great rubbish!!

  5. You have good, rusty rubbish! Nothing cooks like an old iron skillet!


  6. rustic - ha ha. :) i do like the old tools and such.

  7. I like a pop of rust the way I like a pop of color. Ohhh...never thought to bake bread in the iron pan.

  8. What a great collection of rusty old tools. That curved wrench must have a specific purpose.

  9. I left a long comment, but got an odd message when I clicked on publish. Guess it went away so will try again. Story of my life. You found an excellent selection of rubbish. Love the Atlas jar and all those rusty things. My dad had a curvey wrench. Never quite understood what it was for, but I'm sure it had a good use. I like to add after the definition of rubbish, "that was rescued and brought back to life". Even if it is only for us to admire. Thanks for linking up!

  10. Great photos! Love the rusty stuff and the blue mason jar on the mantle. (mantel? I never can remember). Anyway, and also the photo of the mall with the orange flower.

  11. Liked your rubbish and rustic . . .

  12. oh..dear girl...i absolutely love all your rusted dad was a mechanic and tools have always been a part of my life...

  13. Great details in pictures!! Old little things... for a good remembrance! Have a good day! Alexa T

  14. these pics! Lovely, rusty elements here and you have captured them wonderfully! That bread at the end looks just heavenly too! :P

  15. Our fearless leader for Rubbish by Roan states anything that is old. It doesn't have to be 'junk' rubbish. Your shares are extraordinary. I specially liked the ivory dominoes!!! How awesome is that?!!!! A TREASURE.

    Enjoy your rained here just now...but didn't last nearly long enough. Need more. ;-)

    PS...ya, I do several memes at once anymore since I don't stay online for long these's a time saver, and I'm not sitting at the computer and forgetting life outside the box.

  16. hi bj! i love the old rusty stuff you have and especially love your daddy's dominoes...and the rusty chain in the blue glass looks great! thanks for making a button to link me! i don't know how to do that yet! i'm hoping my linky works! it's nice to meet you :)

  17. p.s. i love the little willy nilly button you made and thanks for advertising it!

  18. Very nice rusty items. I do like the dominos that were your dads. I like olden things. Have a blessed day. Madelline

  19. Great photos BJ, I can see why you kept the bed, it just begs to be used for something pretty!

  20. wonderful photos BJ. Your fence is great too. guess by now you've seen that your rubbish doesn't have to be old and rusty as long as it old, anything goes.

  21. Pretty neat items! I like what you did with the candles.

  22. Lovely old stuff for Rubbish Tuesday! I hate to see things sit around and rust--I always want to DO something with them!

  23. I just love Rubbish Tuesday. It's always a treat to see what other post. I find old stuff interesting, although I think the best looking thing on this post is that bread. Yum!!!

  24. BJ,
    Love your "rustic" breakfast, dear friend!!!
    "Mr. Sweet's tools on the fence would feel right at home
    in the Gardens On Crooked Creektt!!!


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