Sunday, December 18, 2016

Banana Bread #2

Mr. Sweet loves bananas so every time he goes to the groc. store, 
he buys a bunch...
This time of year when I want my freezer full of desserts,
I swipe about 3 bananas from his bunch and hide them...
for BANANA BREAD, don't cha know.
I had 3 more small OVERLY ripe Bananas
and whats a girl to do with them other than make I did.

but I may have added Rum flavoring along with the Vanilla...
and chopped OREGON walnuts...
I was tempted to use Peanut Butter as she has a recipe for that, too,
but decided to try it with another round of really ripe bananas.


a few baking cuties....

it came out of the oven looking sooo pretty...and delicious...

one reason I chose this recipe to try is the melted BUTTER..
BUTTER makes EVERYthing better..

but when it cools enuf, I will wrap it in freezer paper
tie it up with this pretty bakers twine
and into the freezer where it will wait until
when all the family is here...

x0x0, bj 

p.s. ...I just found out that he knows I steal 3 of his bananas
so he buys 3 extra every single time.....HAHAA...don't ya love it.
..and all this time, I thought I was sooo sly.
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  1. What a Merry, Merry Christmas the postcard too!

  2. That is soooo funny that Mr. Sweet has been outsmarting you all the time by buying extra bananas! LOL
    Your banana breads are turning out beautifully & I am glad that you don't add choc. chips like my daughter does. blegh! The grandkidlets like it but not me.
    Now my Mom used to sprinkled brown suger over the tops of her banana breads. That's my kinda topping!! It gets all crusty/crunchy & brown. Yum! Now I'm REALLY hungry for some!

  3. That looks really good. I love how he buys extra bananas-that is so cute!

  4. LOL, love how he buys extra bananas. In order to try some of your recipes I am going to have to do that. Or perhaps just buy a bag of the over ripe bananas the store puts out once in awhile.

    God bless.

  5. This is such a festive and chatty post. I just love it! I'll bet your b bread is awesome. Enjoy your Christmasing!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. I love putting peanut butter on my banana bread. But I love putting chocolate inside my banana bread. Really, I just love banana bread. And muffins. And cakes. Oh my yum.

  7. BJ, Sounds like you and Mr. Sweet are the perfect pair. :):) I just read the comment about putting P.B. on the banana bread...oh by that sounds delicious. Love the Sanata chef. Blessings for a wonderful week ahead. xoxo, Susie

  8. The banana bread looks so good. Love the Santa Chef. Have a blessed evening and wonderful week. Madeline

  9. My son has taken to hiding a couple of bananas just so he has some when we run out. lol

  10. With Rum? Mmmm imma gonna have to give this one a shot. My banana bread , though good, is usually ordinary.
    Im fixing to make Chocolate Biscotti to give away to neighbors. I wonder if banana bread biscotti would be good?

  11. He didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I imagine that he loves that you steal the bananas if you are making such delicious things with them. Rum flavoring sounds particularly yummy.

  12. I used to get Daisy a bunch but she can't eat them in time.

  13. We call those "GrandDaddy bananas" because Chris' Dad always had a pile of them in progressive stages of colour and slump in the punchbowl---remember those cut-glass dishes sold week-by-week in the grocery store back in the 60s and 70s? His bananas were not only RIPE; they were custard-in-a-peel, as he liked them even as they softened into the brownness of time.

    And anybody in the family with a hankering to make Banana Bread could just walk right in (usually with a bowl in hand to hold the soft ripeness of them.

    We took out the Banana Bread Plate on Saturday, as we prepared for our little annual tea party---it's a rectangular white tray, solid and smooth, with little painted holly at each end, just perfect for one of those heavy golden loaves. We filled that one with tiny colourful stuffed peppers, but it will have its loaf of bread on Christmas morning up in the living room, as we of the house celebrate and open our presents, and then again on "Boxing Day" as all the Ohio group come for the day.

    Beautiful celebrations and preparations of your own, Sweet Friend---stay well and warm!


  14. sweet of your husband! The bread looks so yummy!! :)

  15. You two! I love the banana buying story. . .and I'd love to be a little mouse and just live in your house for a day absorbing all your sweet nothings! Merry Christmas (how could it be anything else at your house???) xxxx J.

  16. At this time of year, my ears always perk up at the mention of RUM! I've never heard of banana RUM walnut bread before . . . it intrigues me. Maybe I will branch out from rum balls and eggnog 'n rum.

  17. It looks delicious. I haven't made any bread yet -- I'll probably whip a loaf up for Christmas morning. Right now my freezer is full -- we need to eat more cookies to free up some space!!! Shouldn't be too hard. Hope you and yours are enjoying this joyous season.

  18. Hi bj! Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours! Your banana bread sounds yummy! Had to stop and say hello. I went over to Blue Monday, alas, her internet is down but you and I can share! I love your stories to go with your posts. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Anne

  19. You are on a banana bread roll, bj. Your family is going to be sooo happy come Christmas Eve with all the goodies you have stashed away. I'm having to hide some things I've made because my sweet son who lives here with me sure enjoys them!! LOL! I've made three batches of Diana's caramels already. Merry week before Christmas! xo

  20. Oh mum, it sounds so good right now. Wish I had some with a nice cup of tea. Thanks so muchf for the inform.

    Everything looks so pretty in the Summer Home.

    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas to you and your BJ.


  21. I just made a banana bread loaf. Looks so good and hope it tastes good. First banana cake/bread that I have ever made without using buttermilk. Anxious to see how it tastes ... I added pecans.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a great week and a Blessed Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  22. Hee-hee! I hide bananas, too. For the same reason. I'm running out of hiding places, 'cause Hub is too smart.

    Merry Christmas!


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