Monday, November 25, 2013

That bedroom mantel has changed again.....


It was 40 degrees here this morning and I just about froze to death...
so whats a girl to do but

drink a thousand cups of HOT coffee,

change the decorations on the bedroom mantel...

(never mind that she COULD unpack more boxes...
but....that's not much fun...)

The most absolute FUN thing about having a mantel or an awesome, large shelf
is being able to decorate it...
and change it...
and decorate it..........and change any time you see something you love.

For years, I thought I didn't like symmetry in my decorating....
thought I didn't want TWO of anything alike.

This I learned from my dear sweet mother....
that was HER way of decorating and so I naturally thought
it was the only way....!!

...and, then one day, I found out I LOVE symmetry.
O, I still decorate some things with asymmetrical features...

mostly, I don't even think about it...
I just start putting things I love together until I get a pleasing display to MY eyes.

I bought this vintage pine mantel from an antiques dealer years ago...
it was $50.00 and I had to put it on lay-away....

The candle holder on the mantel was found in the clearance bin at ROSS
for $6......

...that candle holder on the hearth....
it looks just like 3 wooden logs...
holds 11 tea light candles
and I just love it.

It gives off a soft glow with the 11 candles burning
and no ashes to have to worry about...:>)

This photo was made several years ago...
I was using my mantel in the dining room in the olden house..

You can go HERE to see more of this table and candles....

Back to the HERE and NOW.....:)

Sometimes, I tend to over-do and get waaay too much....
Other times, I crave 
clean lines....
like the way my mantel looks here.

I seldom get tired of things if they are simple and clean...
when I do get too much going, I tend to tire of it in a very short time.

No pumpkins or turkeys or anything fallish...

I will start decorating it for CHRISTMAS next week....and can hardly wait.

OOO...and before I go...

take a look at our beautiful DEEDS on Halloween night....


Hope you have a great day....
xo bj
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  1. BJ - your latest mantle changes are wonderful. So is that MJ! Looks like the real thing!

    Wanted to tell you about a must see movie just out called About Time. I think it goes with your mantle statement - it is an amazing film, kind of a life changer. Seriously. Hugs.

  2. I think it looks amazing, for simple is always best and this is perfect, I love Deeds outfit and she has the pose down pat!

  3. Cute Micheal Jackson lol. Love the sign atop your mantel. Also love your mantel and candles. Heck I like it all!

  4. BJ, Many Thanksgiving Blessings to you and your family..I miss you girl friend and think about you often..You and I go back so far..Hugs and smiles from my mountain to yours Gloria

  5. So.... forgive me for being late to this blog warming party and just getting around to changing things. I have been AWOL trying to find Debbie's voice. She's a sneaky little bugger and hard to find.

    I love that sign over the mantel, and it's just so very true.
    I am actually kind of opposite you with the symmetry. For years and years, that's all I did. Now, I'm sort of on an asymmetrical kick for a while. I'm sure I'll change back.

    And Deeds is adorable as MJ!!

  6. Love your mantel:) So pretty! That Deeds is absolutely precious! Enjoy your day sweet BJ, HUGS!

  7. Deeds looks like she has a very fun personality. You should post about her more often. So precious. And - I like the mantle, too. I've fot fall up, sut am so ready to take it down and put up Christmas!

  8. I love the decorated mantel. I will start putting up my Christmas decoration as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Deeds makes a fantastic Michael Jackson. It is cold and rainy here today and windy but I still have to get out and pick up a few things for Thanksgiving. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. BJ, Deeds looks so cute! I'm loving your mantel;and I can't wait to see what you have in store for Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  10. Dear bj,
    the mantel is beautiful and very good for decorating! The candles in the logs are an interesting idea - I know why you speak of ashes: so much work. The photograph: so cute! Britta

  11. BJ,
    I adore the simplicity and elegance of your mantle!!!
    We, too, burn candles in our fireplace. . .amazing how much warmth they add to the room!
    Christmas decor has begun here on the Praire, but waiting until after Thanksgiving to finish!!!
    Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!!!

  12. It's beautiful BJ. Deeds is a cute MJ.

  13. BJ your mantel and your home is just beautiful. I love it all. I love candles and a good ol fireplace my friend. YOUR home looks so inviting . YOU have plenty that I know you will thank GOD for at this wonderful thanksgiving.

  14. I love your mantle and the logs with the tea-lights! Change is good, I do it often.

  15. It looks lovely, BJ...very warm & welcoming! I know you're not used to those temps.
    I just carried my black wrought iron caddy downstairs I'm going to have to go bring it back up & put some white candles in it. I am SUCH a copy-cat! Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

    Happy Turkey Day in case I don't get back to say it on Thursday.

  16. BJ, so beautiful! I love the way you placed the tea light logs in the fireplace. Lovely!

  17. Love the look bj ... Yours looks very pretty and love the candle logs on the hearth. I always get too much on my mantel, but the fireplace is big and tall, so I always think it needs more. Deeds is precious.
    Stay warm.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. Love the entire concept of your mantel and logs with tea lights. I've tried suggesting to John that I would enjoy a similar situation here. I'll let that sink in a few days and mention it again, then a few weeks...then again. Ha! We'll see how it goes. Symmetrical, asymmetrical, it doesn't matter if you're at the helm because whatever you do always looks great. You have "the eye." Excellent pose Deeds strikes!

  19. Your mantle is so pretty…and I love the idea of candles in a fireplace. And I agree, a great Michael Jackson!!

  20. Everything looks beautiful my friend. I like symmetry and always try to balance things. I would rather get away from it a bit....but then I go back to it. Happy Thanksgiving my friend to you and hubby and all of your sweet family!

  21. I love the look of your decorated mantel! Play away. Those boxes can wait another day, LOL. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. It looks lovely, BJ! Beautiful granddaughter, too!


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